Should Internet Data Be Taxed?

    January 27, 2013
    Chris Crum
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French President François Hollande commissioned a report that was presented last Friday, which describes a new Internet tax that would attempt to collect revenue from Internet companies based on the amount of users whose data they track and monetize.

Should Internet data be taxed anywhere? Let us know what you think.

Eric Pfanner at The New York Times explains:

The report published Friday said a tax on data collection was justified on grounds that users of services like Google and Facebook are, in effect, working for these companies without pay by providing the personal information that lets them sell advertising.

The report says tax rates would be based on the number of users an Internet firm tracked, to be verified by outside auditors. The authors did not recommend tax rates or estimate how much money such a levy could raise.

Obviously the idea has been controversial, and has drawn a great deal of criticism. For example, Nicholas Carlson at Business Insider says the “French view of the Internet will make you want to pull your hair out,” adding, “Users are not, ‘in effect’ or otherwise, ‘working for these companies without pay by providing the personal information that lets them sell advertising. They are using products for free! NO ONE IS MAKING THEM USE FACEBOOK OR GOOGLE, SHEESH.”

Google is reportedly reviewing the report. Perhaps we’ll see a blog post about it from Google in the future.

France has been looking at Google’s tax practices for a couple years now, as the French government has accused the company (and others) of playing the tax system by placing their European operations in places like Ireland or Luxembourg, where tax rates are lower.

On Thursday, French Industry Minister Arnaud Montebourg said France has decided to go after all big Internet firms “curbing legal tax avoidance,” as Reuters puts it, to collect payment of back taxes. Reporter Brian Love writes:

The government had decided, Montebourg said on France 2 television, “to launch tax retrieval procedures covering all of the Internet giants”.

He did not elaborate and it was not clear whether the comment, made in a wide-ranging interview about French industry, referred specifically to existing tax investigations of the Internet search engine and retail giants Google (GOOG) and Amazon (AMZN), or was suggesting a broader campaign.

Amazon received a $252 million back tax bill from the French government in November.

Meanwhile, talks between Google and publishers in France over payments for links are at a stand-still, according to ZDNet, which cites French newspaper Le Monde. We reported on this situation last fall, when Google prepared a note about a link tax proposal by French lawmakers (backed by the publishers).

Google’s Director of Public Policy in France, Oliver Esper, said at the time, “The web has led to an explosion of content creation, by both professional and citizen journalists. So it’s not a secret that we think a law like the one proposed in France and Germany would be very damaging to the internet. We have said so publicly for three years.”

He later added, “We have always been and remain committed to collaborate with French Publishers associations as they experiment and develop sustainable economic models on the Internet.”

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt met with Hollande back in the fall to discuss the proposal, and the parties involved were supposed to resolve their issues by the end of the year (at least as far as the president was concerned), but so far, it sounds like little has been resolved.

As far as Internet taxes go, while French regulators’ plans may be designed to go after big companies like Google, where are the lines drawn? Will smaller players be affected as well? The very nature of the Internet is global, and that includes France.

Is this a good idea on France’s part? Let us know what you think.

  • chris

    I suppose Google can start charging people for conducting web searches and map directions, which they currently receive for free.

    This bill is retarded.

  • Vernon Waltz

    Let me be blunt. They can go to hell with their tax ideas.

  • RON

    It was just a matter of time when the Greedy Politicians (who spend, spend,spend) would look to the Internet for More Revenue.I hope the People will have their Voices Heard and tell them to Keep their Hands Off the Internet. Actually we already Pay Taxes for the Internet by the Providers we use..

  • http://norightsforkids.com/ Robin

    That’s governments making being in business more expensive & those costs being passed on to us the consumer. Hence our paychecks stay the same, but the cost of living continues to rise.

    And what does the government do with all this extra money? They waste it on b.s. projects that their buddies get the contracts $$ & then the buddies turn around & give a big bunch of the $$ back to the politicians so that they keep their buds in power & their gravy train a coming.

    That’s where this money goes – not to the hungry, not to the poor – to the big fat cats that the politicians swear they are protecting us from!!!

