Food Stamps Glitch Not Caused by Shutdown

    October 12, 2013
    Erika Watts
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People who receive food stamps were in for a shock today when they tried to pay for their groceries. A glitch in the national EBT system halted payments on Saturday, which meant people across 17 states had no money to pay for groceries.

The error scared many people, as they thought this was the end of their food stamp benefits until the government shutdown is over.

“When we went to go use them today after 12 o’clock–no food stamps,” said Lakendra Washington, a Maryland resident. Washington said her sister called to let her know about the issue after having to leave her groceries at the checkout counter. “She was like, ‘I went to CVS and the machines were down there, went to 7-11 and machines were down there.’”

“So we decided to call the card, and it says that you can’t get your balance,” Washington said. “You can’t do anything until further notice. We have four children that live in our home. It’s us two adults and there’s only one income right now, and food is expensive.”

Have you or anyone you know experienced issues because of the food stamp glitch? Share your experience below.

Washington and her sister were just two of many customers who had to leave their groceries at the register today. Corner Grocery cashier Eliza Shook described the situation as being “terrible.” Shook said that dozens of people had to put back their groceries. “It’s just been some angry folks. That’s what a lot of folks depend on,” Shook said.

Despite initial assumptions that food stamp benefits had been cut off because of the government shutdown, the USDA says this isn’t the case.

“EBT cards in a number of states have temporarily stopped working today due to a technical issue that the vendor that serves these states is experiencing,” a USDA spokesperson said. “The vendor is working to fix this issue and EBT cards will work again once it is resolved. This issue is not related to the government shutdown.” Funding for food stamps should be available for at least a year, if the shutdown lasts that long.

While this doesn’t immediately help the families who didn’t have the means to pay for their groceries today, their benefits should be restored soon. A timeframe hasn’t been given for when EBT users can expect for their funds to be available on their cards, but the computer glitch has been corrected.

“We realize that access to these benefits is important to families in the states we serve,” said the spokesperson for Xerox, the company responsible for maintaining the system that experienced the glitch. “We continue to investigate the cause of the issue so we can take steps to ensure a similar interruption does not re-occur,” Jennifer Wasmer said.

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  • LuAnn Valentine

    Which is cheaper, locking people up in jail then having to feed them, pay for their health care, education, and other basic necessities of life or funding food stamps?

    • Jase


      • Pam

        believe or not jail is not cheaper in the long run.

        • Ellen D

          I saw something on the news a while back … jail is more expensive to take care of 1 person, vs. a family of four getting ANY benefits…

    • Pickles

      Poverty is NOT criminality!!! Creating worldwide economic crisis now that is jailworthy!

      Which would cost more paying Congress to sit on their thumbs or jailing Congress to meet the bums they created?…hmmm

  • Jimmy Lee

    Option 3. Let em work or starve!

    If’n tey got the internets they ought to buy they own grocries.

    • Peaches

      Jimmy lee u need to stfu…. most people that get food stamps do work… there are seniors, disable people and children who are on this program also… my nephew has a double master’s and haven’t been able to find a job yet, and he went and applied so at least he can eat to have enough strength to live and continue his job search…u and a lot of dumb as air heads needs to get that sterotype shyt out of your head with your shallow brain thinkin that people that get help sometimes are lazy u bytch…

      • jeannie

        I agree peaches he probably don’t work himself cause the way he spells he didn’t go to school ,most likely sells drugs for his money…. just sayin

      • Pam


    • pp

      shut up stupid

    • Renee

      Pure ignorance! Narrow minded, judgmental people, such as yourself, should not have a right to make public responses!

    • marla jade


    • Pam

      you know what? i am on food stamps and i cant get any work. i am looking every day and i have to sell my ass to pay my bills and i barely make 600 a month to pay them so why dont you just keep your opinions to yourself asshole.

    • diane

      Yes, I have internet. Yes, I am disabled, as is my stepson, from birth, and yes we get government help. Before that, I WORKED two full time jobs, paid for my step son to be on my health insurance rather than use his medical assistance. and Yes, I do have internet. My step son’s father pays for it for me,I kept my step son after our divorce to raise. Since I became disabled, and with A 32 yr old disabled son, it is hard for me to get out, so he pays for it, so I CAN do a lot of shopping online, read the news, etc.
      And he pays my car repairs, I drive a 25 yr old car, because I CANNOT afford the “welfare” caddy./

    • Melanie Gill

      I disagree. A lot of people on food stamps are children, the disabled, and the elderly.

    • jas

      everyone do not have access to a computer. some people dont know how to use them. but they do know when the children are hungry and seniors. the cheap price to have internet has nothing to do with putting food on the table for a family of six.

    • sandra


  • marla jade

    glitch? Are you kidding me? 800,000.00 workers were let go. And they did what? Why were they even there? Now there is a glitch? Our Government SHUT DOWN. WHY? And now children will go hungry, and it’s a GLITCH! Well, I know the rest of the Government will eat tonight. Here’s your glitch. A president trying to force a nation to accept what we don’t want. Let’s see…THEY WORK FOR US. WHEN DID THAT STOP AND OUR CHIDREN WENT HUNGRY!

    • Ted kunkel

      Its setting the stage for new world order, soon we will be using euros and american money will be gone, obama thinks he owns america, he needs to impeached, he has ruined america more then it ever has, he claims america is better now then in 2008 he needs to wake up cause hes one big joke. Life in america is over as we know it and one of the signs of the end is the collaspe of the gov, it is now in motion.

      • Pam

        right on, at least now someone agrees with what i have been saying all along and getting rid of the food stamp program is going to be their first step in population control in the new world order. assholes. i hate this world and i cant wait till god comes back. people are too mean and selfish.

      • jas

        u r a joke. it is people like u that is causing this stupid mentality.

        • msbets


      • politacaltalkback

        Foolish individuals like you help to aggravate this country and this equally as foolish “tea party.” Obama does not run this country solo. Last I checked this country was formed under the standards of a democracy. By the people for the people. You dont get it??? We the people are supporters of our President. You all are just mad because of the name OBAMA; and equally as disgruntled at the thought of the United States healthcare known in history forever, will forever bare the name”OBAMA-CARE.” Health care has been reformed. Jobs will be put back into the economy, because people will be needed to process the new system claims you dummy!!!!Get a clue. If you are employed why not have affordable health care so you can live gainfully “that is be able to stay employed” because if you get sick have no fear you can go to a doctor and get the medicine and care needed to get you back on track to life. If the issue is nutritional Food is whats needed hence the federal food stamp program. Message to Congress and supporters, Recess is Over get to work write the budget and get it passed and move on because that is the bigger picture. Quit Stop playing games with the House majority leaders and then the President, Obama has said what is going to take place and what is necessary for the American people. If we dont take advantage of this enactment it would only be to the detriment of our future in economy, healthcare, business,nutrition,education math and science,did I mention jobs that will stablize the economy. Companies can open up again and this time we hope not on the same selfish plateau that has brought us to knees since “1993” Oh but you forgot when large companies began to leave the states due to high taxes brought on by the same banker cronies and their senate supporters who also supported the Bush administration who supported the Banks and Insurance Comp with bonuses. Meanwhile the American people were all ready without jobs stemming from the trickle effect of “Reagan-Bush Era of Republican Regime that has led to this nations catastrophic events. I would urge you to question the integrity of a nation run by an formed under a rule of Autocracy,or a Despot, Obama is neither, In America it can not be. We are a democracy “BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE.”Get some historical knowledge, Thank God our president stayed in school and studied his history books.

