Fox News / Google Debate Live Tonight, Still Asking For Your Participation

18,000 questions already submitted

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Fox News / Google Debate Live Tonight, Still Asking For Your Participation
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UPDATE: Remember, just in case there’s any confusion, you should direct any questions to the Fox News YouTube channel.

At the beginning of the month, partners YouTube and Fox News announced the interactive Fox News / Google debate that would feature the Republican Presidential Primary candidates answering questions from the online community.

Tonight’s the night for the debate. It will be streamed live on YouTube over at the Fox News channel starting at 9 pm EST. (It will also air on the Fox News TV channel)

According to a Google blog post, over 18,000 questions have been submitted on the Fox News YouTube channel, ranging in topics from immigration reform to health care to social security.

Like discussed before, the debate will feature some of these pre-submitted questions along with live submissions during the debate from folks online. Google will also be setting up real-time voting on the issues and on the candidate’s responses via the YouTube broadcast.

Even if you’re watching on TV, you can visit youtube.com/foxnews during the debate to vote on real-time polling questions and submit live commentary. Throughout the evening, we’ll share Google politics-related search trend information and public data that will provide context to the issues discussed. Fox News moderators will ask specific questions that were submitted by citizens through YouTube, and we’ll be looking at overall trends that emerge from the questions in aggregate.

YouTube will also be hosting a live pre-debate show starting at 8:30.

The debate will be hosted by Fox’s Bret Baier.

Remember to submit your questions to the Fox News YouTube channel.

Fox News / Google Debate Live Tonight, Still Asking For Your Participation
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  • Audrey Cutler

    Will someone please answer this question for me?
    Why did Obama refuse to let IBM use their program to check for frauds in Medicare.

    Audrey and Bob in Florida,

    • http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/are-there-other-alternatives-to-paying-off-the-debt-and-eliminating-the-paying-of-interest-of-4-5-6/question-1850319/ Larry J Schuetter

      Can you say Pandora’s Box!

  • M.Miller

    Question for Republican debate.

    As President,what do you plan to do to eliminate, wasteful spending, redundant positions in all branches of government, corruption, unnecessary regulations and to increase productivity ?

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Richardson

      LOL. Good one.

    • Eugene Watson

      Watch it, heir obama has his attack watch web site for attacks on him. Heil Obama.

  • Rick S.

    With all the proof that Oboma is not a naturalized U.S. citizen. And not eligible to be President. Why do the so-called conservitives give him such a pass? Even I understand the meaning of Naturalized being a citizen from both citizen parents!

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Richardson

      ” Even I understand the meaning of Naturalized being a citizen from both citizen parents!”

      Apparently not.

      • Rick S.

        Am I to assume, You don’t?

  • Steve Dobbs

    Why do most of the candidates find it so hard to accept both science AND faith? Many scientists still have religion.
    Or, do most of the candidates actually accept both, and just pander to their extremist supports who don’t?

  • Drew Osterman

    With Obama claiming his tax the rich is not class warfare, what about the 47% of the U.S. that pays NO income tax.

    Would you implement some form of FLAT Tax – either a combination of income tax and consumption tax – or straight consumption tax that eliminates all – deductions for everyone thereby allowing for a lower rate – to level the playing field for all citizens. It could be graduated for the truly poor and destitute by having tax collection not start until earnings exceed the poverty level.

  • Robert Rusniaczek

    What will you do as President to have the National Debt Clock http://www.usdebtclock.org/ reverse and count backwards?

    • http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/are-there-other-alternatives-to-paying-off-the-debt-and-eliminating-the-paying-of-interest-of-4-5-6/question-1850319/ Larry J Schuetter

      Pay off the debt on the backs of 310 million social security accounts making Congress finally balance the budget.
      Make Congress balance the budget or forfeit their pay til it is done every August prior to the budgets for the following year.

      • Joy Hanousek

        Good answer

  • Ruth Callahan

    This is a Christian country and was built on Christian values. My concern is letting “Sharia-law’ creep into our country. There have been states I believe that let hornor killings go free. To Perry Elect. If you become President what will you do to prevent “the take over of Sharia-law in this country”. Please do not say it could never happen because I thought I would never see it take place in a few states yet it has and I am afraid it could grow right beneath our nose and we would not see it coming.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Richardson

      “This is a Christian country and was built on Christian values.”

      Um, not quite. The country was founded by people who wanted to escape religious persecution, well, that and not wanting to pay the King’s taxes. Furthermore, most of the founding fathers are considering Deists, not Christians.