    They take us for our income, purchases, productions of materials & products, & now they want to charge us for breathing & cows for farting because it causes global warming… except in the last 100 yrs. the temperature has gone up & down in waves – WITHOUT SUVs & the ever growing population etc.

    If anyone looked at history there is a warming & cooling that happens over decades in the oceans that cause the hurricanes. & the mega hurricanes.

    The pacific warms up & atlantic ocean cools, then over decades they swap. The pacific ocean cools down & the atlantic warms up. It’s been doing this for centuries. I can’t remember whether it’s the warm or cold in the atlantic that causes the hurricanes – but regardless. It’s nothing new.

    So just wait they’ll be an “ocean change” tax to come next.

    These are the same governments that force ethanol & bio fuels down our throat when these are WORSE for the environment, animals and yes us horrible humans than regular oil gasoline & way way worse than the clean burning natural gas – both of which we have so much here in the USA we’d never have to risk another ocean tanker traveling across the seas or give $$ to the very countries that want to demolish the USA.

    Not only that – but ethanol is causing starvation & huge spikes in food prices globally because we’re using food for fuel.

    Not to mention the mega corps like Monsanto who is wiping out all natural & indigenous food plants & crops with their genetically modified seeds & plants – that have to be bought new each year & require more of Monsanto’s fertilizer & pesticides & water to even grow.

    Wow… isn’t that interesting??? These taxing governments are supposed to protect us from the rotten mega corps & yet they allow this horror to go on? We have more ADD, cancer, mental/emotional disease like depression, etc. since these “foods” have taken over our food supply & then they genetically modify the seeds to require even more of their fertilizer & pesticide toxins that THEY SELL & profit massively from to the farmer?

    Hence some of the bogus claims that it’s the climates causing poor crops – uh – no – just the scum mega corp who’s going to one day starve us off the face of the earth because only they’ve wiped out all the other food crops on the planet.

    Until the people of the USA & other western nations stand up & demand all this government fraud, waste & abuse to stop – the government will restrict us more & more until we’re prisoners in our own cars & homes.

    Yes – they want to put mics on your cable box so they can hear what you’re talking about & use it for marketing too.

    They listen to your phone calls in the name of doing the same.

    If I’m paying for a service – I do NOT deserve to be listened to my every word, burp or fart.

    They do it with the OnStar in your car too.

    The government even wants to put a stop on your electricity box & your water so they can shut either off when they deem you’ved used enough for the day.

    They even plan on putting such a device on your car, so that if you go over the speed limit – your car gives you so many minutes or seconds to pull over & the car is turned off.

    Yes friends – we’ve allowed the monster government beast grow to the point they will totally consume us.

    Better get on the blower, fax machine & e-mail to whoever you elected to the congress, senate & president & get this stopped or you won’t be able to afford all your pleasures one day.

    Ah but those in government? They’ll be living off the fat hog you labored & paid all these hidden taxes for so they could feast & feast while you are crushed under the burden they’ve harnessed you with.

    It’s happening slowly & surely… the future of all of us is up to you.

    • http://www.sfpincchicago.com sfpincchicago


      You’re going to have to show some actual data that proves what you’re saying about some of these government programmes you claim are in the works, else you come off as ranting.

      With regard to Monsanto, you don’t seem to understand what THEY do, either. Do they sell genetically modified seeds? Sure. To HELP the farmers grow larger crops so we have MORE food, not less.

      Do you have anything at all in terms of hard data to back up anything you have said, or is it all just venting?

      • http://norightsforkids.com/ Robin


        You my dear are the one who needs to investigate all of what’s going on & learn. That’s how I did it. I wasn’t spoon fed anything – I’ve observed over the last 20 yrs myself. Had questions I wanted the answers to & researched them.

        When I hear something from politicians – either side of the aisle – I looked it up.

        I watched CSPAN & saw the democratic party I defended so vehemently lie their asses off. (now I’m an independent)

        I watched after Obama was elected & saw that most of the legislation through Pelosi & Reed was done in the dark of the night – no longer through committees & viewable on CSPAN.

