Francois Hollande Ends Seven-Year Relationship with ‘First Lady’


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French president Francois Hollande has split with long-time girlfriend, Valerie Trierweiler, an anonymous source confirms.

The news first broke during an interview with news agency, Agence France Presse, in which Hollande, 59, admits that he and Trierweiler, 48, were no longer a couple.

Trierweiler, who acted as First Lady, was dating Hollande for seven years.

Hollande ‘s affair with 41-year-old Russian actress Julie Gayet hit headlines last month informing everyone that there was trouble in paradise for the presidential duo.

Although both Hollande and Gayet denied their relationship in the past, photos published by the newspaper Closer, confirmed allegations that the head-of-state was secretly meeting with someone else at his presidential flat.

Trierweiler’s knowledge of her lover’s mistress sent her in a downward spiral January 10, in which she was hospitalized for depression. On top of that, the Russian magazine journalist was also not receiving much acceptance from the public.

Her authoritative acting role as first lady was a disapproval by many, since both remained unmarried. Media outlets reported this controversy extensively, adding more humiliation to her image.

According to politicians like Thierry Mariani in Hollande’s Social Party, dating relationships within politics are customarily never reported as often in mainstream news and do not come as of concern to many.

"We're not in a traditionally Anglo-Saxon country where the private life is dramatized, like in England or even more so in the United States," Mariani said. "We're in a republic, and in a republic those with legitimacy are those who've been elected."

Hollande’s Social Party has mentioned how the emphases on his private life were way too sensationalized. Now that the relationship has ended, politicians are relieved that matters concerning unemployment can once again return to being the main focus.

“We can finally get back to talking about what French people really care about: unemployment, deficit, debt, lack of growth,” Mariani said.

Hollande, who is said to be the most disliked president in French history, is apparently on good terms with Trierweiler.

Both have currently been on separate business trips. Trierweiler traveled to India Saturday to work with charity whereas Hollande visited Turkey on Sunday.

Sources have confirmed that Trierweiler has moved back into the duo’s former Paris apartment.

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