Frankie Muniz Stroke: Actor Hospitalized

By: Amanda Crum - December 4, 2012

Frankie Muniz, the 26-year old former star of “Malcolm In The Middle”, announced on Twitter today that he suffered a stroke last week.

Muniz didn’t divulge details but says he was in the hospital on Friday after a “mini-stroke” and is recuperating. He also announced that his band Kingsfoil will be playing shows soon in his hometown and said he’s excited to see old friends and family.

Mini-strokes can occur due to blood clots in the brain or constricted blood vessels, and are often not life-threatening. They are, however, associated with strokes later in life, which can deteriorate speech sensors and basic motor functions and are sometimes fatal.

Muniz seems upbeat and positive for now, however, and joked about his condition on Twitter.

Amanda Crum

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Amanda CrumAmanda Crum is a writer and artist from Kentucky. She's a fan of Edward Gorey, Hunter S. Thompson, and horror movies. You can follow her on Google:+Amanda Crum

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