        My family has been farming in the midwest for over 140 years.

        Monsanto’s sales job about more food being produced is pure & provable lies to corner the market. It’s full of garbage, lies, misinformation & evil.

        Look up the countless documentaries, look up the countries that have just booted Monsanto out.

        Look up why cotton farmers in India commit suicide. Look up how indigenous corn crops in Mexico & Central America are being snuffed out.

        You need to look up that 1 political party has run Chicago for 82 yrs unimpeded & Chicago, despite the top paid teachers, still has horrible – deplorable inner city schools, poor test results, so on & so on.

        If the democrats where serious about all the promises they make each campaign – Chicago should have 2% unemployment, no or very little need for federal housing, etc.

        Instead we do not see the Nirvana promised by them & it is these same democrats that are proposing these new taxes on everyone.

        Look up the 1936 USSR Communist Constitution & see Ch. 1 & 10 – I did.

        I looked it up because of Obama’s 2008 campaign & it sounded so familiar – all his promises.

        Well, to my shock & horror – all Obama’s promises are right there in the 1936 USSR Communist Constitution – yippeee America.

  • Daniel Brewerton

    Instead of continuing to raise taxes, the governments need to learn to do what we normal people do, live within their means. I can’t just walk up to my boss and tell him/her I am getting a raise today. Therefore, they shouldn’t just be able to run unchecked by the citizens.

  • http://www.campfirecontent.com Charlie

    Hmmm…I don’t wish for more taxes, but I’m sure my vote won’t stop it from happening. Unfortunately, governments seem to seek out as many ways as possible to collect more and more revenue from us. They complain that there’s not enough money for them to provide the services we’ve all come to ‘expect’ or want implemented, so they need to increase taxes…again and again.

    Isn’t that why the early American Colonials poured all that tea into Boston Harbor in the 1700’s? I’m just sayin’…

  • Auras

    Yes google make a lot of money and register their businesses due to Internet freedom in countries where taxes are very low or
    not at all.

  • http://www.flameministries.org Edward Russell FMI


    • Adolph Vader

      All governments deserve the middle finger, they have become self serving instead of serving those who hired them.

      I am an American & our gov is as corrupt and moronic as any European gov today.


      Remember that whe the gov tells ytou what is best for you.

  • Jon

    Its a reaction to the tax avoidance practises of Google.

    If Google and other US giants respected European countries and paid tax fairly then no-one would be suggesting moves like this.

    Google – you asked for it! you held two fingers up at the French and the British goverments – this is what happens when you show such little respect. Global companies need to play fair – if you make a dollar in France you pay the tax, you dont do dubious accounting and then spirit the revenue off to a lower tax zone. Its the same story with Starbucks – God if we ever tried these tricks in the US we would get our asses fried – the US would never tolerate it.

    • http://www.sfpincchicago.com sfpincchicago


      You say, “if we ever tried these tricks in the US we would get our asses fried – the US would never tolerate it.”

      Wanna bet? It happens all the time. You must not ever have known anyone with real money. Wait until you meet a millionaire. They hire smart accountants and shift as much of their tax burden away as they possibly can. I worked for an accounting firm before coming here. I’ve seen rich people with money (literally) to burn…people who can invest several hundred thousand in one shot to a hedge fund in the Bahamas that is a tax free zone.

      You think the U.S. doesn’t engage in dubious tax practises? Why do you think people want to see the tax returns of our elected officials? Think about it.

  • Adolph Vader

    Forgive me for being a bit cynical, but I have never seen the government, any government, levy a tax that was intended to help its citizens.

    All taxes are collected in order to further their own personal agenda (PORK).

    That is not how it should be, but alas, that is how it is.

    It will lead to TAXING the internet into some mindless government cash cow, no new ideas (unless government approved), no innovation (unless war or revenue related), only propaganda and revenue enhancement.

    The best way for ideas to flourish is to KEEP GOVERNMENTAL CONTROL AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE.

  • http://www.blueflux.eu Martin Hookem

    All l see lately is how badly in debt countries are because they can’t do a good job with all the taxes they already get.
    To try and tax something that doesn’t make sense, makes perfect sense to me.
    What a bunch of lamers!

