Troll Violently Threatens, Now On The Lam From LAPD


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We here at WebProNews don't thank you readers and commenters enough for expressing your opinions in non-threatening and (mostly) civil manners. To my knowledge, none of you have shared your desire to rearrange parts of our faces or longed to forcibly change the lovely organization of our humongous brains. For this, on behalf of all of us here at WPN, I thank you for never putting us in the timorous situation that the people at Fox Sports are currently amid.

According to TMZ, a user posted "inappropriate" comments on the team page and was consequently banned. As this course of action probably makes sense among the high-brow denizens who frequent the WPN page, this particular commenter on didn't take kindly to being banned and so the troll proceeded to threaten to assault the Fox Sports folks. TMZ recounted the story so eloquently that I can't possibly improve upon it so I'm just going to share their words here:

The LAPD is on the hunt for a cyber-douchebag who threatened to attack the people at ... all because they blocked the idiot from posting on their message board.

According to official police documents, Fox Sports later received a threatening message which the user sent to the "report abuse" tab ... which read, "All you moderators are c**ksuckers and one day you are going to get your faces caved in to your brain."

The message continued, "You think just because you do this over the Internet you cannot be located. You are wrong .... Watch your ass you f**king b*tches. I am coming for you ..." security officials told police they were "extremely concerned for the safety" of the staff ... and insisted they are "not taking this threat lightly."

No word on what the "inappropriate comment" was that the troll posted that got them banned in the first place. As much as I want to dimiss these threatening comments as the hollow product of a trifling troll with too much time on their hands, I suppose FoxSports did the right thing in notifying the LAPD because the last thing any of us need is some disgruntled commenter spraying bullets inside the office of people who write things for the Internet - and all because their comment(s) got flagged.

Luckily, I and the rest of my fellow writers at WPN never have to worry about being on the receiving end of this kind of malice and violence.