        • Sue

          You are the joke. This country is being taken over. This is no longer a country “by the people for the people.” Have you actually seen his birth certificate? He doesn’t know how to run this country. Has he actually held a real job? Did you know he has used his veto power more than any other president? The only people he has standing by him are the ones that are too scared to say no and the ones that will vote Democrat regardless of the type of president. We need to go back to requiring presidents to have served in the military before they can become presidents.

          • Ashley

            With respect, we’ve never had a law that required a president to have served in the military. Many of them have, but several have not, it was never a requirement.

        • jackofalltrades

          Very well stated politacaltalkback we have some very ignorant people that feel they are well educated and are politically correct when they don’t know anything about the history of our government or they just want to ignore some of the relevant facts.

      • http://WebProNews Lori

        Ted,you hit the nail right on the head. We have been in the “end stage” for a few years now. Obama portrays to a T the person who will be the downfall of this country. I have no clue how/who reelected him. Totally agree with your comment.

    • Pam

      yeah they dont give a shit like i said selfish self centered ASSHOLES

  • Jeannette Cumberbatch

    Yes I had this experience this morning at ALDI. I am on SSDI and I do need the help. Me myself will keep a positive attitude about the entire situation. I do know that the lord will provide. My first thought was the Government Shut Down glad to know this time it was not the case yet. I suggest everybody keep the faith.

  • nancy

    unemployment benefits have not been made for many in California in over 6 weeks with no explanation other than they are switching 9ut computers…….. what about rent or bills or food.. calls go unanswered and trips to the EDD office do not get any answers.

  • Ted kunkel

    Mine wasnt workin either here in michigan, in my opinion, this whole thing is setting the stage for new world order,, we will be slaves to the gov, no president in history has ever said my america, my health care who the heck does obama think he is GOD?

  • Dave Booshty

    Its as like losing proverbial “air” to breath.

  • Pam

    They dont care if anyone starves as long as they get their goddamn paycheck. selfish self centered assholes. we can t get a job so you might as well starve all of us.

    • msbets


      • Writer

        Thank you for identifying yourself as a jerk. Great use of the language.

  • emd

    People are to dependant on gvt and food any way. in a healthy state i had to go 14 days with no food . that was after i had to cure myself of medical condtions when drs refused to treat me and made me suffer 15 years . then when i began to get well they refused to comply with what was going on . I got off food stamps, after i got treated for my condtions and alone. i was also moving rapidly off ssi until persons were put in my life to see that i did not. not one dr or other stopped them. im now dependant on govt for not having medical care again. not that i di not have the coverage it was the Doctor who was like the Drs in Rose marys baby and just sat there. for same reason. so if one day goes by they wont starve. but if one second goes by and u dont get medical care u an die..

  • Pat

    I do not believe the REPUBLICANS had nothing to do with people not being able to use their food stamps cards today. The POTUS is not at fault. It is the REPUBLICANS that do not care if children, disabled, etc. are feed or not. If the REPUBLICANS had a dot of humanity why didn’t the furlough include them in the government shutdown that they are responsible for enacting. Isn’t the GOP federal? They definitely protected their paychecks. Again I say God sits high, but looks low. Watch out prejudiced Republicans. Your day will come sooner than you expect.

    • Sue

      Pat, you must be a Democrat. You are falling right in with what they want people to believe. Thiss is not about Republicans or Democrats. We have a President that does not know how to lead this country. I am neither party but I see the writing on the wall. I am hearing reasons why the Republicans are doing what they are doing. Did you know the president was trying to get the congress exempt from obamacare? I bet if the Congress didn’t get paid during a shutdown this wouldn’t be happening. I am sick and tired of everyone blaming everyone. Why don’t we get a different president then maybe everyone would be willing to work together. We don’t really know what is happening for sure since most of the news media is clearly Democrats. Several years ago I was listening to Rush Limbaugh and he said if Obama was elected, he would destroy this country. Thanks for letting me say my piece.

      • jackofalltrades

        Sue you are saying let’s stop the blame game Oh well, you are blaming President Obama for everything so why can’t others be blamed. This country was a MESS when the President came into office but noone seems to remember the mess that Bush left so all blame for is on the President. You all need to get over having a “Black” President this is what it is all about let’s all be real and say what it really is. This is why the country is going to HELL because it is still so so racist after all these years. The President is not in control “GOD” is in control and he do not like what he see so he is trying to put Americans all together by letting all these different things happen but we will not take a closer look and realize the truth,

      • Writer

        We had a different president. He lied us into a war that killed over 4,000 of our young people, tore the nation apart, squandered the treasury, and made us more enemies than we can ever hope to deal with. Try a different approach. This one makes you look just plain stupid.

  • diane

    In 30 years the ebt cards have never had a problem, now with the government shutdown, suddenly, nationwide the EBT cards stopped working. NOT OBAMA’S HANDS ALL OVER THIS, THINK Again. He got pushed back over veterans not being able to visit the memorial parks, he got pushed back over threatening seniors and the disabled to not pay their checks, now the food stamp program is having problems. It does not take an idiot to see the handwriting on the wall.

    • politacaltalkback

      How ironic that all of a sudden the food stamp program would suddenly experience technical difficulty at this time. Never was a problem before. Now these irresponsible congressional officials, due to their non com-pliancy with our president, they would rather suffer the backs of the less fortunate. Little do they realize, they are also “cutting of their own noses to spite their faces” How could they be so blind to the larger scope of affairs? How dare they seek to sabotage the citizens of these United States.

    • Terry Bay

      You are wrong about 30 years of the EBT card. The EBT card was introduced a just a few years ago. Before that, one used paper food stamps. You need to check your sources.

      • msbets


  • amiee

    Okay do not like this “new” set up. Anyhow Pam is RIGHT Jase is not. That aside the HUGE PROBLEM PEOPLE is the LACK of JOBS-and not just MCD jobs REAL JOBS. The other day I go9t into this huge argument with ECO people. Not because I don’t believe in the environment-I do! My issue was they were pushing wind turbine usage-but not for individual use,but for comed. Which for people unaware is A HUGE ELECTRIC supply business. My point to this YOUNG NEW to the save the planet people is BIG BUSINESS wants to change consumers FOR AIR! OUR WIND! Then THIS CHILD THINKS HE”S GOING TO TELL ME ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT and BUSINESS! Listen my child YOU have not done your homework AT ALL! I know all about alternative sources of energy. Am VERY aware for over four decades-they called us kooks is the 70’s. ComED said nuclear power plants were the way to go! They charged Illinois residents to build them saying within decades our electrical bills would decline. Guess where that went? However ComED has managed to decrease jobs. Their share holders the big business people are thrilled of course-less jobs more dividends for them. Less jobs equal more poverty and more poverty equals the need for government hand outs. Not to mention people who have been raised in a declining economy are less motivated ,because for them everyday life like having food is a struggle. We went from a nation that worked to a so called service nation that can’t get enough hours to support a family unless you take out 50k to100k in student loans that take decades to repay. Food stamps are the least of our problems and as a nation I feel it’s something our leaders should work on as a whole rather than a division. Our leaders are FAILING US. Neither ideology from either side of the aisle has been working and they need to STOP worrying about THEMSELVES and worry about the people who are fed up with their inability to have fresh reasonable solutions to this nations problems!

