Four Olympians Lose Medals Over Steroid Use

    December 5, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today announced that four athletes who competed in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens will be stripped of their medals after analysis of stored urine samples revealed “adverse analytical findings.”

Yuriy Bilonog, Svetlana Krivelyova, Ivan Tsikhan, and Iryna Yatchenko have all been ordered to return their medals and diplomas to the IOC “as soon as possible.” Bilonog, the Ukrainian who won the gold medal in men’s shot put, and Krivelyova, the Russian who won the bronze medal in women’s shot put, both tested positive for oxandrolone metabolite. Tsikhan, who won the silver medal in men’s hammer throw, and Yatchenko, who won the bronze medal in women’s discus throw, are both from Belarus and tested positive for methandienone metabolite. Both oxandrlone and methandienone are anabolic androgenic steroids.

In addition to these four athletes, the IOC stated that it has one case still pending.

The IOC and the World Anti-Doping Agency decided to re-test “a number” of samples from the 2004 Games after targeted testing based on intelligence and new methods of detection. The committee keeps urine samples for eight years after each Olympic Games so they can be re-tested when new detection methods are discovered or when new substances are added to the list of banned substances.

  • http://webpronews.com Mr Bob

    That is stupid to re-test old urine samples for newly banned substances. The drugs where probably legal the year they competed but have changed now… That’s like trying someone in court for murder and they get off and you come back eight years later and arrest them for J-walking leaving the courtroom that day but you just review the security tapes…

    • !You

      Were the chemicals “newly banned”? Where did you get this information?

      Were the samples re-tested because the agency discovered new testing methods?

  • Jenn

    I agree with Mr.Bob retesting sample after eight years for substances that were not even on the list as illegal is ridiculous. They deserve the medals back. Wrong or not if they got by for 8 years then you correct the mistakes made while testing and implement them from that point on. They should be allowed to keep the metals they were awarded.

  • Melissa Foster

    Cheating is cheating. If the nature/affects of drugs caust them to be banned substances, then any variation of the drug should have been avoided. The athletes knew they were taking something, and they knew they were risking some day getting caught. I dont’ feel sorry for them.

  • http://yahoo MR 007

    MR Bob you are so right. I think who ever is testing all this samples have run out of work to do. what is next urine sample on animals .who got my puddle pregnant ? So stupid

  • http://yahoo MR 007

    MR Bob u so Right what they ran out of work. so they going back years to test. stupid what is next animals ? what dog got my puddle pregnant ? Bad dog put him down

  • TW

    Mr. Bob is correct. Athletes should not lose medals over substances that are later added to the list of banned substances. Just because rules are changed, it does not mean that they should be retroactive. It not fair or just.

  • Martha Whitaker

    Nobody likes the doping but going back 8 years is ridiculous. Why can’t anybody leave people alone anymore? Why is this so necessary? It’s nothing new! Let people with the best dope win and the rest of them can get on with their lives – that’s what happens in the real world anyway.

    • Mehul

      Its not four Olympian loose medals. Its four Olympian got medal wha t they deserved.

    • trey bonin

      i can’t believe you just made that comment@Martha; it is completely necessary to do tests such as this, you want the person who rightfully won to be recognized; i have no compassion whatsoever for people who dope or use illegal drugs to win

  • Ms. Lopez

    The Olympics is a place that true athletes come together to test in a game environment that is fair and square. The spend years preparing for this, coming from any country and taking an added substance to give yourself a bump is not fair to those who did not take anything. Come on folks, this is the Olympics here. I caught a glimps of four Olympians gymnists show jealousy over another Olympian in their group because she won two gold medals. It suprised me that they were not happy for their team member. This is a place to perform the best at a event that you have mentally prepared yourself for years to achieve. Drugs, knock those who get caught out of the game, no matter when it is found that they took drugs in any Olympic event.