Free Chick-Fil-A Breakfast Promo Already Shut Down

    September 9, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Chick-fil-A has been running a promo recently for a free breakfast entree, but customers had to log on to a website in order to reserve a meal and a time to pick it up; now, with five days left in the giveaway, the company has shut down the site due to an “overwhelming response”.

The popular Atlanta-based restaurant announced the promotion late last month and the news quickly went viral; between that and an amped-up series of ad placements for the chain’s breakfast menu, word got out at record speed. It’s possible that the company didn’t anticipate just how quickly the spots would fill up or how many people would jump on the site, because several customers took to Twitter to complain about the servers crashing when they tried to make a reservation. A company spokesperson did issue an apology on the social media site, saying that the reservation period was ending early due to so much traffic.

Steve Robinson, chief marketing officer for the company, says that breakfast has been a huge growth opportunity.

“The breakfast day part continues to be a tremendous growth opportunity for Chick-fil-A. We have steadily focused on maximizing the breakfast day part with a variety of menu enhancements and promotions over the past several years, and we hope our ‘Breakfast on Us’ promotion will encourage our current customers to try something completely different and also help attract new breakfast customers for us.”

  • Karen Caprioni

    If you meant to shut it down after a certain number of people then you should have stated that. WHAT YOU DID IS FALSE ADVERTISING. I will no go anywhere near your restaurant and I will share this on facebook so that others will know how you went back on your own advertisement.

    • Shaun

      Are you seriously complaining because you didn’t get a breakfast sandwich? You didn’t pay for anything, you didn’t have to go anywhere, it didn’t put you out any money, yet you are still complaining? What else do you do in your free time besides complain? Get a life.

    • dwdude

      shut up

    • TheMrsBatt

      False advertising? READ!!!

    • susan

      right on called them and complain cause i did that the first time i try to get it and did not get my coupon

  • Noel T Plante

    Probably had plenty of free food available, but then realized a gay person might get a free breakfast, so discontinued the giveaway !

    • dwdude

      they serve gay people, just not idiots like you. you’re not even a clever lemming…

    • TheMrsBatt

      you’re a dipshit.

  • Susan

    Um Karen they did state that. If you got on the reservation site, they had a certain number of reservations and time slots for each participating location. You can’t blame them for the fact that you didn’t READ.

    • OZ


      • Michelelebelle

        OZ, Obviously you know, you are the bigot here, by being hateful and spreading your hatred. Just sayin’ practice what you preach.

      • Jesse Alan Long

        You are such a poor little attention whore, OZ and those that think like you, and ditto for the REAL bigots like you and the REAL bigots like Vernon Alarcon, too. The New World Order is behind ALL of you jerk wads and your mindsets.

  • david

    i knew the response would overwhelm them

    they serve excellent chicken
    wounder if i could get a franchise that’s closed on saturday
    and open on sunday as my sabbath is saturday

    • dwdude

      your mind is closed every day

      • Jesse Alan Long

        …so says the person that displays such a mindset when they criticize someone in their lives. Pot, meet Kettle much, sir? Argue otherwise with me and you will get promptly schooled.

  • Anna

    My golly people, it’s a friggin breakfast sandwich! You’ll spend about 3 hours in line, to receive about $2.00 worth of mediocre food. Anyone complaining about this is super CHEAP!

  • Mark

    So, Rather than get more servers, they disappoint present and possible FUTURE customers. Free food is a good thing. It is also something that EVERYONE can afford, even the poor, who need it the most.

    Poor planning is what caused this boondoggle. But, that is what you get from an elitist run promotion.

  • http://yahoo Mack

    I don’t care what they give away, I’m never eating there again.

  • TheMrsBatt

    Get over it. They can only handle so many customers.. They are an amazing company with amazing food.

    • OZ


      • Michelelebelle

        Hey OZ, Stop YOUR HATE and name calling already.
        Get over it and move on to more positive thoughts.

        • Jesse Alan Long

          OZ and the people that think like him/her, or, more accurately, LACK the proper thought processes as they do in their lives, are the REAL sexist, bigoted, immature, intolerant, judgmental, hypocritical, arrogant, egotistical, prideful, condescending, rude, and elitist bigots in the world. Anyone that argues otherwise, gives me a thumbs down, gives me negative, rude, boorish, nasty, negative, pseudo-sympathetic, or otherwise, slanderous, defamatory, libelous, or other behavior of the like or that wish to report me will only prove my words as being right, period.