  • http://jaysmom1361@yahoo.com Ellen

    The family of heifers in the video didn’t suggest hunger, but rather poor portion control. For heaven’s sake people, stop going to CVS and convenience stores, and learn how to cook and make do. Crock pots, bags of apples and oranges—you know the drill. Step up to the plate and get a part time job even if you are washing dishes or deep frying at a quick food place. Learn to buy dry goods like bisquick, sugar, cinnamon, and pasta for days when you can’t get out. Stamps are not a life style, they are a bit of good luck. Don’t depend on others to feed your family, depend on your own initiative.

    • vicki barclay

      OMG! Has “Ellen” ever had an incident happen to her that she had no control over, and have it leave her unable to earn? Doesn’t sound like she’s had many “life experiences”, period. First, referring to a family as “heifers”, and saying that the reason they need help is because someone won’t “wash dishes”, is a statement for which Ellen needs a reality check. I believe in “you reap what you sew”, and Ellen probably won’t realize that when the shit hits the fan in her life that she’s “reaping”! Good luck, Ellen, ’cause you will be hungry one day.lll

      • Ellen D

        I just added the D to my name here, because I do not want to be confused with this womans thinking…obviously, there are 2 ellens commenting right now and I am on your side.

      • Pamela

        I couldn’t agree more with Beth (sorry for your disability) or Vicki. I too am on Social Security & SSI at 47 NOT BBECAUSE I WANT TOO BE BUT, BECAUSE I got hurt very badly walking into work & other illness too. I worked as did Beth from time II was 15 & then 2 jobs at a time when I divorced my loser husband to take care of my son. I even back ten would go hungry so he could eat! I would give my right arm to have my health back, and I would once again work my Ass off. I am more worried now since my food-stamps were lowered because I literally starve half the month as it is. And my doctors want me to eat 5-6 small meals a day because of my health. I am not a heffer(sp?) as one stated in fact I am a small size 3. I agree that there are people who abuse the system but, some of s truly need it, as it is ALL we have.
        I hope none of the people who seem to think we are looking for as and out EVER HAS to go through what I do on a daily basis.
        Our government IS Screwed up & getting worse, and has been messed up for a long time.

        • Pamela

          Sorry for type errors previously, RA acting up today.

    • Beth Emigh

      Ellen I have worked since I was 15 yrs. old. I was the single parent of 2 children most of their lives. I worked 10-16 hr days at times. I had a great job and was very productive, then at age 48 around Halloween I thought I was coming down with the flu, couldn’t hardly get out of bed, weak sick. Jan. 16th I was told I had a chronic illness and would never be able to work again. I am now 56 in a hospital bed 80% of the time and on SSI disability, a fraction of my earnings. My credit went for great to now I am 2 months behind on my mortage and stuggle every day to keep the power, etc. on. I would not wish this on anyone and NEVER expected to be in this position. There is no cure for my illness all I can do is take 18 meds. a day to treat the symptoms, extream fatigue, breath taking pain, memory loss, depression & on & on. Sit and judge if you want, one day you will be judged by a higher power. Yes there are those who abuse & I resent them just like you do! But there are also many many more who are just trying to survive until our illness takes us. Not everyone fits into your tidy little box!!!

      • elaine

        Beth, I like you worked all my life,( since 14 years), I suspect I have the same condition as you. not in hospital bed or wheel chair.(yet), but would not wish this for anyone. I am frugal and use my resources the best I can. Just wish the government would, (had) done the same. Those here who are self serving and judgmental can not know until they are in a position, ie, no job, disabled, etc. Then they will sing a different tune. I was brought up to stand on my own, never with my hand out. BUT I worked hard for 40 plus years, pay taxes and my dues to society. Now I am un-able. I do not get disability or SSI. I am so thankful for the assistance of food stamps each month. I am frugal, and this allows me to eat a healthy diet, use what funds I have for medical, there for being less a burden on society thru the medical/health care system. I believe that eventually we should have a health care system that at least allows for major medical for all. Here in the US the fight against is the medical and pharmacy. They will have to reduce their charges for their services, there for these rich and powerful will lose on their bottom line. In counties with national health care they can not charge $400.00 for some things that should be $20.00. (THEY WOULD STILL MAKE TREMENDOUS PROFIT AT $20.00) ( this is an example). They are the ones speaking the propaganda against ‘affordable health care’. They know it is a step toward National Health care, which will make them and their share holders ‘less’ rich! I am not saying that the applications and the way of the ‘Affordable Health Care’ is a perfect, great, or best policy. It could be a step in a direction for the poor who can’t pay, (use the ER for non-medical emergency because they have no money for a routine or regular Doctor visit), there for costing billions in un-paid medical. These billions can be used to fund Affordable Health Care. A re-structuring of how much the medical and pharmacy can charge will benefit all. Of course they are fighting because they will be ‘less’ rich. That is what this shut down and fight is about. Big bucks, Big business, and the haves wanting to continue to line their pockets. Yes they deserve to make profits, but billions and billions. I think that they can afford to take some less and still take care of their bottom line, and share holders can all still make a big profit. So where does all this leave us?? We will have to continue to try to determine who is acting on behalf of ‘WE THE PEOPLE’. To find a balance for our freedom of ‘free interprise’, of living in a country that was?? called the Land of Free, and the ‘Big Business’ interest that controls and defeats the common men, women, and children.

  • http://yahoo geners

    food stamps for those that really need it And I see more and more people on that which they do not need.

    • johnj

      there are a lot of people that abuse the system , cheat and lie. to get food stamps that could work but would rather free load. do not get me wrong some can’t work but some can but refuse to even try I have 1 question for some one to answer why are illegals getting food stamps

      • Ellen D


        Yes, it irks me when I call to see what I have available of my 18.00 worth of food stamps and the first thing I hear is “for English, press 1″…hmmmmm?

      • jackofalltrades

        johnj now let’s talk about the illegals getting foodstamps for a minute when you go in the grocery store they have three to four buggies of food when “Americans” that have been here all of their lives has to scrape for food (some of them) so why are we so down on the Americans that get foodstamps. The illegals (as we are calling them) the ones I see in the grocery stores are all abled bodied men and women that are probably cheating the government. Why do they come over here and get all kinds of “good” benefits when disabled and elderly Americans get the “bottom” of the barrel and these are people that have worked and made this country what it is today not the illegals.

  • http://yahoo geners

    food stamps for those that really need it And I see more and more people on that which they do not need.