      • Julie

        Yes we are a christian nation and which candidate will stand up and protect christians churches and bible studies in homes and the crosses that mean as much to us as the mosque mean to Mayor Bloomberg?

      • Joy Hanousek

        It has become a Christian Nation. I know most people don’t look at the first amendment currectly. It means that the founding father’s didn’t want a state sponsored church (like the Church of
        England,butthat each person can worship their own way.

  • Lori Bernstorf

    We know who the front runners are and pretty much know where they stand on the major issues. I would like to hear from the other candidates, specifically, Rick Santorum and Herman Cain. In prior debates, (at least the one before last) I believe Santorum was asked only one question. How fair and balanced is that? We the people have a right to know what their stance on the issues are.

    • Rhonda Myers

      AMEN AND AMEN!!!! Yes! These other fine Americans have offered themselves up to loyally serve this great nation. They deserve the equal exposure in all of these debates so that we the people can make our own informed decision as to who we want our candidate to be. Please stop trying to ‘spoon feed’ us who our candidate should be. That makes me very leary! Give Bachman, Cain and Santorum a chance!

  • Ruth Callahan

    In my house when I say I need to cut the waste it happens and we cut the waste “which we have had to do over the past year or so” Yet government just keep talking about cutting the waste. It just never seems to happen. Let’s start with Congress the House and the Presedent. You are over paid with no results latley. We are tired of the arguing and the stand off. If you do not want this country to be a great country then get out of government. We are tried of the $ 16.00 muffin when we can not even afford bread and milk.

    • http://webpronews.com BrendaB

      I whole heartedly agree. Here-here

  • Callie

    When will you start creating jobs and drill for oil and stop sending money to countries who want to kill us. Keep the money here and protect this country.

    • Joy Hanousek

      When the President has the ______ to get rid of Dept of education, agriculture, epa and join the many other department together. Many have at least 10 departments handiling the same thing. Let the states run their schools and ets.

    • Joy Hanousek

      Amen brother

  • Ken Emerson

    Over the past 40+ years, the size of the federal government has grown exponentially. What government departments / agencies will you (as president) eliminate, down size, right size?

    • Joy Hanousek

      I say that once the President leaves office, all secret services should be cut off too. Talk about expenses of flying, the President should look in his own back yard. Private jet set are the ones with money.

  • bob

    If elected president will you sign the war powers act of 1933, like every president has since its inception, and now controls the U.S. government?

  • Victor Yost

    Would you, if you were the president and knowing that space junk is coming down, stop air traffic?

  • Bonnie Aguilar

    Please ask Gov Romney and Gov. Perry some foreign policy questions. How would they deal with the problems of the middle East? Would they cut off some of the aid going to countries who want to kill us and destroy the United States of America? We have heard enough of the Perry’s social security comments and Romney’s health care in Massachusetts. Thank you.

  • Ken Lincavage

    Governor Romney.

    Governor Perry has had to deal with immigration problems on a twelve hundred mile border for the past ten years. With you not having any experience in dealing with this issue or vast border state why do feel you are more qualified than Governor Perry to handle it?

    • Joy Hanousek

      I believe that Perry has done some to help it but the Federal Government won’t do their job as they want the Mexican vote. That will never change

  • http://FoxNews Chester Dilbeck

    Please ask the Leading Contendors the following question:
    Why don’t the Federal and State Government require a blood test for Drugs, and Wellfair payments when they are a applying for the “Hand-Outs: ??
    Most Employers require a blood test up front and randomally throughout the employment, with no advance notice.
    The Goverments has the right to know as long as they are paying the people.

    • Joy Hanousek

      I know several people that know how to work the system. We have fourth generations collecting Welfare. Let’s stop the fraud

  • chris louderback

    Can we EXPORT the amount of IMPORTED goods from China,Japan,India, Australia etc? i.e. shirt from Jones of New York (made in china)????????

  • Mildred Early

    Will any of the candidates discuss making English the national language?

    • Joy Hanousek

      They have tried that. alif. voted for it and one judge over ruled it. That is why my son quit voting for a while as it only takes one judge to over rule 1000’a of votes

  • Neil Rathjen

    It is time for Presidential Candidates to step up the rhetoric and take off the Politically Correct Gloves on so called “Entitlement Programs” such as SS and Medicare to reveal the lies being told its Trust Fund Depositors about SS as it pertains to It’s recipients.

    SS is now some 70 years old with every dollar deposited into this Trust Fund earned by its recipients. It is an earned entitlement because every American, not federal Employees, by law had to participate.

