Frank Calabrese Dies, Infamous Mob Hitman Was 75

    December 27, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Frank Calabrese Sr., a name that should be familiar to anybody who has lived in Chicago, died on Christmas day at the Butner Federal Medical Center. The mob hitman was 75.

Calabrese Sr. was a well-known hitman for the mob in Chicago who was responsible for numerous murders throughout the city. He was also responsible for a number of loansharking and illegal gambling rings throughout the years.

The noted mobster got his start in the 1950s by providing loans on behalf of the mob to people in Chinatown. He was arrested, along with his sons, in 1995 for using threats, violence and intimidation to enforce a loansharking racket. He was sentenced to 118 months in prison in 1997.

While serving his time in prison, Calabrese was charged in 2005 with murder, racketeering, extortion and illegal gambling as part of the Family Secrets investigation. His son, Frank Calabrese Jr., wore a wire while in prison that gave the FBI concrete proof that Calabrese Sr. was responsible for a number of murders over the years.

Calabrese Sr. was convicted for 13 murders and was sentenced to life in prison. He was currently staying at the Butner Federal Medical Center in North Carolina when he died on December 25, 2012. His cause of death is currently unknown, but Fox News speculates it could have been a heart problem since he reportedly suffered from an enlarged heart.

  • Tony Montana

    What a shame ! One less wiseguy to pollute Chicago’s population.

    • Johnny Shoes

      Watch it Montana. Show some respect.

      • sharon

        did someone strangle him after he died!like he did to his victims!!!

      • cb

        respect for what,, integrity is how you get respect……
        that fuck has no clue like the rest of yous

  • hugby

    Shame. I enjoyed his pizza!


  • Charles Mann

    “I Don’t know nuthin’ ’bout no mob, I’m just a beer salesman”

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    • jeff

      He was a Very Funny Guy!!!!!

  • One shoe

    Rest in peace.

  • winged avenger

    waste of air
    should have met the same fate as his victims

  • respect this

    Gosh, I’m so glad he was able to live to 75 years of age and die of natural causes. Way to beat the system, you bloodthirsty butcher. The final slap in the face to his victims’ families.

  • http://www.luckshop.com Lucky Mojo

    One life can not be weighed against another. No matter the crimes, it is not man’s place to decide who lives and who dies. Nothing justifies killing. Nothing.

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