  • Sarah Ann

    I am 78 years old and worked from the time I was 15. I even worked part-time after 65 until I became too disabled to work. I get $16 per month in Food Stamps, up from the $10 I got for over ten years. I have more health problems than there is space to list and will gladly give my $16 so a child will not go hungry. My medical expenses are increasing just like every thing else, food, utilities, rent, etc. My only income is Social Security so the $16 I get each month is a help. I have been voting since I was 21 and plan to make some changes in who I vote for next time.

    • politacaltalkback

      Current situation suggests its not who you vote for next time; pay attention to those seated in the house of congress. These are the irresponsible individuals that are holding the U.S. hostage due to self interest and ideologies that are politically infused. Most of theses senators unless they step down hold a lifetime position senate seat.

      • johnj

        believe it or not term limits should be put back seats in congress were never meant to be a career position. after these folk are in for their 3rd or 4th term they get what I call the prince and princess complex they do not care about their oath of office nor the people who put them there. they just spend and run amok no cares no responsibilities instead of worrying about which party to vote for start pressuring your state gov. to re-instate term limits

      • jackofalltrades

        You are so correct politacaltalkback people are so ready to put everything and anything on President Obama he can not make all the choices alone this is a part of the congress mess those of you who do not know politics correctly don’t down the President because he is not the only voice in Washington if he was the government would not be SHUTDOWN today. Learn your political ladder and what it means.

    • josh

      you cant collect SSDI and Foodstamps together

      • Jennifer

        Yes, you can get SSDI and food stamps, and as the elderly woman stated, she gets pennies compared to the hundreds that are rec’d by those more healthy!! My sister gets $23 a month, and she’s an amputee!! The rehab center she stays at gets all but $35 of her SSDI check! So how does one pay their bills?

      • Ellen

        yes you can if your income is low enough…most people on SSDI barely make what someone on minimum wage makes for a year (some even less if they didn’t work much) AND have to pay for medicare premiums too out of that…approx 150.00 a month from 1100…this also leaves no money left for the co-pays to see the doctor, or extra money for food or gas.

      • sandra


    • Writer

      Doesnt matter who you work for. They are the same cold hearted, self serving, money grubbing, sons of dogs.

  • http://YAHOO jOYCE KEYES


  • natalie

    why don’t this government get together and open the gov.instead of acting like little kids and putting the welfare of the people they are suppose to look after and take care of as the saying goes… what
    goes around comes around////

    • cg

      The govt. is NOT “supposed to look after and take care” of anyone!
      This is just a taste of how Obamacare will work when we arrive at the ER !!!

      • http://AT&tyahoo martyable

        How long have you been receiving food stamps? I don’t mind helping out someone who is down for a while.

    • felica

      that the problem, you are DEPENDING on the Gov’t to TAKE CARE of You or LOOK after you. That’s NOT the gov’t responsibity to take care of you. Getting welfare is NOT a lifestyle; but is temporary until you go back to WORK to take CARE OF YOURSELF! That’s why a lot of people are in the trap that they’re in because they DEPEND on the GOV’T. What is wrong with you WORKING and looking after yourself! If you are young, strong, abled-bodied, and healthy, you should NOT be sitting at home looking for a handout from the gov’t. The only groups of people that I feel for durng this time of hardship is the elderly, the disabled and the poor children. Because these groups are affected more than anybody.

      • Denise G

        Au contraire. The reason for the existence of a civil society is to care for all of its members. In particular, for its weakest, most vulnerable, least able ones. It is especially the role of government to do this, as opposed to taking socialist care of its most able and wealthy citizens, as we do now. Oh no wait, I know… just do away with all of that, Doctors will volunteer to care for the sick and youwill all go across the street to your poor neighbors house to feed them and help them. Riiiiigggghhht.

        Of course one should work for their food, if that is possible. Guess what, it is not always possible, nor is it always a case of “for a few months” Look at those posting right here, and see those who have become disabled after a lifetime of working hard, with nothing to show for it. So since they can’t work they should not eat? Gee, maybe we should “euthanize” them???

        Seriously, lets put our little compassion caps on, shall we?

      • lisa

        Many people work and just don’t make enough. It’s no ones fault they are on food stamps. Hello they pay taxes just like everyone else. Sick people judge everyone has the right to eat.

    • msbets

      why don’t you call ovomit and ask it????

    • Writer

      No! The saying is — every thing that goes up must come down, except for paper, because that is stationary.

  • vicki barclay

    I live in Chicago and was affected with the “glitch” yesterday when trying to buy groceries. Many of my friends started hearing that it was a problem due to the government shutdown. However, Illinois has cut so many benefits for people in need, and Illinois being financially bankrupt, I believed it was an “Illinois” problem. I am 66 years old and need help due to an accident that ended my career 7 years ago. Does the government at any level really realize what this is doing to us “seniors” and poor people? Regardless of the reason for the “glitch”, it absolutely terrifies me to think I might be without food or even more services than I am already without!!! Please Illinois and PLEASE Federal government (especially Republicans), please get off your “ego horse” and fix this, PLEASE!!

    • Ellen

      Vicki…same thoughts crossed my mind here in Michigan…usually, we are getting higher taxes or benefit cuts…I receive 21.00… they lowered my benefits to 18.00 per month… wow I guess I don’t deserve that extra gallon of milk, even though I am disabled.

  • barbiedoll

    I work at a grocery store and the only people buying steak are paying with foodstamps I’m not against a little help when needed but these are young able bodied folks….just sayin…

    • msbets

      You are absolutely, spot on most of these blood suckers, are scamming the system and work hard at it, if they would put that much thought into working instead of stealing they would be better off………AND JUST WHO DO YOU THINK CREATED THE FRIGGIN MESS, yes,the ill tempered, narcissistic, tyrant that like a cancer in our oval office

      • http://yahoo wanda

        excuse me but when I would buy foods on stamps yes I bought roasts and steak and chicken but when I got home divided a roast into 15=20 meals for 6 people. I only shopped once a month but bought healthy foods to stretch 30-31 days

        • http://AT&tyahoo martyable

          I shop twice a month. I work. I cannot afford a roast or steaks. There are 2 adults in my household. Why are there 6 people in yours?


            That is such an ignorant question. You cannot be serious. “Why are there 6 people in yours?” WTH are you asking? o_O Try this ans see if it works… keep your stupid questions to yourself and you will more than likely not risk the fact of advertising how dumb you really are. Damn idiot!! You shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

      • John

        Have a work place accident become disabled and then tell me your story when your refused food.

      • Stupidity Runs Rampant Amongst You

        Soooooooo you’re saying Obama created the food stamp program??

    • Writer

      “Just saying” what? That you can look at people and know their circumstances. That what youre saying? Wow!

    • Bernice Vankeirsbilck

      I also work at a grocery store where 60% of our business is people on food stamps and a lg majority of these people have tattoos all over there bodies which are expensive buy beer and cigarettes and that is what makes me angry. I do agree we need to help the needy but a lot of people are abusing the system.