  • http://www.portobelloroad.org.uk Karlh

    The mechanics would be very complex and well nigh impossible to impose,administer and collect the money. Consider the cost of the collectors….. Just have a look how often the domains move from one legislature to another, just to avoid whatever. They will do even more clever things to avoid tax.

    • jamie

      Agree… It’s like a dog chasing it’s own tail.

  • http://www.MagnaSites.com Pat Marcello

    As a businessperson, I know what they’re seeing… Billions or maybe trillions in lost revenue. Of course, they want to make the Internet pay!

    But as Martin said, they can’t handle their budgets with what they already get, so why should we pay more than we’re already paying in form of Income taxes, sales taxes, inheritance taxes, and on and on?

    Yet, I see a time when they will exact their pound of flesh from us. This free Internet business has gone on too long in big government’s eyes.

    The Internet should remain a free source of information for everyone in every country.

    • Jeff

      Well said! I love what you say as They can’t handle their budgets with what they already get, so why should we pay more than we’re already paying in form of Income taxes, sales taxes, inheritance taxes, and on and on?

      p.s.. And The United States House of Representatives always approving their Pay Raise while people are losing JoBS!

  • jamie

    The internet must remain free. More tax revenue will not change anything. Our governments must work to constrain their spending practices.

  • http://www.zazzle.com/artnip* Kelly

    I don’t think this is the way to go. We need to focus on creating more jobs and innovations that cereate jobs. As Asia and India become more demanding for higher wages, this will shift some manufacturing work back to the U.S.

  • http://fatlossonly.com/ Steve

    Governments around the world are trying to find ways to generate revenue because of the economy. We’ll see what the future holds.

  • http://richinwriters.com Steven

    Nothing surprises me when it comes to France! These idiots want to tax the rich at 75% like that will solve the problem. I hate that country and It’s a shame the people of that country allow the government to brainwash them. France is bankrupt and the only reason they’re staying afloat is because of the €uro if France had it’s own dollar it would have gone belly up years ago California in the United States taxes the heck out of it’s citizens and it’s also bankrupt.

    Government is not business! Government operates too slow to be a business. If they create a law like this business will do the same thing Amazon did when California decided to tax them. Old ideas is destroying France slavery is abolished yet the people of France push for more taxes and more government control. It’s Stupid!

  • Paddy O’Door

    This proposed “tax” is beyond my comprehension. It is rather ignorant of how many “free” websites operate.

    It currently costs $0 to use Google, Facebook, or Twitter. ZERO. Anyone can signup at any time and take advantage of the websites’ services for free (most commonly search and social profiles, but also advertising programs, analytics, news updates, APIs, etc.).

    The overhead for Google, Facebook, and Twitter is NOT FREE. Google operates thousands of servers that literally have an entire copy of the top-web stored in strategic locations around the world. They support a staff of thousands, many who work for top dollar. Similarly, Facebook and Twitter require millions of dollars in continued infrastructure, engineering, and personnel investments to remain free for public use.

    These companies currently make money with advertising programs, a necessary evil. They do face some real privacy challenges with respect to how they serve ads based on a user’s personal information. However, one can control private information using the website’s personal profile options.

    No Facebook or Google user is “working” for either site: they use each site voluntarily – for FREE – with the understanding that ads will be served to generate revenue. The user is not obligated to click on any ad.

    It might be more efficient to tax ISPs, DSL, and cable internet services higher. For example, in the USA, many “bundled” services like Comcast Xfinity provide internet and cable TV for around $120/month. Most people don’t watch more than 12 channels on their 1000 channel lineup. Force the middlemen to pay more and offer efficient programming for their customers.

    Internet history 101 has shown the most successful web businesses started out – or continue to operate – using FREE access models.

    • http://www.sfpincchicago.com sfpincchicago

      Patio Door,

      Taxing ISPs, DSL & cable operators at any rate will serve no purpose, because, much like the Federal 911 surcharge, Sept. 11 security fees, and any other government tax and/or regulation, it will only be passed right back down to the end user, with the result being you pay more and STILL get less. You pay $120 a month now (and get crap for customer service) from ComCrap? Watch your bill shoot upwards.

