Foxconn to Expand U.S. Operations in Pennsylvania

    November 25, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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By winning contracts for most of Apple’s mobile devices over the past five years, Chinese manufacturer Foxconn has become one of the largest companies in China. Though the company is still sitting at the forefront of smartphone, tablet, and other technology manufacturing industries, its executives are planning for a long-term future.

Foxconn group president Terry Guo has announced that the company intends to invest $40 million more in its U.S. operations in Pennsylvania. The new investment will be a part of the company’s “Advanced Manufacturing in America” initiative and is in-line with reports last year that held the company would be opening manufacturing plants in the U.S.

According to a DigiTimes report, Foxconn will pay $30 million to expand a research and development team tasked with laying the groundwork for a manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania. The plant will reportedly be used for manufacturing products related to the medical, automotive, and environmental industries. The company will hire 500 new employees through the expansion. In addition to the expansion, Foxconn will be paying Carnegie Melon University $10 million to research robotic industrial automation.

This new investment comes as Foxconn is expanding its operations beyond the manufacturing sector. The company this summer applied for a 4G LTE spectrum license for Taiwan, suggesting it may soon become a mobile provider in the country. Foxconn also recently opened a $25 million research and development center in China to test products and house a new cloud computing datacenter.

  • Really

    Really think about this. China is providing jobs for America. Our leaders are so sorry that they can’t provide jobs for our own people and now foreign countries are literally staking out investments in our country.

    America better wake up and realize our leaders are running this country into the ground. We won’t die by the hands of terrorist — we will die by the hands of our own government.

    Thank you Bush. Thank you Obama. Thank you for 12 years of useless wars and economic collapse. What is sad is that I am starting to believe the 9/11 truth movement. Something is not right in America and it all goes back to 9/11.