      • http://yahoo rhettlipscomb

        Most of those people fell on hard times not because they ask for it, its called life. They had a life(style of living) before food stamps and they will have a life after food stamps. Judge not others for you will be judged by GOD!!! You must be a very boring person. Sad…..

  • http://WebProNews star

    I did not know about glitch when I got to store so when I went to checkout is when I found out I think the stores should have had signs before you shopped or the state should not soldly depend on computers to supply food stamps or any other resources people do depend on state benefits for everything these days!

    • grissom247

      I work at a grocery store and we had signs posted at the front entrance and someone making announcments and people still did not know it was down because they do no pay attention

  • Terry

    Cut from the poorest. That’s the American way. But please assure me that Michelle Bachmann and other “farmers” still get their farm subsidies. Please don’t cut farm subsidies for the wealthy!

  • http://yahoo.com Sunny


    • Writer

      It’s easy to lump millions of people in one category. Those on welfare are all lazy cheaters and their main goal in life is to take from you the money that you worked hard for all your life. Just what the hell is wrong with you? Why did you develop your “Ive got mine — and screw you” attitude? One of the basic pillars of civilization is the “haves” assisting the “have nots”. Grow up – wake up.

    • dakotarose

      I wish you’d call me a “loser” to my face. Boy, have you got some hard times coming! Here’s my “loser” story so everyone can see what a “loser” I am:
      I moved to Il. with my family at the age of 14. I got my first job at 13 in South Dakota, then I got a job at 15 after school in Il. I worked and paid into my social security my whole life. At the age of 59, while at work (where I had worked for 3 years), I fell and sustained a calcaneus fracture; in other words, crushed my heel! I had major surgery, was hospitalized for 2 weeks, didn’t walk for 2 years, and had no income as the employer did not have insurance as required by law. He’s rich and has never been held responsible for breaking that law. I have lost everything I had; my apartment, my car, and had to sell my belongings. This ruined my life and now at the age of 66 I have to get food stamps. I am so very grateful for the food on my table, even though I had to have it given to me. I worked in Illinois for 45 years and just because I have to have help now you have the nerve to call me a “loser”? You’re the loser; you don’t know what can happen to your life in the blink of an eye, and it will happen to you; that’s how it works. I hope you remember what I had to say about you when it happens to you or someone you care about. You have a load of bad luck coming to you!!

      • Helen

        Amen, some real people out here. You are absolutely right, we never know what cards we will be dealt in life. All of it is a learning lesson for our good, even those ignorant self righteous ones who prejudge. One day they will eat their own words.

      • maxxt

        I agree, dak!! It can happen to anyone at any time……

    • anonymous

      i agreeeeeeeeeee,there not entitled to it

      • anonymous

        they need to get a jobbbbbbbbb,everybody needs to work.like god ” who doesnt work shall not eat”

        • Carol

          Disabled people and children can not work. Please educate yourself, you conduct yourself like a 3rd grader.

        • billy

          NOT every state or city has available JOBS…especially across the border of mesico. THE beaners are loading up and crossing over with their “roach breeding women” because the employers and businesses pay them way less wages., which leave the USA born citizens with less or nothing. The wetbacks crawl over and occupy our living places, our jobs, and fill our cities up with crime, and now they want to get social security benefits, etc..AND No wonder the apartment complexes ask for high deposits…these mexican people are dirty, trashy, not responsible.. If your last name is not sancho, you aren’t getting anything in this state…Texas. I would love to leave it, but im family oriented, and have been here most of my life.

          • kkl

            Billy…Billy. Why are you getting mad at Mexicans for working here? I’m sorry. Get mad at the employers for hiring them. Not the people employed. They obviously do the same job, if not better than you and take less pay. Also…the companies don’t have to pay health insurance for them. Hmmm, you’re a racist POS but don’t understand that saving money in business is the way businesses work! I’m sure if you were in charge, there would be no Mexicans working for you because you fail to see the big picture.

        • kkl

          I have no idea where you pulled this quote from. Most likely you’re arse.

        • elaine

          Yu haven’t read the new testament. if you had , then you should read the ‘Red’. There you find the true way of living. compassion, non judgment, giving to the poor, providing for those in need, and most of all His # 1, ‘Love your brother’. when you give with a loving heart, give unconditionally because it is their responsibility to use that gift in the correct way for their circumstance, (It’s not truly yours to start with, you have by grace, and yes by the sweat of your brow,(but, you could soon not be able to work and have sweat on you brow), but you do not know the WHY that that person is in need. What has happened in their life to cause their being in need???) so your quote.. by God, if you do not work, you do not eat, is taken out of context. apply to the slothful,(lazy). And yes their are those who take advantage of our system. Even the farmers were instructed to not harvest all, but to leave some in the fields for the poor to gather. We are instructed by His teachings to help the poor, disabled, orphaned, crippled, and those with out the means,( no work, unable to help them selves/ incapacitated). The main thing he instructed is DO NOT JUDGE, BUT TO GIVE WITH THE LOVING HEART AND IT WILL BE RETURNED TO YOU 10 FOLD. WILL YOU BE RECEIVING YOUR 10 FOLD?? I AM NOT JUDGING YOU. DO YOU GIVE? When you give do you begrudge the gift. Do you say, do not give they are only going to use MY gift in a way I do not approve? We have to ‘turn’ loose of what we give, ( when you give, it’s not yours any more, and you can not mandate the use of that gift).

      • anonymous

        Replace all of those corrupt and racist politicians

        • anonymous

          We are free to have all the children we want,BUT WHAT MAKES US THINK THAT THE GOV’T HAS TO FEED OUR CHILDREN

          • Helen

            Ignorance write again. Yes we are free to have children and there is a such thing as a parent abandoning another parent to tend to children by theirselves and if I am putting into a system you better know I should benefit from what I invest in. I bet you consider yourself a Christian and did your God come to serve the poor or rich self righteous kind such as yourself.

          • maxxt

            That definitely needs to change!!

    • Helen

      Sunny, your name does not depict your mentality. Entitled, I worked and raised three children by myself honey. I put into the system, but hardly ever made enough to be able to afford bills, all the necessities it take to raise children and put food on the table. You are ignorant and believe that foodstamps mean not working. I know some who work two jobs and still qualify, because of low wages. You make a penny over and the government will discontinue your food benefits which wreak havoc on single parent household. Problem to solve this is to make the deadbeat parent (father or mother) held accountable for not supporting their children. I know that would have solved my financial problems when I was raising my three on my own. Let’s pray you never have to know what it is like, don’t judge unless you have walked in someone else’s shoes. Divorce is on the rise, many who never seen the inside of a public assistance office is now in need, such as the Bernie Madoff victims who worked all of their lives and was ripped off by a greedy selfish rich “entitled” monster. They do not feel entiled, but they do need to eat! Hypocrital, judgmental, Self righteous types and probably a Christian too, sad truth.

