Florida Shooting Trial: The Jury Still Out

By: Daryl Nelson - February 14, 2014

The Trial of Micheal Dunn, the Florida man accused of murdering 17-year old Jordan Davis, concluded this past Wednesday, and right now, the jury is in their second day of deliberation.

For those who aren’t familiar with the case, Dunn came in contact with Davis and Davis’ friends while he stopped at a Jacksonville gas station in 2012 to pick up a bottle of wine and potato chips.

While Dunn’s fiance entered the store, he got into an argument with Davis and his friends over loud music coming from their SUV. According to Dunn, he believed that one of the teens pointed a shotgun at him, after the occupants of both cars had a heated and cursed-filled exchange.

But afterwards police found no gun, either at the gas station or in the shopping plaza down the street where the teens fled after Dunn released 10 shots, and since Dunn left the scene right after and never called police, many believe he was trying to get away because he knew that he did something wrong.

Plus, he never called the cops or alerted 911 at all, so days after the shooting police tracked him down in Brevard Country where he lives, and eventually charged him with first degree murder and attempted murder for also shooting at the other teens in the car.

Although some believe the prosecution has an open and shut case, others believe that Dunn was justified in shooting Davis, although no gun was ever found on him or in the vehicle.

Erin Wolfson, who’s one of the state’s prosecutors, said this case is nothing more than a middle aged man getting upset because a bunch of teenagers were mouthing off at him.

“This defendant, when he pulled up next to that SUV, his blood started to boil,” she said during her closing arguments.

“He didn’t like the music that was coming out of the car next to him. He got angrier and angrier as that music irritated him. This defendant went crazy. He got angry at the fact that a 17-year old kid decided not to listen to him.”

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  • jermey

    im surprised its taking this long….

    • Carmen Cotto

      What do you expect, it’s Florida.. Next they will say not guilty, I hope I’m wrong, but you never know.

    • Kevin C. Adams

      sounds like there may have been testimony the media has not bothered to report. i was expecting a 1 hr deliberation.

  • BostonFred

    When I was a jurist, most jurists had an advanced degree. We also had been presented with a big book of agreed upon facts before the trial. We twelve jurists came to a decision over a slice of pizza. I suppose it will take proportionately longer if the opposite is true.

  • RightVote

    So it happened AGAIN in Florida.
    The Bizarre crimes over the years in this state are Mind Boggling!
    What’s in the water!?

  • Martin

    I think; everybody should start arming themsleves! Because the sure as hell won’t.

  • Dennie Ryals

    He’s Guilty As Sin ****

  • David Ehrenstein

    He’ll walk. It’s not against the law to kill a an unarmed black male juvenile in Florida

    • Shaqueefa

      Act like a thug, Die like a Thug

      • David Ehrenstein

        Yes. Michael Dunn should die like the thug that he is.

        • Monique

          That “Thug” should have been armed and killed that middle aged idiot instead. People talk a lot of smack online but won’t say that in person. Idiots

  • Seashark

    Not guilty………………..let the riots begin!!!

  • Average Joe

    Oh well, just another dead black kid, their shelf life seems to be shorter in Florida these days 😉

  • Jet Davis

    Please find this guy guilty so black people wont riot in Florida and burn down my house

  • Jet Davis

    Would this even be news if a black person had been the shooter, No they knock off each other left and right but someone a different color isnt allowed to shoot them

  • Fred Brown

    “”The cops tracked him down.”” Like he was holed up some where hiding.. The Jury is taking so long because this is anything but first degree murder. It has none of the elements of first degree. The prosecution was stupid to ask for it.. They will be lucky to get murder 2. Voluntary manslaughter is about right , if anything.