    Congress has been looting/plundering the Trust Fund for years and placing IOU’s into little tin draws without any way of paying the money or earned interest back and with no forethought to the outcome of such theft.

    The fund earning just 5%, compounded daily, very nominal over 70 years (do the math) would have placed this Trust Into a self fulfilling benefit for retirees for years to come and then some. But, Congress still sees it as a gift from the American Worker for the unfettered use of Congressional thieves and that’s the bottom line. Al Gore was maligned about his “Lock Box”, still laughing?

    If a wealthy retired industrialist had his retirement fortune plundered behind his back, by some greedy personal accountant, attorney or family member, as has been our SS Trust Fund, they would be brought to justice and imprisoned for 20 years plus.

    My question: What are the candidates going to do to stop the plundering of the SS Trust Fund, never mind the boring rhetoric of “fixing it” as the plundering of principal & interest caused its present condition.

    • http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/are-there-other-alternatives-to-paying-off-the-debt-and-eliminating-the-paying-of-interest-of-4-5-6/question-1850319/ Larry J Schuetter

      We need to call out Congress and get “Reversed Retirement to start retirement to the boomers at age 55, and add to the banking mortgage industry “Reversed Mortgages starting at age 55″ ending the Old School Retirement to creating new innovations in the co existence of creating more catalyst to getting more stimulus to job creations and FAST TRACK INS to get more numbers to pay the FICA tax into the equation and ending the debt as we know it.

  • Gene Roberts

    We’ve heard the politicians say Social Security will go broke and how they plan to have the SENIOR CITIZENS wait longer for benefits and receive less, etc.
    We want to hear someone say they will FIRST cut corruption by weeding out recipents of Soc. Sec. who are not intended to receive it AND clean up fraudulent providers. PLUS we want to hear someone say “I will see to it that government first return every dollar they have “borrowed” from the program BEFORE any sacrifice is asked of the tax payer or the beneficiary.
    Who among you can make that promise?

    • Gene Roberts

      My comment about “fraudulent providers” was directed at Medicare. Which we are also concerned about.

  • Linda Gullo

    Why is medicaid NOT singled out when talking about Social Security and Medicare – social security and medicare was paid into by the recipients – medicaid is NOT always paid into by the recipients.

    • Joy Hanousek

      They not only don’t pay for it, but get the best medication available, no no brand names for them

  • Linda Gullo

    Which candidate will LOCK the social security/medicare lockbox so it’s only used to benefit those who have invested in it?

    • http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/are-there-other-alternatives-to-paying-off-the-debt-and-eliminating-the-paying-of-interest-of-4-5-6/question-1850319/ Larry J Schuetter

      In this new era of Global Economy we have to master the use of numbers in the social security administration of funding and get more people on to the FAST TRAC INS to start paying into the fund using their green cards and getting the present 310 million recipients paying in to 500 million FICA impounds by new industry and new Innovations that congress has failed to do when we are the consumers of the world.

  • http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/are-there-other-alternatives-to-paying-off-the-debt-and-eliminating-the-paying-of-interest-of-4-5-6/question-1850319/ Larry J Schuetter

    1. Wy can’t President Obama use Geithner and Bernanke, to pay off the debt by borrowing 15 trillion from the fed and putting the debt on the 310 million social security cards in the social security Administration funds; carrying he debt to the citizens to whom it actually belongs.
    2. If you ask the congress who does the debt belong too? They tell you in their defense the American People.
    3. This way the 5-7 billion dollar a day interest ends. Allowing IRS to give the tax payers time to pay off the debt. Ending it to get a Balanced Budget in Congress!

  • leona swisher

    Reports the last few days of $14.00 muffins and $10 cookies being served at government conferences…… How can we ever bring Washington down to earth and realize how “we the People” live.
    Spending this foolishly and then telling us Medicare and Social Security is hurting. This really is so . My husband and I run our own business and it is doing very well….we pay in several thousands of dollars in income tax. When I hear of all the waste in Washington, I am so upset. What can ever be done?

  • Casey Sullivan

    Social Security was designed to be a “safety net” for those unfortunate seniors who retired to find they had nothing to live off of. We need to dole it out in that fashion. Those who have a pension, retirement accts, etc, and who have money to live off od, should not receive SS payments period. The age in which to collect in case of need should be at least 70-72.

