Fox News Ends Interview After Benghazi Criticism

By: Amanda Crum - November 27, 2012

A Pulitzer Prize-winning author is upset after his interview on Fox News was cut short following his criticism of the network, and says producers knew what his talking points would be ahead of time…yet his segment was abruptly cut in half.

Thomas E. Ricks–who is also a defense reporter–was a guest on the show anchored by Jon Scott and wanted to address the attacks in Benghazi which left four people dead, including a United States ambassador. When he called the event “hyped”–especially by Fox News–Scott questioned him on it, asking, “When you have four people dead, including the first U.S. ambassador in more than 30 years, how do you call that hype?”

Ricks responded, “How many security contractors died in Iraq? Do you know? Nobody does, because nobody cared. We know that several hundred died, but there was never an official count done of security contractors dead in Iraq. So when I see this focus on what was essentially a small firefight, I think, No. 1, I’ve covered a lot of firefights, it’s impossible to figure out what happens in them sometimes. And second, I think that the emphasis on Benghazi has been extremely political, partly because Fox was operating as a wing of the Republican Party.”

At that point, Scott thanked Ricks and the segment was quickly ended, much to the author’s surprise. He says he was later called “rude” by a Fox staffer, but disagrees.

“I thought I was being honest,” he said. “They asked my opinion, and I gave it.”

Amanda Crum

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  • Gary Martin

    Turnabout is fair play. Rarely are conservatives ever heard on any of the other networks while the liberal agenda is shoved down our throats. At least this guy got part of his say in.

    • KS

      In response to Gary Martin’s comment that “rarely are conservatives ever heard on any of the other networks,” former RNC chairman Michael Steele is employed by MSNBC as a polictical analyst, conservative S.E. Cupp is currently a co-host of the afternoon program called “The Cycle” on MSNBC, and Christian radio host Steve Deace is a frequent guest on Tamron Hall’s afternoon program on MSNBC.

  • Robe

    Just another liberal who thinks that an assassinated US Ambassador is no big deal. He thinks that we should not politicize Benghazi and instead let the Obama administration sweep it under the rug. He’s a stool pigeon for Obama.

    • DAB


      • s

        How incompetent are you if you think someone can change your religion. Is that why you probably voted for Obama so you could keep your religion? No wonder he is President with people like you voting for him.

      • GreatGrany7

        YES! I would rather have Mitt Romney getting ready to be sworn in as PRESIDENT OF THE USA. You can shout (all caps) until your tonsils explode but you have to realize that Obama has had such an outstanding record for disaster all by his self and you cannot keep blaming GWB the rest of your life. At least, if you have a brain at all, you should recognize the truth from the Liberal Dribble passed out by the Keepers of the WH.

      • dianne

        Yes I would love to have a mormon running out country instead of the marxist murderer that is currently in office. jackass

        • Sammi

          He’s not a marxist…he’s a muslim. (Ever noticed the recent attacks on christianity? Hmmm)

      • Sammi

        Wow!! It should be illegal for idiots like you to vote. Thank goodness for you there’s no voting card because you would had your revoked a long time ago.

    • bebe torkemada

      When 3000 Americans were assassinated on 9/11, what did those pople do? They praised George Bush as a hero. Imagine that!
      When the Marine Barracks Lebanon Incident happened, What did those pople do?
      When the USSLiberty Incident took place, what did those pople do?
      When the bombings in Kenya, Tanzania, etc took place, what did those people do? NOTHING. Their mouth were wide open!
      Why, all of a sudden, with this Benghazi Incident, did all of this stuff change? I wonder what haoppened to make THOSE PEOPLE behave as they do now? I cannot, for the life of me, figuer out what has changed! My, oh my! WOW!

  • http://FoxNews Debra

    I think Tom Ricks may be out of touch with reality. I stopped watching CNN several years ago because I got tired of the Christian bashing as well as its biasness against values, concervatives and yes whites. Unfortunately most news medias cater to whatever or whomever will get the most ratings. I started watching Fox news in the mornings while getting ready for work. You can agree or disagree, but they do report both sides of an issue and let you make up your own mind. Which by the way should be how it is. Ricks may be senile.


