Fox Cuts Ties To Dick Morris After Campaign Prediction

By: Amanda Crum - February 6, 2013

Fox has severed ties with pundit Dick Morris after an embarrassing admission regarding his predictions for the presidential election.

Of course, it’s being reported that the contract between Morris and Fox is expiring anyway, but it’s widely believed that Fox wanted to cut away from Morris after he sided with Mitt Romney in a “landslide” win for the presidency and then backtracked when his prediction didn’t pan out. He’s also been criticized for allegedly accepting paid advertisements on his website from candidates he endorsed.

“We’re going to win by a landslide. It will be the biggest surprise in recent American political history. It will rekindle a whole question as to why the media played this race as a nail-biter, where in fact I think that Romney is going to win by quite a bit. My own view is that Romney is going to carry 325 electoral votes,” he predicted. But when he came under fire for his remarks, he quickly took a different stance:

“I hope people aren’t mad at me about it … I spoke about what I believed and I think that there was a period of time when the Romney campaign was falling apart, people were not optimistic, nobody thought there was a chance of victory and I felt that it was my duty at that point to go out and say what I said. And at the time that I said it, I believe I was right,” he told Sean Hannity.

Morris hasn’t appeared on the network much since the election results came in, but he is scheduled to be a guest on “Piers Morgan Tonight” this evening.

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  • joan wheeler

    All those republican whores are dropping like flies. Good riddance!!!

    • Bill Fisher

      Notice how democrats always need to use foul language in their comment. It is also reflected in their illogical thinking.

    • Mike Arneson

      Dick Morris used to be…using your terms…a Democrat wh***. You can have him back.

      • Janet Johnson

        Morris was fired by Clinton, so we don’t want him back. In fact, I imagine that his being fired by Clinton is what got him hired at FauxNews. smile P.S. It feels sooooo good to not have to worry anymore about the far-right-wingers winning elections. Since their whacko “Tea Party” takeover, and their crazy talking, they probably won’t win again for years. Now, they are pretending that they’ve changed, as if the anyone is going to believe anything they say.

  • michael dochter

    Comments like yours are a reflection of the massive critical thinking drought that has spread across our land and while his views were not accurate he is entitled to them without incurring such mindless, condescending pettiness as this

  • Bill Fisher

    He made that prediction because he assumed the American people would make the logical decision. They didn’t

  • Bill Fisher

    He made that prediction becaused he assumed the American People would make the logical decision. They didn’t.

    • Yen

      So illogical as in good family values = wife and mistress…now how illogical is that! And I am democrat and I don’t to sink to the level or using profanity in my posts….you probably took 1 post and drew a conclusion…next time take a higher sampling to provide a conclusion.

  • Bill Fisher

    Notice how Democrats always have to us foul language in their responces. It is a reflection of their illogical thinking.

  • Daniel

    Bill. I made some corrections/edits to your comment. This is want I think you intended, right? You are not really a right wing loony, are you?

    He made that prediction because he assumed the American People would make the correct decision. They did.

  • Shay

    Dick Morris made a lot of money during the Obama Administration’s first term selling books about the demise of America and how we would become a socialist nation by 2012. Problem is FOX’s ratings have slumped terribly since the election and they need to cut ties with the radical right wingers like Palin and Morris… out Hannity, your next !

    • http://yahoo Lawrence

      Actually Fox News is still #1 in the ratings,way ahead of the others.Regardless of the election being over.

  • Janet Johnson

    The only reason he was even hired by FauxNews was to trash the Clintons; and, that certainly isn’t going to work nowadays. ha They are one of the best-loved couples in the World. Dick Morris has not done anything on his own since he was fired by President Clinton. I don’t even know how many books “someone has written for him to claim are his” just trashing the Clintons. And anyone, like him, is loved by FauxNews if they hate any Democrat. I would not be surprised if it is a requirement to be hired by FauxNews. smile

  • C J Wings

    Your comments are not about Dick Morris or Fox News and their loss….no, your comments will soon be about everyone’s losses. This administration follows a defined and confirmed socialist government policy and platform. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans believe this is the correct policy path and when the full impact of Obamacare on businesses and individuals, Higher Taxes, Government Intrusion, and Regulations have been rolled out by this man and his followers…I guess we will see who was right about the recent election.

