Flu Symptoms Suggest Mysterious Virus To Blame

By: Toni Matthews-El - December 1, 2013

What began with a dozen Las Vegas guests feeling a little under the weather has ballooned into concerns about the possibility of a contagious stomach virus being spread. At this point there are over a hundred presumed cases of infected individuals, though the total number has yet to be confirmed. At least a dozen children between the age of seven and nine were infected, having come to Las Vegas as part of a group of traveling football players. About fifty players and staff came from Santa Monica, CA. Another twenty-five came from Bakersfield, CA. Nine teams at present report that at least some of their players and parents have been infected.

Many of the infected persons had taken part in a Thanksgiving dinner and Friday evening more and more people began to complain of feeling ill. The The exact nature and origin of the virus is a mystery. These are symptoms which one expert says is typical of a norovirus, however there are some who feel that the contagious flu-like illness is simply a virus that is going around the Western United States. The team traveled for over two days, and there is really no definite time or place where health officials can pin down that the virus started circulating.

Viruses of this kind are typically food or water-borne, so it is possible that someone could have eaten or drank something that lead to illness. Though the nature of the virus also allows for contact with surfaces such as bathroom doors and hotel room light switches. The troubling part remains that the persons could have been infected any number of places in Las Vegas, or perhaps even before arriving.

For now, all known infected individuals are being treated at a Las Vegas hospital as concerned friends and family members wait for more information. There have been no fatalities and it is hoped that everyone makes a full recovery.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Toni Matthews-El

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  • candy

    shame on the rio blaming the ball club. there are no answers yet. and either is likely. sounds more like the thanksgiving meal may have some issue.

    • http://twellow Dannyboy6

      Just went to Costco,and bought the Clorox Wipes 4 pk,i dont know why,just got a feeling at Costco,with all those people,I like when you go to Safeway,they have the Wipes as you enter the door for those Basket handles and carts,and now i sit down and read this story,NICE.

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  • adbunting

    Doesn’t it sound more like food poisoning?

  • adbunting

    Doesn’t it sound more like food poisoning? Flu incubation would be really erratic from person to person and not all hit at the same time. Plus they would have all had to be exposed at the same time?