Free Crib To Babies Born In 9 Months, IKEA Says

    February 15, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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IKEA Australia is getting a lot of attention today after they announced on Valentine’s Day that they would give away a free crib to any parents whose child is born nine months from now, on November 14th.

The company has garnered a lot of talk on social media forums particularly, where many are praising the furniture makers for a cute, attention-grabbing ad…even if a baby conceived on Valentine’s Day won’t necessarily be born on November 14th.

  • Katie

    This is a rip off. If you get pregnant on Feb. 14th, your due date is Nov. 20th not Nov. 14th. I know this because this was my due date and my child’s birthday with a conception date of Feb. 14th. Nicely played.

    • Lauren

      Not true. I KNOW I conceived that day and my daughter was born on the 7th ON my due date.

  • bwise

    It’s actually 10 months or 40 weeks gestation.

  • http://webpronewc. tara morlock

    hi my baby is dur on mothr’s day whuch is may 12

  • Sara

    This would have been awesome 13 years ago! My son was conceived on Valentine’s Day and born November 14th 1999. Then my oldest daughter was conceived on Valentine’s Day and born Nov. 12th 2002. lol

  • brian

    people will do anything to get something for free. even making an 18 year commitment.

  • Lauren

    I know for a fact that my daughter was conceived on Valentines day (no other option, and the day I ovulated), and born on her due date of Nov. 7th at exactly 40 weeks… There were lots of babies born that day 😉

  • Jessica

    I wonder if this applies to twins. Im gonna have twins way before that date.

  • Jasmine G

    My daughter was born Nov 14th 1999. I did get pregnant on Valentines day, I didnt get a crib from Ikea but I got a beautiful girl and alot of child support court hearings

  • http://yahoo.com abby

    so..you get a “free” crib.. and all the smelly diapers you can handle.
    and Brian??It is not just for 18 months..it is forever.
    aren’t there enough kids already?Most of the people can’t support the ones they have.and you had better think of their education.How much will that cost you?
    The way this country is sliding downhill.The last thing we need is more kids.Unless you want them to work endlessly for the next generation..is that what you truly want for them?Think about that before you get knocked up.

  • joe

    It’s unlikely that a woman knows their true date of conception and every baby has a different gestation period. It is around 40 weeks , not exactly 40 weeks. And whoever said it is an 18 year commitment must not have kids because it’s a lifetime commitment.

  • Tatyana

    When a baby is conceived you are already considered 2 weeks pregnant. the due date would only coincide if february 14 was the first day of your period.