    • http://webpronews.com BrendaB

      If one has an office job or a job that is not heavy labor the retirement age should be higher. Those who are actual heavy labor workers retirement should be lower not higher.Yet the ‘professionals that work in offices are the ones who are deciding the retirement age for everyone else. Shouldn’t be based at all on income level, a laborer’s body will wear out alot quicker than a desk jockey.
      By the way Social Security is something that as a citizen I was forced into contributing into and participating in, as was my employer on my behalf, and you have the nerve to tell me that I do not deserve to draw my S.S. if I was fortunate enough to have an employer who was responsible enough to think of me and my family and our future by alloting us with a small pension to compensate my retirement years, I assure you NO one could live for more than a week on it, yet you would deny me of my own money that I have deposited into S.S…..Now that’s heartless… Honey, I assure no ones living high on the hog drawing Social Security. I didn’t inherit anything from my parents other than high blood pressure, heart disease, macular degeneration. Yet here I am in my 60’s and i’m doing a lot better than most my age. This year I was prescribed my first and only prescription drug. I pray that’s it, and I have improved so much that Dr.Mike just may have to take me off of it…

  • Thomas Manning

    Historically Democrats cut military spending, they are going to do it again. In this time that is dangerous, what would you do if elect to ensure that we have a strong and ready military to defend our country and allies? Previous cuts during Democratic administrations resulted in the lack of spare parts for equipment and no ammunition for trainning purposes.

  • Ruth McKinney

    Would Rick Perry go for a flat tax, like 10% across the board for EVERYONE, with no loopholes at all?

    • Joy Hanousek

      I’m with you. A flat tax would be good, everyone would pay then.

  • Linda Gullo

    Perry – If it’s unlawful for an Employer to hire an illegal immigrant, where are these illegal immigrant students that you’ve used taxpayer money to educate, going to work?

    • http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/are-there-other-alternatives-to-paying-off-the-debt-and-eliminating-the-paying-of-interest-of-4-5-6/question-1850319/ Larry J Schuetter

      Fast Track INS can end that, and get new Tax Payers paying the FICA tax into the State and Federal Treasuries.
      We have to end the dream act legislation negating the ” Law of the Land”. Enforce Immigration by FAST TRACK INS to the 70 million undocumented and illegal aliens here. That includes Fast tracking Public School Applicants that register and then Commensurate Green Card application protecting the student from deportation of the parent does not register in the 90 day requirement being here with out honoring the New FAST TRACK INS legislation ending the need for a dream act and Nationally Using the Public school Institutions in all 51 states the new soon to be Annexed Mexico once we are Solvent to the existence of a new era in the American History of the Americas.

    • http://webpronews.com BrendaB

      I would also like to know who is paying for their education?
      (Please don’t tell me that ‘We the People’ are paying for their education….Please) Please don’t tell me they are getting their money to go to our colleges and Sally Mae is fronting them….PLEASE….

  • Debra Anderson

    Would you if elected do all in your power to unite America again. We have become divided and partisan and we forget we are all Americans and Im tired of both parties talking so badly about each other. We cant stand too much more division…United we stand.

    • Erin Rowley


  • Jeanne Oberlander

    I want more questions for Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain, and Rick Santorum. By concentrating only on the top 3, the questioners are controlling who the front runners will be. I want to hear more from Gingrich, Cain, and Santorum. I am still very much undecided, and need to hear more from them.

    • http://webpronews.com BrendaB

      I agree. I ‘m tired of the media and party leaders trying to control our choices….I say keep em coming, and by the way , I don’t care what their percentages are. If they are running they should be allowed to engage in the debate

    • Eugene Watson

      I agree, especially Newt

    • Erin Rowley

      Here here. How could anyone new rise to the top, if all you do is concentrate on the top two or three.

  • Linda Gullo

    If Warren Buffet’s secretary pays more taxes than Warren, isn’t is more logical that the secretary’s tax base should be LOWERED!!!!

    • http://webpronews.com BrendaB

      How true . Do you think it will go the other way and the secretaries taxes will rise to Buffetts ‘ level

  • Bil Kane

    Is it possable to this administration that they think that the american people are dumb,stupid or both.I say this because the vision of starting a small business after I retire in two years is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, and I will be drug under with dept.It will take appx. $100,000.00 just to open my doors for business.Who’s got that?

    Spend’n my money elsewere

    B. Kane

  • John Roehrig

    Gov Perry. I read Texas is 26 Billion in debt. How did that happen, and is that how you created jobs?

  • Lieuwe de Haas

    How come federal staff members do not have to pay their college tuition loans, and why do they have a different health plan, dental plans plus all the benefits, and liberal pensions?
    This is total discrimination to the taxpayers in our country!