  • RC

    what bothers me is, yes there are those who use and abuse the system. i have seen many people in food stores buying loads of junk foods, chips, soda, candy with their food stamps, but not all people that get food stamps are like that. i would work if i could, but i can’t, & i don’t think it’s fair that people keep assuming that those who are on it, use the system & are getting a freebee, & are fat & lazy, it’s not true.
    I know there are veterans that have fought for our country, & yes it bothers me that they are the ones that aren’t getting what they truly earned from our government. it’s not right that they can’t get the resources that they need. i’m very aware of that. i don’t get much, i only get $80 for food stamps a month & but make it last, i don’t mind living on hot dogs and once in a while i’ll get chicken meats. i’m not saying i deserve more, or are entitled to it, but yes some of us out there actually do need it and rely on it. i just wish people wouldn’t judge those that get food stamps, we’re not all the same.

    • jolie

      whats wrong with buying candy once in awhile. Not everyone eats food only…some like sweets once in awhile.

      • WHATEVER


    • noel

      i totally agree with you! i worked in my job for 15 years then got let go so they could hire someone younger and for less money. Since then i haven’t been able to find work but yet i can only get $16 a month for assistance. I didn’t want to lose my job now we might lose our home too. some people really do need the help

  • Erika

    It amazes me how many people are quick to judge those who receive government assistance. Some people are not fortunate enough to earn enough money to support their families. Minimum wage minus taxes and other deductions simply don’t cut it and sometimes it is just not feasible to work 2-3 jobs.



      • Douglas

        I worked my ass off at different jobs for over 25 years. I finally got a job that paid me enough to live a decent life and have medical benefits. three years later, I was mercilessly let go because my supervisor and I had a disagreement and he found a loophole with HR to have me removed. I have been tirelessly looking for a job ever since. It has been two years and no one wants to hire me. Not even Wal Mart. I’m too educated and over qualified to even stock shelves there. When I first lost me job, I was denied EBT benefits. You know why? Because I had too much money in my bank account. All that money was my severance from work…and it was gone within 2-3 months. My unemployment benefits (which were a fraction of what I used to make) ran out in January. Since then I lost my home, my car and in August I almost killed myself. then, as a Hail Mary, I applied for EBT again and was miraculously approved. Some people DESERVE these benefits…and you may not know their whole story. Those “hundreds” you see in their wallet might be the money they were loaned from a friend and is going to pay the electrical bill or a get their car back from being impounded. That Cadillac? Might be paid off from a previous job that they lost and is now their only mode of transportation. That “bling” might be a gift from an ex-girlfriend and is the only watch they own. So, until you know the WHOLE STORY, please keep your judgments to yourself. Are there people defrauding the government? Yes. But how, I can’t figure out, because when I first applied for benefits, I was turned down. I should have been on them for two years now, but I was rejected. Maybe if I’d have have been approved back then, I could have made my Unemployment benefits stretch a little further and I wouldn’t have had the never ending spiral of crap that happened to me.

        • Nayomi

          @Douglas, they defraud the government by lying. You must have been honest! A defrauder would have gone to the bank and removed their money before applying. A defrauder works under the table for wages or sells drugs, and says they can’t find work; that way, no money is shown. Government is well aware of these tactics but do not have the manpower to follow all cases in-depth and they are more conscious to review the cash assistance part of fraud. The reform was made that any one who applied for welfare (cash assistance) was to agree to attend a 3 day/week career/training class(atleast where i live;) but I do not believe it extends to recipients who are receiving only food stamps. I agree with your concept and understand your situation; I’ve been there myself. Most agencies will tell you that you can come back when your money is gone, then they can help you, but you do have to exhaust all your funds first so to show the need. I am actually in favor of a cut, but rather a smaller one than what has been applied. I was on food stamps when my children were growing up, and the reason I agree with a cut in budget is because (at that time) I could feed myself and 3 kids on @ $75/week x 4.3 calculation= $322.50/month. This was because I went through the weekly store flyers, found the best sales, used coupons, and shop wisely; then I also took the time to prepare and cook the meals. Parents who prefer their kid to get a beef jerky stick and soda for lunch vs. the parent who provides a decent meal. It was never about stopping at the local convenient store for a soda and junk products. I was accepted for $467/month food stamp benefit. I had more than enough healthy, homemade food on my table. These parents who promote the short store junk run are the ones who say they don’t have enough food stamps. Products in these places are priced higher than a grocery store; thus using up their stamp benefit. Douglas, I am so thankful that you did not kill yourself. I have also been in that thought many times. Situations are discouraging and become so overwhelming, especially when one works so hard only to lose it all. NOTHING is as bad as it seems, it’s just our own perceptions and the emotional/mental trauma from it all that gets the better of us. Your life was adjusted for a purpose, you just may not see or understand it yet. If you look back now, I dare to assume that though you lost your home, car, etc. you still had just what you needed to get by and survive….YOU and God! Thanks for staying; I pray your life is better for it :)

        • debbie sheaffer

          I work retail. the majority of people with the EBT card also have debit cards that they use to buy their cigarettes and beer AND junk food. And I REALLY doubt all the customers that I see with a wad of cash borrowed it!

      • WHATEVER


      • dont judge

        I understand what your saying but unless you have been there dont judge people. As for using food stamps at conveince stores did you ever consider that they may not be able to get to the grocery store. There are people that live in the country and only have a conveince store to use. Yes I think that there should be more restrictions on things. just because they are dressed nice and have nice cars dont mean that things havent be given to them or they are driving some else’s car. Unless you know there situation you shouldnt judge them!!!!!

        • dont judge


      • Larry triplett

        I agree I work in a convient store/ gas station watch them spend tons of money on energy drinks 10.00 dollars bags of beef jerky candy just plain junk food really irrates me to see my taxe going for that when I have to stuggle. don>t get me wrong some folks really need it they try to work I can bet you 15 out of 20 people who come in the store hasn:t worked a day in years or any.they will be a couple who live together and get separate food stamp cards, It is really corrupt and they let them get away with it. Why should people living together get married when they can just move in with each other and get double the food stamps This who system needs to be revamped It is really out of control . They swap for money pill and everything I seen a women come in and choose between 3 cards to see which one she wanted to use . tell me it not corrupt

        • Who

          Larry, without those people visiting your convient store/ gas station perhaps you would be one of those people receiving those same benefits…so, technically speaking the government and those people are keeping you and several others employed!!!

    • Heather

      Four months ago, my husband had a heart attack at the age of 38, and has not been able to get back to work because of it. He’s applied for many jobs, but when they find out he has a heart condition, he gets passed over (he is going through vocational rehab to update his skills to help in returning to work). In the meantime, with two kids, and only my income to pay the bills, we had to turn to assistance as a last resort. Did we want to? No. Was it necessary to help take care of my family? Yes.

      I make sure that I use my benefits responsibly, making out meal plans and grocery lists, using store brands and coupons to help make them stretch as much as I can. And as not only a tax payer, but a veteran, I do consider them benefits (as I’ve paid into the system through my tax dollars and military service), not a hand out or entitlement. As soon as we are back on our feet again, we’ll not need them anymore, but at least I’ll know that I didn’t squander them and used them as they were intended to be used.



  • Mark

    The problem is retail jobs do not pay enough to support food, shelter and medical expenses including dental. Big business who owns the retail chains do not want to pay a fair wage to the worker bees that keep them rich. Time to trim the fat and share the wealth with the working class. You hear that REPUBLICANS?! Then we can cut welfare and food stamp programs.