    Ricks is a tool of the left. His agenda is to sell his book. Nuff said.

  • patrick fiedler

    K.S. Wow K.s. you named a single conservative on 3 major networks. I can name 20 liberals who are employed by Fox.Get your head out of the sand.

  • ruby

    Mr Smart-Ass Pulitzer prize winner Ricks is a Left-wing-democrat, so ofcourse he is going to criticize Fox News. Fox refused to cover up the “cover up” in the Obama run media. Ricks can put his Pulitzer prize back in the cracker jack box that it came in. He doesn’t seem to understand that a US Ambassador holds a higher office than a contractor. Dumb Ass.

    • JB

      Ruby, The US Ambassador does hold a higher office (the contractors do not hold office) and therefore his death has strategic implications, but that does not mean his life is any more important than the contractors killed in Iraq which you seem to imply.

  • April

    I think that Obama and his administration didn’t handle Benghazi well and that they weren’t honest about it… I’m a democrat.

  • April

    And Fox News wasn’t the only network who aired criticism of Obama and his administration concerning Benghazi. CNN and HLN talked a lot about it as well.

  • April

    And Fox News wasn’t the only network *that* aired criticism of Obama and his administration concerning Benghazi, I meant. CNN and HLN talked a lot about it as well.

  • Almo Quesada

    The criticism of the Benghazi by Fox,CNN,and the GOP towards Obama was only an issue because of the elections… Let it go..Obama
    won the election.

  • David W.

    I would like to know who gave the order for the Navy Seal who gave his life in the incident to stand down. Likewise why were available combat assets within reasonable availability not put to use. I am former US Navy and understand asset capabilities. It is also very plain that the public was not given a truthful assessment of the ensuing mess by Ambassador Rice. We all deserve a proper explanation of the mess by one of the responsible parties.

    • donn mcmahon

      if this is a huge intelligence failure what was iraq’s weapons
      of mass destruction disappearence after all the hype. of course it
      only cost thousands of our military their lives.
      i have yet to hear all the “armchair” generals give the amount
      of troops to be “dropped” into an unknown situation, they must have had an accurate count of those carrying ak-47’s, rpg’s and let us not forget the mortar crews off in the distance.
      i did the “ambush route” hwy. 1 northwest of saigon with the 25th division on an apc as a infantryman, from january thru august 1968 (yes including tet). i never found my smile while riding/driving a track into a kill zone.

    • Jerry Nelms

      There was no “stand down order” given.

    • dianne

      David, the intelligent people of the US and you know exactly what is going on. The problem is you have a corrupt president and he along with all his czars in congress are getting away literally with murder with the assistance of the main stream media. More people need to rise up in protest and indignation at what our govt is doing instead of turning their heads the other way. Like the problem will go away if they dont pay attention to it. obama & clinton and about 80% of people in politics, especially people directly working with obama are liars and thieves and care only that their pocketbooks are deeply lined and no one is dipping in their money melting pots. Its become a horrific disgrace and embarassment to America. May God help those involved in Benghazi coverup who looked the other way all in the name of politics- especially Susan Rice!! I would hate to be in her shoes when she meets our Maker!

  • Gary Gross

    I wrote here that I would’ve preferred that Scott keep interviewing him, then humiliating him for being a total jerk/spinmeister.

    I’m ok with them dumping Mr. Ricks because he’s a fool who doesn’t understand the difference between having security contractors risking their lives getting killed & U.S. ambassadors getting needlessly killed because President Obama & Hillary Clinton sat on their thumbs while the security situation deteriorated in Benghazi.

    The blood of 4 American patriots is on President Obama’s & Hillary Clinton’s hands.

  • tom ricks

    Ms. Crum,

    Contrary to the lead of your story, I am not “upset” that Fox cut short their interview with me. It is their network, and they can do what they want. Nor am I aware of any evidence that I am upset about that. Please tell me what makes you think so?

