Fox Hires Scott Brown to Comment on Politics

    February 14, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Fox News this week announced that former U.S. Senator Scott Brown has been hired to provide political commentary across a variety of Fox News programs. He will appear on both daytime and primetime programming for the cable news network.

Brown is a former “half-term” U.S. Senator from Massachusetts who won a special election for the seat in 2010, after Senator Ted Kennedy died. Brown was defeated by now-Senator Elizabeth Warren in last year’s election after a relatively close and well-publicized campaign.

“I am looking forward to commenting on the issues of the day and challenging our elected officials to put our country’s needs first instead of their own partisan interests,” said Brown.

Brown made his debut on Fox News on Sean Hannity’s primetime show last night, February 13. In his appearance he explained his decision not to run in a special election to fill the Senate seat vacated by John Kerry, who became U.S. Secretary of State at the beginning of this month. Brown cited his many recent campaigns and the massive fundraising that would be needed for such a run as factors, but also called congress “dysfunctional and extremely partisan.”

  • http://2013Taxes.org Steve

    You can’t beat a true American Indian in an election in Massachusetts. Brown found that out, kind of. That reminds me, I have to register my 100% European kids as native Americans this week.

  • george

    ok, here is another guy to twist the short comings of congress into a confusing, beffudd.ed mess. ope he learns different words besides maybe, possibly , wannabe, and the phrase don’t let this confuse you.

  • Ron71

    Fox news is already so slanted that they cant tell the truth.They have their own agenda and bringing in this numb nuts is not going to make it any better!