    • Gregory Anderson

      I agree 100%!!!

  • richard skipper

    it is only going to get worse under obummer.wait until these food stamp users try to get care under obummercare.the only people that should qualify for any of these programs should be blind,crippled or certified mentally def.help those who truly need help under these conditions but not any able bodied person.show me where any one is entitled to a free phone,food etc. that is able bodied.these programs are only going to get bigger since the requirement to work,go to school,etc. has been removed by obummer.any thing for a vote.p.s the dems are not the only ones abuseing the system/the other day I saw a so called conserve loading up his car with food from the food bank.

  • Kayla Griffin

    I work a job….i usually work about 50 hours a week & I still receive food stamps. I make a decent wage but after taxes my checks aren’t enough to live on. If I didnt have to pay such high taxes to support losers that take advantage of food stamps and goverment checks then maybe I could afford to purchase groceries with my own money. I have no problem with helping the disabled, veterens, or elderly but these young folks need to get a JOB!

    • shyperson1

      i agree with you but there are alot of people in this country that abuse the system i dont recieve any benefits

  • No One Important

    It amazes me how people can cast judgement on people. Just to clear so myths and distortions with welfare & food-stamps which are completely separate programs.

    1st myth – There are more ethnics of welfare/food-stamps.

    Generally we see reports like these above and signing in law PR for congress or the President you see blacks. The fact is there are more white people receiving food-stamps/welfare. On general population size whites outnumber greatly. The truth is, more white people are living off government programs. All their doing is cutting off the own nose because they might be receiving soon too.

    2nd Myth – People on food-stamps need to look for a job.

    I’m a benefits eligibility worker for food-stamps. The percentage of cases that cross my desk 80% of recipients are employed. The economy is not pickup as the unemployment national number has fallen. The truth behind the decline is this percentage only takes into account people currently receiving unemployment benefits. Doesn’t take into account the individuals whose benefits have expired and fall off the roll call list. Job opening are slim and the number of people apply for one position are ridiculous.

    The government spends so much waste-less money on other countries and plenty of Corporate Welfare. Why cut Food-Stamps while the world and Congress is eating fat off taxpayers.

    • Yusef

      Wrong. There are more blacks on foodstamps based on their small percentage of the population (12.6%); though, you are correct in stating that there are more whites on food stamps, but you forget that whites make up 65% of the U.S. population. So naturally based on the fact that they are 65% of the population, of course they would have the highest total number. Blacks have the highest proportion on foodstamp.

      The food stamp program has increased by almost 20 million under Obama. I live just outside of Detroit, Michigan, and I have worked in the city at one time. I dare you to come to Detroit, I dare you to work in Detroit. You will see the corruption of the food stamp/bridge card program. The abuses of the food stamp program are not reported by the mainstream media, because it would hurt their agenda. The fact is some people do need govt. assistance; however as I said come to Detroit. Alot of people on food stamps have expensive cell phones, nice cars, and expensive jewelry. They seem to be better off than me. And please do not accuse me of racism, I am an Arab-American, whose parents came from Lebanon. The working class of this country needs to wake up, they are being taken advantage of-

      • sweet1

        Yusef, your wrong. There are now more HISPANICS on food stamps than, blacks. But I would expect nothing less than such a ignorant racist comment to come from an arab. Your people would be NO WHERE in America if it wasn’t for YOU ALONG WITH THE HISPANICS benefitting from the civil rights movement BLACKS spearheaded. Why don’t you go back to Lebanon on the donkey your parents rode in on??

        • gfire01

          sweet1, looks like your racism is showing. Pot calling the kettle black.

        • Yusef

          My comments are statistical facts, provided by the government. Look them up if you do not believe me. You tell me to go back to Lebanon, sounds like you are the racist here. Oh, I thought blacks could never be racist (from what Obama and the brain dead media tells me), only every other race can be, right? You are a hypocrite. You tell me to go back to Lebanon on a camel? There are no camels in Lebanon, you idiot. It is a country of mountains and the Mediterranean sea. Since you sound black, why don’t you go back to africa if you hate living in america so much? The American taxpayer has tried to give you everything: Obama phones, Section 8 housing, Bridge cards (food stamps), School choice, affirmative action, and on and on. AS I SAID, COME TO DETROIT. And see how for 40 years your race (corrupt black mayors like Coleman Young and Kwame Kilpatrick) have destroyed a once great city. May be I will move to Canada, since you have not yet destroyed Toronto or Montreal. Thank God for that-

    • elaine

      Thanks to N.O.I.!! YOU SAID THAT 80% OF THE APPLICANTS ARE EMPLOYED!!! All these complainers are the uneducated!! The people I know that get assistance are all employed, but can’t feed their family healthy diets on what is left. Childcare, utilities, ( forget the extra’s, cable etc.), but most need computer access to perform their jobs or apply. Every thing now is computer related. all that I know are super frugal and cook from scratch, one pot meals they can freeze, etc. My opinion… the government loves all this back stabbing and our attention to these situations. while we attack and hurt each other they can go their way with out the attention focused on them. They love this! we poor, unwashed, ignorant, and acting like sheep/ cattle just following a long!! They do not care! they want us to be distracted! wake up people, your so ‘busy’ crying over these situations, and the government is throwing out the baby with the bath water!! lining their pockets and the people who support their agenda’s.

  • http://Yahoo Sister Carter

    I get food stamps I work a part-time job and im a part-time student. I see its so many people on the internet with nothing but something negative to say. Well I say everybody needs some help one way or another and if we have to ask the government for help then so be it. why talk negative talk? If you don’t like the fact we are getting food stamps then stop working if not then shut the fuck about it.

    • Steve

      “I see ITS so many people on the internet with nothing but something negative to say?” Concentrate on the school while I am feeding you. What a goof. Third grade language skills.

      • gfire01

        I agree. Can’t spell right and poor grammar. Bet this person is trying to get a GED. This is where our hard paying tax dollars are going.

        • Rene

          Only cause u don’t write well doesn’t mean nething. Yes, I said ” only cause u don’t write well doesn’t mean nething”. Not knowing how to write does not mean somebody is not educated and u r wrong. I don’t consider myself a good writer, but when it comes to chemistry its a different ball game.I’m a part time student going on to receive a bachelors of science in chemistry and I do need food stamps without it i wouldn’t be able to eat. I worked many years and that the reason why taxes were taken away because of situations like these. So wether a person is going to receive a GED or a high school diploma, it’s something. So i agree with (Sister Carter) if you don’t like the fact that we are getting food stamps, Well 2-bad!

          • gfire01

            Actually it means a lot. Proper grammar is imperative to landing and keeping a good job.

            We will use you as the example. You use “u” and “nething” as well as “i” in lower case instead of Capitol “I”. If you wrote a resume like that to my company, you would not even make it to the interview stage.

            In regards to the Food Stamp thing. You missed the whole point of the conversation. I cannot speak for the other person, but I will say this, “I do not mind helping someone out. However, when you have a person that is going no where fast, you have to cut your losses.” Why pay for dead weight?