    I am bothered that a Fox news spokesman, Michael Clemente, apparently is making up things about me. But that is another matter. He may think he is just doing his job.

    Tom Ricks

  • Sean

    It’s ironic that the first true fact to accidentally stumble up to Fox News’ doorway was swiftly swept away by the network itself.

    Consider this: If Fox’s extreme right-wing bias is not real, why not say so? Why not defend the purity of its journalism and make a reasonable defense against the accusations of Mr. Ricks right then and there instead of quickly hushing those accusation away and off the air?

    Apparently Fox News knows exactly what it is… and Mr. Ricks does, too.

  • Dan Porter

    I saw the Interview, and my immediate complaint against Fox News was that they should have known well in advance that Tom Ricks, being a “Liberal Idiot,” would come up with some stupid comparison remark that deserved half the scheduled time, or better still, no time at all!

  • Sean

    Oh and as far as the right-wing Benghazi rhetoric being hurled at Susan Rice and how she is now unqualified to be Sec. of State:

    ~ Ambassador Susan Rice made inaccurate press statements about four (4) Americans that were killed overseas while serving their country, inaccuracies which have been subsequently identified and clarified.

    ~ National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice saw the U.S homeland attacked on 9/11, with almost 3,000 domestic civilian deaths resulting. After that, she then beat the drum of war in Iraq by telling us all about WMD, resulting in the deaths of almost 5,000 U.S. military personnel + 50,000 injuries.

    Two years after the conclusion of this “glowing” service record, Condolezza Rice became Sec. of State. She’s even talked about as a serious contender for the Republican Presidential Nomination!

    Republicans: I am a Democrat. We don’t have to agree, but we owe it to ourselves to admit that the color of the sky is the same on both our worlds.

    • donn mcmahon

      i hate to be the rain on the parade but the loss of the ambassador
      to libya is extremely serious. i would only question how much they (our well informed citizens)
      could have called it before it happened, could they have also clued the public about 9/11?? are they the same non-combat civilians who
      want a syrian incursion with the loss of american soldiers ??
      do they really think that video warfare is an honest portrayal of small (?) arms combat? do they courageously put the 69cent yellow sticker on their trunk lid (i support our troops). they should show their patriotism and bring a fruit basket to a vet. admin. hospital and drop it off (at a bedside) , you will only be asked for an i.d. at the can even get into i.c.u. but it is not like television.

    • dianne

      Sean I would have known you’re a democrat without you having stated it as you gave the typical democratic response to everything………….”blame someone else” !!!! Seriously, it makes me laugh how you democrats want to take credit for everything good, but when the people of the US dont agree it’s always Bush’s or somebody elses fault! Grow up. Take responsibility. Come up with a plan of your own (that works-that is!!). A good place to start would be impeaching the worst president of the US ever…good ‘ol Barry Obama and all his chicago crony schisters.

    • OneNemesis

      Yes, the sky is the same color in both our worlds, but maybe you should take off the rose colored glasses.

  • SS

    BA is still in the White House so get over it. paHAAAAA.

  • donn mcmahon

    the biggest problem with democrats and republicans is that they have essentially become non-americans. go ahead with your follow up, by as usual changing the subject, to all your narrow minded views. how about term limits across the board the one thing we do not need is “experienced” politicians.
    it will save a lot of trees when there is no re-election bid.
    bye bye ambition & greed hello patriotism.

  • Iris

    This interview was cut in half because Ricks spoke out against Fox news network. Period. Mr. Ricks was not rude in the least as Fox news reports. He merely gave his opinion which is allowed in our free country with freedom of speech. Fox News is censoring opinions as well as facts.

  • donn mcmahon

    did anybody take up their patriotic call and think about even a cheap fruit basket or some potted flowers for a veteran in a va hospital?
    consider this, the time it takes to bring it to that facility is less than the time that veteran took to get to his unit where he/she was injured. he/she may not be able to respond to your generosity but in your
    american patriotic heart, wouldn’t you believe you are a real american.