      Tax history 101 has shown that anytime a company that provides a product or service to a user and has the government force/impose some kind of tax/fee/?? on them, said company will simply pass it right down to the end user. Why? Because it’s not in the company’s best interests to pay for anything themselves. That lowers their profit margin. Pass the fees right back to the end user (typically with a little extra added in for good measure), and you, the consumer, pay more, for less, while the company ends up either where they were or in a better financial position than before, depending on how ethical the company is.

      With Comcast, using the example you have, they’re not exactly noted to be the sterling example of what is good and right in business. They’re thisclose to being the same monopoly that is Microsoft (and let’s face it, breaking BIG Microsoft into littlebitty Microsofts didn’t really hurt them in any way; it didn’t really set them back in any way, and it really didn’t stop them from doing what they were/are doing as it relates to tying Windows to Internet Explorer. All they had to do was just not make it so Windows wouldn’t/couldn’t function without it. It didn’t force them to allow customers to choose; it didn’t have them stop bundling Internet Explorer with Windows to start off with; it didn’t force them to include a version of a Mozilla browser or an Apple browser in Windows. It wasn’t even a slap on the wrist. It was barely a “dressing down”.

      Comcast is almost the same thing. If you live in an apartment complex (including condominiums), many sign contracts to have one provider be the exclusive provider, and insure that no other company is permitted to compete. Then, they offer you (much like satellite) 175763903.7 channels of crap you don’t want to/wouldn’t ever watch, while charging you a premium for this service, when all you really wanted was the local networks and maybe one or two other channels. We had an issue in our office when we first installed cable where they had a promotion to have Showtime or some other channel bundled in forcibly for a three month period. We were NEVER ABLE TO RECEIVE THIS CHANNEL THROUGHOUT THE TIME WE WERE PAYING FOR IT. Comcast informed us that even though we were unable to receive this channel, we still had to pay for it, or we would incur a penalty. So, we are being penalised for paying on something that we’re not getting? Yes.

      Would the proposed “ala carte” style of cable work? Not if providers have anything to say about it. The cable companies want to “bundle” every channel they own together, even if you don’t ever turn it on, just so their statistics can say how many households they are in. Is the data accurate? Factually, yes, although it’s slightly misleading.

      With regard to ISPs, it’s bad enough that the end user has to pay ever-increasing fees so your ISP can continue to send spam mail to you that neither you nor them asked for or wanted. Even the most sophisticated filters can’t block all spam, so you still pay for ads for Rolex watches, Viagra, Cialis, the president’s mortgage program, and other nonsense. What would taxing them accomplish? The end user paying more for the same service? Do you LIKE flushing money? We can sell you plenty of things and never deliver to you if you like the thought of paying for things and never receiving them.

      You are correct that ad revenue pays for Google, Facebook, etc. However, if you think you can 100% opt out and never be able to share anything with these sites, you must have computers like the Pentagon with incredible security. Either that, or you never go online. It’s virtually (if not in actuality) impossible to prevent a website from collecting data. The terms in which you use most sites relies on collecting information from you. Even your hotmail and Yahoo account requires cookies in order to get information from you that they can sell to someone else.

      It seems clear that you somehow have a very seriously mistaken notion about how companies deal with fines/fees/taxes/levies and how companies use/collect data.

  • Chris

    I think this proposal itself ridculous, the french should try to be more innovative and generate business that way.

    Having said that, I don’t think there is anything wrong with taxes as long as they are used for the common good. It is also clear that internet companies can and do use fiscal construction to pay almost no taxes. This has become far easier with the internet. In the end France is MISSING a lot of taxes because of the internet and it seems reasonable that they try too address that. This is not the way however …

  • MartinD

    Jon’s right, If Google sell $100 million of advertising in France and have costs of $80 million they should pay the tax on the $20 million profit they make in France to the French government. Ditto in the UK, USA, Germany, Jamaica and anywhere else in the world where they sell advertising. Having said that you can always rely on the French to come up with utterly crazy tax schemes. The French have not really moved into the second half of the 20th century yet, let alone the 21st. Despite life expectancy going up Hollande has lowered the retirement age. It’s a lovely country, but they are totally daft.