        • Rene

          I give you that. Proper grammar is imperative, but only because I talk slang doesn’t mean that I would do that in the real world. Since I’m talking to you there is no need. I don’t think there is that many people that don’t have an education and would write a crappy resume. For instance, many people would never use “u” instead of you. We have to conform to the ” Whites” be etiquette, dress nice, and have proper grammar.

          I’m sorry but not everybody is going to be going at the pace you want. People are different. Some will take longer than others. Remember this people come from different backgrounds which will lead to a different life. This is where nature vs nurture comes in play.

    • lois

      Yes everyone needs help sometimes in their life. You people may need it help too. You are not promised your job forever.you may go in to work they say we don’t need you anymore. What a bummer. I say what goes around comes around,keep talking your shit. No one knows
      someone elses situation. Some of these peoplepaid in taxes, why shouldn’t they get them.

  • http://jaysmom1361@yahoo.com Ellen

    Every food stamp card should have something specifically for toiletries from tampons and body soap to shampoo and razors. You can’t score well in an interview without looking the part of the employee they are looking for. But folks, if you are not finding a job because you are over educated–just write in that you are a high school graduate and your favorite hobby is reading. If you have children, child care while looking for a job twice a week should be acceptable in law, but no satellite or cable—-if you can afford that you don’t need stamps. Go to the library, read to your children, rediscover cleaning the house or sweeping the sidewalk. In this state, WIC and stamps are spent on high end meats which are swapped for liquor, weed and Marlboros. I suppose for e-cigs and vapor as well. Take this episode as a hint, try to ‘pantry’ up and plan for what happens if things get worse. Christmas is around the corner and stores are hiring even if just for a few hours a week. I saw a sign at WM today hiring: stockers, unloaders, deli help, meat help and cashiers. Pretend you are a weed and grow on the doorstep of a company until they hire you. But don’t sit at home waiting for DHS to tell you your children are hungry and dirty—if you don’t have a job, make getting a job your occupation.

  • verybreezy

    The fact is foodstamps started as a way to help people in lower-income neighborhoods but welfare has destroyed the family’s that live in these areas because it makes the people there dependant on the program and many of them never progress because of it. I have seen people living on welfare for 15 plus years and that’s downright crazy.

    • Steve

      “Families” Stupidity destroys families, as well.

  • http://barbwire Bryce

    Having something to eat should not be a crime, but being obese should be. I see people who can eat a 16 pound turkey at one meal setting and they get it on food stamps. The reason a lot of people don’t have a job is that they are too lazy to get that job. It would mean missing their favorite television program.

    • Geraldine

      That’s true for some, Bryce, but not all. There needs to be better oversight of who gets what, but to assume that all people using food stamps don’t deserve it, or won’t work for it, is a mistake on your part. The Government doesn’t do a good enough job of managing tax-payer money. THAT is the problem IMO.. They allow people to stay on food stamps for generations, literally. When they need to be giving habitual feeders from the trough more incentive to work for what they have, but they don’t.

    • tehill

      Here here! Obese food stamp recipients that ride in the electric carts in the supermarket make me ill.

  • Martina

    Wow so they can’t pay for food stamps but I noticed they have fancy long manicured nails? Looks like their priotities are messed up.

  • TJ

    The above mentioned stereotypes are why our country is messed up now. Things like Food Stamps and Welfare, WIC, Section 8, etc are meant as a temporary means till something in your personal situation can change. And in this economy these things cannot change over night. Nobody has a magic wand to fix it. And all name calling and pointing fingers gets us is even more turmoil. The rest of the world is currently looking at America like we are a bunch of immature, arguing idiots. We have the greatest country in the world and we all act like a bunch of preschoolers. Personally I have been in the position to need food stamps, once when I was 19, living on my own, paying my own car note, insurance, rent, gas etc I was what is considered the working poor, when despite working my butt off 40+ hours a week, by the time all my bills were paid I maybe had $30-40 a month left over. But because I worked I was given $21 a month in food stamps, which were a joke, and I was left to eat a lot of ramen and go to food banks. My 2nd go with food stamps is as an adult, 10 years later, after leaving an abusive marriage. And I can honestly say that coming from a situation where I was unable to work for 3 years prior to leaving, nobody wanted to hire me, even having a healthcare license, because I had no work history. The only option to feed myself while technically homeless in a battered women’s shelter was to get food stamps. And i’m thankful I live in a country that offers this subsidy. So before you wanna get on your republican high horse please be aware that not everyone on food stamps or needing assistance is a lazy bum, or trying to get over on the system, because the people who do need them and get them truly needed them. Its unfortunate that some people choose to try and get over on the system, but the fault therein lies in the screening process. Not the others who receive them.

    • elaine

      thumbs up to you!! after reading so many of the post where EVERYONE (almost) were putting down anyone who needs assistance, I was glad to see you standing up to the bullies!! yes there are people who take advantage, but I bet it’s a much smaller percentage than ‘these’ people think. Bad press and news always gets heard first, and most. I am disabled, do not get disability or ssi, but I also get food stamps. I am very frugal and a good ‘steward’ of this assistance. I spend it like it’s my money, because to me it is. I paid taxes and worked hard for years, but thru no choice of my own was side lined by disability. I would gladly work. I am blessed that I have some meager preparations that I had made for retirement. so I am not homeless, but what little I have goes to my medications and electric. I would bet you that most stories are like ours, not the ones who buy lobster!! good luck with your school and hope you and family are well. keep your chin up!!

  • simba Lage

    Disablerd, homeless shopping day by day this was a rough day for me and my family.. My youngest 5 is type 1 diabetic total horror for us seeing her sugar rise and no money (ssi only income) to fix it.. talk about a bad day

  • lisa miller

    I am a 42 year old mother of two. I am 35 days away from graduating from Athens State University. I depend on food stamps and student loans. I have worked hard to earn my degree and make a better life for me and my children. If all this lasts more than two more weeks, I will have to drop out of my internship, loose the time I have put in, move in with my mother, and pray that my job at Hardee’s can give me enough hours to live on. I know God will take care of me and my children, I’m just reeeaally disappointed in my government right now.

    • tehill

      get a job and go to school. cut your internet, cable, and any other expenses. rely on yourself, not taxpayers and the government.

  • Mike S

    Could this be a Republican smoke screen to draw attention away from the ridiculous amount of $$$ that they cut from Food Stamps?

  • tehill

    Don’t rely on anyone, especially not the government. I was not able to work due to a major illness. I am also disabled as well. Piss poor. Barely could pay my way.

    But you know what? I went without a lot of things, made a budget, stuck to it. I never went hungry. Never went to a food bank, to family, or to food stamps.

    I hated not being able to work, so I found alternatives to earning and working. I work from home now. So even though I am disabled, I can still be a functioning member of society.

    It can be done. Stop having kids too. If you can’t care for yourself, you can’t care for a kid. I have never had one, and never will.

    These types of programs should only be reserved for the severely disabled.

    It boggles my mind that people feel so entitled.

    There is always peanut butter and jelly, water, and other ways to provide sustenance.