Fred Matua Dies At 28, Twitter Reacts

    August 6, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Fred Matua, former USC offensive lineman, has passed away at the too-young age of 28 of a heart-related condition, leaving friends, family, and teammates struggling to deal with their grief.

Matua was a fierce competitor, arriving at USC with an air of uncertainty around him regarding where he would make the best fit; however, once the coaches saw the fire in his belly, they knew they had to have him for the offensive line. He stepped up and made the game his own, bringing with him a defensive attitude and power to every game. He was unapologetic about his personality and seemed to mold it to fit each play.

“I can’t change,” Matua said. “Same volume every day — loud. You’ve got to be loud. It’s a street attitude. The way I act is in a defensive manner. Defense was my identity when I came here, that’s just me.”

The loss of that spirit is hitting the sports world hard today as friends and colleagues offer their thoughts and prayers to Matua’s family, including four-year old daughter, Tiamoni.

  • http://youtu.be/ysNd4QGOgeY TubeSalvation

    Too Die you only need to be Alive are you ready to make peace with God?


  • Timmy White

    My prayers and gods healing hand to the Matua family.Former SC student athlele, football and track who just lost his 22 year old May 20 2012.


    let it be a lesson …roids kill..phelps , bolt etc are you listening ??

  • Jim

    Fred and all his USC teammates used ‘roids. They all earn their consequence!


    they dont earn it…thats too drastic..they were led by their coaches and mentors and the economic environment that helped shape their decision..however they are still responsible for their actions and roids and sports are not a good combo long term…its very very sad but does the end justify the means…in this case no

  • Ted Broadaxe

    Sounds like the typical out of control bad ass island boy. Like to see the forensics on him, probably full of steroids and HGH. It is too bad that the coachs promote and encourage this kind of behavior for their own enhancement. I thought High School Harry died??? My sympathy to the family, but they had to see this coming.

    • Nua Boy

      Broadass really?

    • Cameron

      OMG! and how well did you know him again?? How do you live with your crabby, idiotic self? I know him……..NEVER on ‘roids……I really think you’ve got nerve.

  • Tom Troj

    He did not use ‘roids – if he had he would have been a highly paid NFL player receiving world class medical treatment and might be alive. Instead he was languishing in the Omaha Nighthawks (United Football League) with guys making $30K to play football.

    He was obese, had an enlarged heart from a medical condition.

    Want to see a ‘roid user, what about ESPN’s golden child Teddy Bruschi? A stroke at age 30?

  • Wendt4Love

    @ Ted – did you really just put that in writing? “Typical out of control island boy?!” How many do you actually know? Only thing that sounds out of control is your thought process. Sad that you are that closed minded and didn’t read the part that said he had a heart condition (probably from his weight). Please do us a favor and keep your ignorant/racist comments to yourself!

  • Wendt4Love

    For the record – Fred was a mentor to young kids in the Carson area and always spoke about NOT doing droids, etc. to “make it” in football programs. He believed in good old- fashioned hard work and dedication. You know nothing about this boy yet you can smear his name in a public forum? Have some respect. He was a 28-yr old kid who pursued his dreams of playing football – he played for USC and maybe didn’t get picked up by a major NFL team but was still doing what he loved. Hope you can say you doing what you set out to do in life before you start condemning someone you know nothing about. RIP #51!

  • brandon long

    The comments alone illuminate the intelligence levels of these posts. CAROL are you really serious about the Phelps and Bolt comment? What an idiot, if they use they are caught in the olympics period. They are tested numerous times including minutes after they win each medal. Of course some are guilty, but Phelps and Bolt? I feel that you simply hate athletes because you always wanted to be like them or were picked on by them growing up. I guess Michael Jordan was juicing also.lol


    brandon ….dream on

  • BGNW

    Heart disease at any age is a vey serious matter…Learn about it and try to mitigate the damage we are doing to our bodies.