  • Sterling Goddard

    I’m from Texas and Rick Perry and his attitude toward Social Secutity scares me to death. That is all my wife and I have to live on. I sure wont vote for him, its Mitt Romney all the way. I and my wife are registered Independents.

  • Linda Gullo

    Specifically what income ranges are: Lower Class, Middle Class, Upper Class?

    • Scott Maxwell

      For tax purposes, your are upper class if you make $50.000 a year. This is why the middle class doesn’t really exist. Poor is 150% of the poverty level. Obama says that a couple making $250.000 a year should be taxed above 50%. His own words.

  • Linda Gullo

    Love to hear Johnson get some time to speak, he’s very, very interesting – need to hear more from him

  • Arthur McIntosh

    I came back home to the US after sixteen years overseas. Doing the same job today, I have employers asking me to work for less than I earned back in 1988 even though gas, food, housing and the cost of living has gone up from 200 to 1000%. The average person would gladly pay taxes if there was anything left with which to pay taxes. The blame is with the employers that pad their own pockets instead of raising the standard of living. If we can spend money where we need to, businesses will do better, employees will live better and the economy will grow. When the economy grows there will be more money to pay off the national debt. How about giving billions of dollars to the people in the form of better working conditions instead of giving billions to companies where the executives that already live well can keep all the revenue and the economy stays stuck.

  • Kurt

    I dont think we should give washington any more money in the form of taxes or anything else. They send money to countries like Pakistan where they use the money to attack our troops. They send millions to the arab spring. They make loans to companies like solyndra. Government contractors rip off the tax payers consistantly charging $1400.00 for a $8.00 switch it’s incredible but it’s got to stop. I am an America and a Patriot but I say no more,no more!!!

  • Joy Hanousek

    For all elderly people on SS. top and think. We are grandfathered in and won’t lose SS. Rick Perry’s idea is for those of our children and grand children who would rather save for retirement themselves. We haven’t had a raise in three years on SS. What about that?

    • Elisabeth Adair

      No one in the US has had a raise in SS… Thanks to the Federal Government.

  • Michele

    What makes this nine special? Just because you get in the White House dosen’t mean that you will get the change you are talking about now! This is nothing more than a who can get the most votes and how to keep them votes!

  • Ballard Atwood

    What about energy independence,Natural Gas,Clean Coal,Drilling for oil,Than develop technology to improve oil,coal for cleaner air,

    What about pulling the strings on the epa

    • Joy Hanousek

      Get rid of epa all together. We have live many many years without them and more jobs have been lost because of them

  • Joy Hanousek

    When the border patrol seizes money from drug stops, why don’t they use that to pay off our debt. They will never find who sent the drugs or money.

  • Marcia Griffin

    Please ask Governor Perry about the Rainy Day Fund in Texas. Recently we had mega budget issues in Texas. Governor Perry threatened to veto any bill that tapped the Rainy Day Funds earmarked for Education. Our Education budget was slashed. Why have we saved for economic hard times if we don’t use it for our children? He is a huge friend to business, but a bully to the children of Texas. Texas is 50th in the nation for poverty, and we add 80,000 new students every year. I hope someone asks if Gov. Perry wants to run on his record for Education in the state of Texas. It is the first time in 30+ years as an educator, that I wish we had voice in a union. Texas teachers have no voice.

  • Arthur McIntosh

    If the politicians keep blocking the tributaries that feed the Mississippi river, they are going to be left with little but mud at the Gulf of Mexico. Now they are slinging that mud at each other and crying for more water to irrigate their own fields. Equality means you divide the national debt and we all pay the same dollar amount, or, tax everyone at the same fair percentage regardless of the amount and make the government live within that margin. No exceptions, no excuses.

    Arthur McIntosh

  • Martha Murray

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the 36 Tzars Obama has that are causing a dizzingly number of laws and destructive activities that are wrecking the country? Where is Congressman Issa? I think so much is going on that is not Constitutional or legal.

  • VanD63

    Have you considered imposing civil and criminal liability on employers who knowingly employ undocumented emigrants, including; deportation, paying for any incarceration of convicted felons, damages to victims of crimes, and court costs?

  • http://www.floridainsurancesavings.com/ Florida Life

    Martha Murray is right on target. I did hear Newt say he would fire all the Czars asap. Mr. Issa must have his hands full with this crew. The Fast and Furious, Czars, fraudulent loans, money to farmers who are not farmers and so much more.

  • Harry

    Decide what issue is most important to the country’s prosperity. No candidate will be perfect.

  • VanD63

    Would it help our veterans, if congress were put on TRICARE?

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