  • http://yahoo darrell

    chick-fil-a great food great company first come first serve lol alot of whiners u snooze u lose. great food !!

  • Gail Moore

    The management of this absurd restaurant must be smoking something, like jimpson weed. You all sound completely nuts – what an ill-thought-out, ridiculous waste of time. You’ve had your 15 minutes, thanks to your owner, and that’s it. Go back to serving “food”. And use your brains, Board of Directors.

  • end

    Nice try Chic-full-of-it, sorry but your promotional breakfast won’t change a damn thing. You’ve clearly stated your anti American, bigoted position, and we just won’t have it! It will be a joy to watch as you slump into bankruptcy.

    • Carol

      No they didn’t. The owner said he believes in the traditional definition of marriage. You’re the bigot. And because of your efforts and the efforts of other gay bigots, their business has been booming. Please continue whining and crying, and your constant anti-american campaign to force all properly oriented people to embrace GID.

  • Frankie Daniel

    I reguested over a week or more ago. was suppose to get a respond by email to take to store for breakfast it never came,
    what happen,

  • Caroline

    For each date and time, they showed the number of reservations available. When I first saw the ad, there were 89 for each day at our location, with only 60-something remaining on certain days. It was NOT false advertising – each time slot had a set allocation of free meals. Those that did not read the WHOLE article or take the time to see how many reservations were available at the time slot they were requesting – the responsibility falls on you to read everything. Maybe next time you’ll stop feeling entitled to a free meal, and start feeling blessed for what you actually have. I would have been disappointed if I had not reserved, but I would not hold it against Chik fil-A, it was just one of those things.

  • Redd

    I tried to sign up for the meal when the email was first sent out and it didn’t work then, so “they” knew it was a problem to start with, such a waste.

  • YouGuysR.Idiots

    The owner is not the topic. Just because someone has a different set of OPINIONS and beliefs than you do does not make them a bigot. This is America, not everyone is the same. Also, my husband and I successfully signed up and received our free breakfast emails. So, I have nothing bad to say about it. I’m excited!

  • susan

    i try to sign up too when it first came out so chick-fil-a owe me breakfast and other that not fair that they shut it down they owe people breakfast and we want it

  • Vernon Alarcon

    Even though I missed the boat on your free breakfast, I will continue to hate on gays & blacks in the spirit of Chick-Fil-A….

  • kirk Johnston

    I am not complaining. This is a great opportunity for all the like-minded homophobes to have breakfast together. Make sure you check ID’s
    of the 65,000 gay military servicepersons that are protecting your dumb ___. I would make sure that they do not share your drumstick.

    yours truly, 9th Infantry

    • Carol

      Shut up, Kirk. We don’t owe gays for anything but moral erosion and mass gender confusion. If you can’t cope with the genitals you have, keep it to yourself. You’re a churchophobe. Yep, just as bad.

      • gaylover

        #killyoself carol

  • The One

    OZ is GAY!!!!!!LOL he’s just pissed he can’t eat there

  • SW

    Folks…..I am glad SOME of you, got in for some good food…..You cannot please ALL of the people, ALL of the time…..Christianity is based on spreading the GOOD news, about God and his Glory…..But, we seem to be really irritating a lot of you…..Whether a business is run by a CEO who is atheist, or agnostic, Muslim or Christian, he or she has to remember…..they SERVE, in order to survive…..I respect those who appreciate their customers.

  • J. W. James

    Gee whiz, folks…you can’t take the word of anyone who promotes bigotry and hatred, and in the same breath claims to be Christians… The GOD that I serve is the GOD of Love….UNCONDITIONAL love…….(hummmmmmmmmm, what a concept!)

    • R.C.

      so this means you unconditionally love Chick fil A anyways.

  • http://chickfilaforbreakfast Diane

    I actually did sign up as well as my sister, and the reservations went through. However no e-mails were sent for confirmation, and won’t re print. So no good. Chick fil a dropped the ball. They should have known better.