    • American

      That type of fear and hate is the reason President Obama was re-elected…..most americans can see through the fear and hate the far right spews…and it is getting old.

    • Arlene Prince

      I think the most intelligent comments came from C.J. Wings.
      Read it carefully because he spells out exactly how Americans
      will feel the impact Obama plans for our government.

      He is right in saying that time will tell and we will see
      who was right about this election.

  • http://yahoo rochelle


  • Peter Saengswang

    I’m glad to know that Fox took the action. Hannity should be next to be considered if he still maintain his rhetoric toxic comments about President Obama and Democrats. It should be Faired and Balanced as Fox’s slogan. I quitted watching Hannity since tbe election was overed.

    • Deeray Garcia

      It’s a pity that people are so gullible, to believe anything that comes out of Obama. We won’t be fooled again

      • Scot


    • beverlyk

      Your atrocious spelling and typing only reflect that limited capacity of your knowledge. Ever hear of spell check?

    • http://none Judith

      You really think the so called media is fair and balanced? NBC CBS and all they rest are controlled, there is no reporters left in the media they only report what they are told to report.

  • Kenpo Master Herb Patus

    It will be 4 more yrs of the same & when this wacky Obama care program collapses under it’s own weight somehow,some way it’ll be George Bush’s fault.
    This country has not began to feel the repercussions of this last failed election.America will get what it has ask for.

  • john donelon

    This country needs the Fox network,otherwise we the people will not be told what is going in Washington by the left leaning media.

  • Steve

    I remember O’Reilly telling him after his prediction that if he was wrong then he was done as far as a poll commenter or pollster goes. Bill was right.

  • Mark

    Fox lied for days about the election predictions, it was a never ending parade of falsehoods. But so many kept lapping it up at the Fox trough. The Fox people knew, they were lying trying to create a false momentum. That is called propaganda, it is what they serve. Never forget……..

    • g smillie

      Absolutely correct ! Their strategy apparently was that Americans who were unsure of who to vote for would not want to have voted for the eventual “loser,” so they tried to spin the coming results as if Romney were sure to win, hoping by doing so that he might. Wrong. The American people are not as dumb as some apparently think they are.

      • http://none Judith

        I always liked him, he was to the point. I will still watch Fox news even if I don’t agree with all of it, for the most part they are right nothing like our media news (so called) they cover up issues, don’t tell it like it is, no matter what Dems do it’s ok, if Reps. do something they don’t agree with they rip it appart. I am not Dem. or Rep. vote for who I want to beleive and sometime wrong. I never voted for Obama, evertime he opens his mouth a lie comes floating out. He stated in his speaches before the first election ” America is the greatest country in the world but he is going to make changes” He sure did our National debts are the highest ever and he is trying to take away our civil rights. How do you who voted for him like his changes now? economy in the sink hole, no jobs for legal Americans or Legal immigrants, illegals getting benefits from those who paid the taxes and lost their jobs for the illegals and their families, food stamps, housing assistm, medical, public education and free college grants. He is doing exactly what he intended destroying our country.

        • jackie nelson

          Its funny how u say obama liess everyti me he opens his mouth, he’s the most honest and caring POTUS we’ve ever had, ask GOD to take the hatred outyour heart and instantly the blinderss will fall off YOUR EYES

          • jackie nelson

            People are always popping off about welfare and food stamps, when im grocery shopping i cmore WHITE people with food stamp cards than blacks, WHO N GODS NAME want to be on WELFARE AND FOOD STAMPS IF THEY DIDNT HAVE TO? its not like they give those people enough to do anything with but SURVIVE and not starve, ASK SROUND YOUR TRAILOR PARK!!