  • http://www.so8.co.uk Janine Croft

    Tax is an abhorrent proposition. The concept that an “authority” can take away or even has a right to a peice of someone else’s hard work is a crime.

    What’s mine is mine. Get fucked if you think you can have some without earning it!

  • Simon

    A tax? Two things come to mind…
    1. N
    2. O

  • ms

    yeah…another tax…sure, why not? (Heavy note of sarcasm.) Give me a break…how do governments think that this is OK?

  • http://www.netscype.com Netscype Gino

    There is only one solution to this problem.
    We all have to be a politician.

    • http://www.rankwatch.com Rank Watch

      Internet is a place where quality content is generated often and lot of people consume it on a day to day basis. Google and other companies have helped people consume these information. It will be like terrorizing netizens and the companies if this law is implemented. There should be a strong outrage against these kind of laws as it doesn’t make any sense. Companies like Google or Facebook doesn’t force any netizen to use it. Its people’s own decision to use it as they are free. They even provide people an option to opt out of several things, i.e they are trying to keep it fair.

  • http://www.elenarosephotography.com Miss Irene

    Absolutely NOT. Governments can’t productively handle the money they already generate from taxes. Why give them more to squander?

  • http://miamiinvestment.com George

    No there should be no tax on data. The goverment dosen’t host it, it not theres to TAX.

  • http://a.com Alabiba

    I hope this French asshole wakes up with 12inch strapon in his ass

  • Robert in Canada

    It’s been proven over and over and over – when you tax something you get less of it – so taxing the internet will reduce internet usage.

    This will reduce internet business activity & jobs, and that reduces tax revenues.

    Net result = same tax revenues as before but fewer jobs and more people on welfare. This is the destructive results of left wing ideas.

  • http://home.iprimus.com.au V

    All politions are not leaders they are leeches and control freaks sucking communities dry. Our current global financial predicament is due to Goverment’s allowing inept decisions and wasteful spending, so when they thirsty and the blood bank is low they add more tax to suck more blood.

  • http://www.stunningdefense.com Rick Kehs

    I recommend that the government, any government, keep their grubby fingers off the internet. Governments screw up pretty much everything they touch when they try to exercise control. The government wastes enough of our money already no sense giving them more to piss away.

  • http://Mabuzi.com Mabuzi

    Yep we create opportunities for government to tax when they see the chance and taxation kills business.

  • Artivision

    Any company to be taxed should pull services from France and let the voters respond.
    If this tax idea spreads to too many countries it will be too late.

  • http://www.digitaldiamondwebmedia.com DDWM

    Here’s a thought – using GeoIP or other IP location sniffing practices, redirect French users to sites such as Disney. What’s next, taxing market research companies for their data-stores? Advertising companies for their market analysis data? How about the very same government agencies espousing these tax initiatives, which collect far more data on their own citizens? Completely concur with the closing paragraph – where will the line be drawn, and what is the definition of ‘large’?

  • http://www.thefilipinoentrepreneur.com Manny

    This is the silliest thing I’ve ever read more than a science fiction.
    Taxation is just common sense. What involves taxes? Simple. MONEY. If it involved money, then it should be taxed but users and data to taxed? I can compare it with someone just going to a store just to look for something or just window shopping. Will I be taxed by just looking at the items sold in a shop?

  • http://www.robertattfield.com/blog/ Rob Attfield

    I’d imagine that taxing companies based on data traffic will pose a few issues – how will data be monitored, and will this breach national and international privacy rights? Hollande is already trying to tax millionaires at 75%, now he wants to scare away internet based companies from operating in France? I’m not a fortune teller, but I see this as being a dangerous precedence for the rest of Europe – and the rest of the world. This proposed law instantly makes me think of S.O.P.A, P.I.P.A, and A.C.T.A – maybe because the technology required to work out data charges would be closely related to the technology talked about in these three acts.

