Frat Under Investigation After Decidedly Rapey Email Goes Viral

    October 8, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Georgia Tech’s Phi Kappa Tau fraternity is under university investigation and is probably going to have to do some serious image repair work after an email titled “Luring Your Rapebait” went viral.

Total Frat Move says their tip line exploded after an active member at the fraternity sent out an email instructing members how to close the deal with girls. “Close the deal” is actually putting is a bit mildly. It’s more like a how-to on getting them wasted, “leting them grind against your dick,” and the 7 “E”s of hooking up. Yes, erection and ejaculation are two of the “E”s. More on that later.

“Alright chods, some of you could use some help on how to mack and succeed at parties. Mostly pledges do, but some bros could use a review. For anytime throughout the party… If you are standing by yourself at any point, YOU ARE OUTTA HERE!!! If you are talking to a brother of your pledge brothers when there are girls just standing around, YOU ARE OUTTA HERE!!!” says our unknown frat star.

The first tip involves drinking, and the next is dancing. How does one dance like a Phi Kappa Tau?

“Here is how to dance: Grab them on the hips with your 2 hands and then let them grind against your dick. After that slowly alternate between just putting your hand across their stomach, but make sure don’t to go to high (keep it under the boob) or too low(dont try to finger her… yet). After a song, start putting your cheek on the side of her cheek. ALWAYS USE YOUR HANDS OR ARMS TO GUIDE THEIR DANCING in order to maximize your pleasure. If she starts putting her hair over her ear, THAT MEANS SHE WANTS A KISS,” continues our knowledgable bro.

And just remember – no raping. Also, the 7 “E”s of hooking up. So important.

If the party is going good (a.k.a. there are a lot of open girls) try to escalate cause it’s awesome. Here is how to escalate: Try to twist her hips around to face you and dance front to front. FROM THERE THE OPTIONS ARE UNLIMITED! You can make-out with her (tongue on tongue), you can stick your hand up her shirt (not right away though), you can go for a butt grab (outside or inside the shirts), or use your imagination. ALWAYS START WITH THE MAKING OUT!!!! NO RAPING.

A short guide consist of the 7 E’s of HOOKING UP! 1. Encounter (spot a girl or group of girls) 2. Engage (go up and talk to them) 3. Escalate (ask them to dance, or ask them to go up to your room or find a couch, depending on what kind of party) 4. Erection (GET HARD) 5. Excavate (should be self-explanatory) 6. Ejaculate (should also be self explanatory) 7. Expunge (send them out of your room and on their way out when you are finished. IF ANYTHING EVER FAILS, GO GET MORE ALCOHOL. I want to see everyone succeed at the next couple parties.

He’s a team player, that’s for sure.

WSB-TV Atlanta reports that the fraternity is under university investigation.

The head of Phi Kappa Tau issued a statement, naturally:

“The referenced email is extremely inappropriate and does not reflect the values of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity. The written expression of this thinking by a member is disturbing to everyone associated with Alpha Rho.”

The fraternity was founded in 1906 at Miami University in Ohio. Since then, they’ve chartered 145 chapters (83 are currently active) that total 3,500 active members.

Just remember bros, if you’re ever having a hard time with the “excavating,” just get more alcohol. Totally not rapey.

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  • Well

    I spent a lot of time at Georgia Tech. It is a good school.

    On this issue, I think people are only fooling themselves. Girls are drinking more than ever on college campuses. You can find many more articles and research studies about this. Guys really don’t need to try to get a girl drunk because women are doing it on purpose.

    This issue is just not cut and dry and one-sided. Yes, I have seen guys try to get women drunk, but I have also seen women drink with the intent of having sex. I have literally seen whole sororities with their sexual status on name tags and they made a point to get drunk before they even went out.

    The whole situation with our youth is messed up. The problem is that no one deals with reality. The reality is that kids are drinking and having sex like rabbits in high school. They carry that forward to college. Yet, parents still have this messed up notion that their high school kids are “children”. The reality is that they are not and are doing everything adults are doing — if not more. But they are never held responsible for their decisions, so they keep making bad ones over and over again. There is always someone there to say — well they are just kids who don’t know what they are doing — even though they actually do.

    Personally I don’t think people should drink and put themselves in that situation. Rape is wrong, but there are many guys that are accused of rape when women have drunken sex and then regret what they did. I have seen this first hand. A girl I knew literally was purposely getting drunk and talking about how she was going to have sex with a guy. She claimed alcohol loosened her up. Everything she wanted to happen ended up happening and then two days later she claimed it was rape because she regretted everything she did. The guy got convicted because in the real world, it takes very little evidence to be convicted of these things. Courts never favor men and you are guilty until proven innocent and it takes a lot of money to prove your innocence. Yet, I know for a fact, she knew what she was doing. It was her plan all along.

    These are just my experiences and the things I have seen. I am sure other people out there have different experiences and that is okay.

    My advice to everyone is don’t drink. Find a nice boyfriend or girlfriend. Have all the sex you want but do it responsibly. Really if you are in a committed relationship with a lot of love, your sex life will be a lot better. Lots of drinking and lots of sex partners sounds cool and fun, but in the end, it really isn’t. Just find that one person you click with, treat them great, and never let them go. That is my advice.

  • http://paulyhart.tk pauly hart

    sure am glad about that no raping clause. some guys wouldn’t get it if it wasn’t there.

  • Interesting Take

    I too have seen incidents like that. I agree with your advice. Don’t drink, find a good person to commit to, and be responsible. It is dangerous out there for both men and women. Many women are getting raped and many men are being falsely accused of committing rape.

    There are bad people in both genders. Your safest bet is to take the time and find someone you really care about and forget the rest.

    • Interesting Take

      My post was meant to be a reply to the person named Well.