          • Yen

            You go Jackie, if they do the real math, they will see there is about a .3% difference in the amount of white people on welfare compared to blacks…sheesh…that is the only reason repubs/conservatives want to cut spending…or even pay taxes, its they think its people underserving or black people are on welfare…but they SHOULD check their trailor parks and see the REAL truth.

          • Gary

            That’s hilarious. Benghazi, Fast and Furious and the invoking of executive privilege to cover for Eric Holder, out of control debt and deficit spending and Obama saying we don’t have a spending problem. Just wait till Obamacare fully kicks in, there will be buyers remorse. Fox is #1 among cable news channels. MSNBC & CNN are both jokes who think any disagreement with Obama is racist. Neither of them can be taken seriously.

        • Yen

          Judith, you need to get a grip…”everything that Obama says is a lie” and how does that differ from Bush and the war in Iraq: first we were there for WMDs, then to educate the children of Iraq, then there was a third lie….and YOU didn’t call that a lie..then when his Dad told America, “read my lips, no more taxes” there seems to be a double standard from you repub loonies when it comes to lies..but how could I think anything differently, you believe in “good family values”…so that means having a loving wife AND a mistress!

  • Linda

    So, he was wrong. I am more concerned with the “great divide” I see happening our country. We’ve had our disagreements but now were are reduced to name calling and demonizing each other. I don’t care what party your a part of…you fall out of the boat, I’d pull you back in to safety. Hope you do the same for others…including guys like Dick Morris.

    • Cynthia

      Appreciate the voice of reason, Linda. There are many I don’t agree with (vehemently) but pigeonholing everyone by the “D” or “R” after their name and vicious namecalling will not solve the problems that both sides of our leadership have brought upon us.

  • Yvonne

    Let’s see – if a weatherman predicts tomorrow that the sun will shine and it rains, is that a lie? Or should he be fired. The Dems were certainly predicting they would win all contested states. Was that propaganda?

    • tony

      he wasn’t just wrong he knew they were in trouble and tried to rally the proups – how can they expect if they have such a biased group of people that they would know the truth by asking people. People with political goals don’t tell the truth

  • Fair@balanced

    I’m glad to know that Fox took the action. O’reily(oh really!!!!) should be next to be considered if he still maintain his rhetoric toxic comments about President Obama and Democrats. It should be Faired and Balanced as Fox’s slogan.Hannity to neither has the best interest of America in their intention. Division and Chaos are their watchwords.

  • tony

    He assumed that because everybody around him thought the same thing then what they think must be true. But he and they weren’t correct just like Bush was wrong to kill so many of our troops in a useless war. I had to trust Bush that he knew what we were doing he screwed up and didn’t pay the price of responsibility we even rewarded him for his failure – no wonder the politicians think we can be fooled. Fox thinks just becuase they kept saying Obama would lose, that he would lose but teh US electorate are wiser. If we had cut spending like the Republicans suggested we would be back in a recession by now (just like the UK. I agree we need to curtail spending in the long term but I would have even suggested more tax cuts and more spending in the short term with more on the tax cuts to stimualte private enterprise. Cutting government people twho administer the rules doesn’t help if you still have the rules. Get rid of the rules they deal with and then you don’t need them. As for the military we need to focus everything on Iran and N. Korea and don’t need anything in the South America and EU or Afganistan

  • Regulatorguy

    It was Dick Morris that stated on “The O’Reilly Factor” Mitt Romney would not be the Republican nominee. This guy was a Dummycrat Hack that duped the Dummys and now FOX. Case closed.

  • Dave / New Mexico

    I was once a FOX watcher, but I grew weary of Hannity’s crap and O’Really’s pompous rantings so I stopped watching after the election.

    FOX is losing ground with their core base of viewers and I think Roger sees it.

    I can’t believe FOX renewed with Rove. What a joke.

    By the way, I’m a lifetime conservative.

  • rob8034

    I try to watch Fox and CNN about equally. But it has become so obvious that Fox just does not report the news, it creates the news it wants to broadcast.
    Why is that? Iv’e also noticed that it’s programming is almost entirely domestic political and social coverage with a huge right spin.
    What about the rest of the world? At least CNN gives you global coverage.