  • ashtonej

    The silliest thing I’ve ever heard of. Part of our web capture is enquiries. Some don’t convert. Do we have to pay tax just because someone asked about our services? We already pay tax for our ISP, web advertising, telecomm internet connection charge, etc. Will I have to pay tax because I posted this comment or used my hotmail/twitter/facebook account? It’s total madness. If it becomes a reality, the internet will downsize a lot and that would be a real shame as, despite its cons, its biggest pro is that it unites us all at all social levels – FOR FREE!

  • http://www.mmarolodex.com Peter Kolar

    No f*** way, Jose !!!
    This is akin to taxing the air we breathe.
    French people – wake up! Who the hell did you elect for a president.

    Don’t touch the Internet !!!

  • http://kamagraoraljelly.co Kamagra

    This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard of, no way it should be taxed, leave the internet alone, it is fine the way it is, interesting read nevertheless.

  • http://facebook Mary Liz Danuser

    No!I feel strongly that it shouldn’t be,Were taxed on so many things already&in these days&times
    I’d like to be able to keep just a little bit.Don’t have much currently………………Jobs are becoming harder to get,too!!!Liz

  • http://pulpkult.webs.com PaulWADE

    We pay ISP’s. ISP’s pay tax (already) We pay tax on our income, from which we pay Internet services.
    Here’s a novel idea. If governments want to enjoy a financial reward from the Internet, why don’t they CONTRIBUTE something first?????
    I.E. Understandable policy changes, submissions to law changing Bills and even listing every politician and their interests..
    Just a thought.

  • http://www.fengshui-consultants.co.uk Tom C

    No I do not think that there should be another tax on the Internet – it works fine as it is.
    We already pay to access the internet via our ISP’s and they pay tax on their profits.
    Google, Facebook etc already pay tax on their profits. The phone companies who’s wires carry the information around pay tax on their profits. My company pays tax on its profits etc. …
    It seems that the French are envious of the profits being made by Google (& taxed in the US) etc. & want a share. In which case encourage a French competitor to Google.
    The French might also like to consider that the pace of economic development is directly linked to the ease and speed with which information flows around, before they do things to impede that flow, especially in the current economic climate!

  • http://www.6starinfotech.com Raji

    No, there shouldn’t be any tax for the internet related data. As we are already paying enough of tax for the various internet services…

  • http://mycheap-acoustic-guitars.com robert

    Anyone who is honest will admit that the leftist agenda is to punish success through taxation and regulation.This is just another attempt to “level the playing field” so that all citizens, except, of course, the ruling elite, are equally miserable, and firmly under he control of that ruling elite.

    • http://yahoo brianna


  • http://yahoo brianna

    If there was tax on the internet, i can guarantee that almost nobody would be using it. the internet is important not only to adults, but also to teenagers. believe it or not some people use the internet for school work. think about that for once. Don’t put tax on the damn internet. there is tax on pretty much every goddamn thing. not the internet too! JESUS!!!

  • http://read-blogs.com Best Blog

    No way Jose!! Internet should not be taxed!! What’s next – taxing us for watching TV??

  • http://www.projetoorigem.com.br/estreladeu André



    these guys are like the Mexican political starving all you want to tax ….the Internet was born free ….

  • http://www.rumbleofthepeople.com RumbleofthePeople

    The Internet has already been paid for by “Our” tax-dollars, it was developed as a FREE avenue of communication, and it MUST remain as such. “The People” own it, and have paid enough, both in $$$$$$$$ and emotional stress to fight those greedy corporations and individuals that what to suck every last cent out of “Us”!

  • http://www.gemfountains.com Pat

    Absolutely not! The internet was started as free way to communicate to family, friends, customers etc.
    All government s have too much money to waste already. We do not need any new taxes!

  • suren siriwardene (Sri Lanka)

    No! , Definitely Not. We users enjoyed freedom(by all good means) and opensourceness freewares and so on with data security, You can kiss it good bai! if the taxes are implimented, plus the governments will have more power to do antything and view anything after this parses, You’ll see……..

  • sahar

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