  • PAUL


  • David

    Here in Louisville, KY a triple murderer was just released on a plea deal for a manslaughter conviction after serving 7 years in jail as he was found guilty then reversed, guilty then reversed and finally while being tried again a deal was struck. Basically, this thug got away with murder, triple murder! Here is the thing, this piece of crap is Black! Yes, he is Black and his victims were Black! So where is the indignation from the public and the news? There is no National news reporting on this. No National uproar about the deal. This is a N***** killing three Black people to keep another N***** from going to jail by killing the witnesses. Yeah, I used the N word! So what? That is what the relatives of the victims said about this piece of crap! What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander! Would think this N***** is a fine up standing citizen? He is a killer that just got off from a murder conviction. Here it is not National news when the Blacks kill another Black. Almost every nite there is another shooting and almost every week there is another murder. Blacks killing Blacks. It is not news out side of town. But, Holy Sheep, if a White shoots an “Innocent” Black person. Katie bar the door if that “Innocent” Black person is a juvenile! Well, most of the murders here are teens and most of the victims are teens. No National news there! This more about a White guy shooting a Black teen and not about the shooting itself! If the teen was White there would not be any coverage at all. If the Shooter was Black there would not be any coverage at all. This about a White guy shooting a Black person and nothing more. It is not about justice, it is about race. How dare a White guy shoot a Black person. The Blacks did not get their Blood in the Zimmerman case because it turned out he was not White! They wanted him to be White. They tried to make him out as being White, but in the end he was just Hispanic and nothing more! So they tried to regroup and make it more about an older guy shooting a teen. If you have an argument about self defense you can e-mail me your address and send me a release and then I will try to come to you and bash your head on a sidewalk or driveway and let’s see if you holler Uncle! It does not matter if Zimmerman started an altercation by following Martin. If I want to follow someone around then I am free to do so to a point. Now if that person turns on me and starts beating me then I have a right to defend myself. What they can do is just keep going and get help. Call the Police or got o a house and ask for help. They do not have the right turn on me and beat me. If they do then I can defend myself. I think the teens in this case had a gun. Why did they leave after the shooter left and then come back? They could have just called the Police to the scene and there would not be any discussion about ditching a gun! They left and then came back. I sure as heck would not leave if someone that shot at me left. I would stay and call the cops, unless I had something to conceal or hide. Then I would go away and ditch my drugs or gun or what ever I had illegal on me and then come back! The minute that that boy, oh crap, I mean, that teen was shot those others in the car knew he was shot. They did not leave to get help, go to a hospital or seek help for him, they left to get rid of evidence! They may have hidden the weapon under a car, in the ground or anywhere! Someone may be driving around right now with a weapon hidden on their car and not know it. OR, they may have had a car there that belonged to one of them and they put the weapon in it. Here is a challenge: if Dunn is convicted and later one of the car occupants is ever found with a gun unlawfully then he should be released. That would stand as proof that that person is no saint! If I ever have to shoot someone I hope to heck he is White, otherwise I will be in the news as well. This is not about a teen being shot, it is not about justice, it is nothing more than a White person shooting a Black person, teen, adult, a Black person! Whites are just allowed to shoot a Black no matter what, it is the law, the law of Civil Rights Activist’s. No White person may shoot a Black person, on pain of?

    • James Bradley

      David, in my town blacks kills blacks and doesnt make huge news, a lot of whites kill whites and it doesnt make news either. Sadly, poor inner city neighborhoods with low income, high poverty rates, and violent crime dont generate huge national news regardless of the race of the killers.
      This case is different. This is about a full grown adult man shooting and killing un armed teenagers. This isnt about “poor innocent black person”, although in your remarks you put quotation marks around innocent as if to say these black kids somehow are not so (a seemingly racist and ignorant remark by you). Do you really think it wouldnt be national news if a 50 year old black man, after an argumemt with a group of white prep scholl students, left the argumet, went to his car, pursued the white prep schoolers while shooting multiple rounds into their car ? Do you really think if there was no evidence the white preper schoolers ever had a gun, that in fact they were retreating the scene, and the 50 yr old black guy had to keave to get a gun to shoot at them, and then went home and relaxed with a pizza instead of calling 911, do you realy think in that scenario this isnt national news ?
      I think anytime kids are killed by adults it should be news and examined closely.
      Maybe a bettetr question is if the 50 yr old black man shoots up a car of white prep school kids, does it take 3 days to reach a verdict, will white people all over the state of FLA who support “Stand Your Ground” actually protest in his favor or support him publicly ?
      I wonder….

      • Truth


  • One Eye dog

    He shot that young boy and he want to get away with because Zimmerman got off for killing young black teen.Everybody want to use that stand your ground rule.arrrrrrr

    • Shaqueefa

      Zimmerman didn’t use Stand your Ground dumbass and neither is this guy.

      • One Eye dog

        He did you asshole

      • James Bradley

        Mike, Zimmerman’s whole defense was Stand Your Ground, that even though the kid was unarmed that in the course of the physical altercation Zimmerman felt threatened and had to kill him.

        • edan

          Zimmerman’s defense was SELF DEFENSE. The Judge in her jury instructions mentioned the Stand Your Ground law, Zimmerman nor his attorney’s ever did.

  • Mike

    I wonder if young black men in Florida started carrying guns and shooting older white men who followed them or verbally yelled at them could use the stand your ground law and say they felt threatened. I think they would be justified!

    • Truth

      Black kids do shoot older white men in Florida all the time… and none of its justified you prick

  • BostonFred

    Micheal Dunn, the Florida man accused of murdering 17-year old Jordan Davis only took seconds to point his gun and kill. It’s been three days already! What’s the delay about?

  • John Hays

    In Oklahoma a pharmacist got first-degree murder conviction for shooting one of multiple armed robbers that were attempting to rob his pharmacy….

    In Florida he could’ve pulled up and shot them just for playing loud music or talking during a movie and probably gotten off…

    The justice system is an absolute joke….theres not even any logic to it anymore, you got Casey Anthony who somehow doesnt notice or mention that her 2 year old is gone but goes and parties for a month before her mom finally calls 911 saying she hasnt seen her granddaughter alive in month or so…then she comes up with 18000 entirely different bullshit stories any one of which should’ve blown her credibility and gotten her ass an instaconviction and they find her not guilty…I mean what tha?

  • Monique

    Racist idiots on this forum. This man is guilty period. As I said before, your opinion is your opinion and you can state it here and hide behind a screen name. Usually they are middle aged white men who are secretly in love with black women anyway!

    • edan

      Secretly in love with a black woman??? LOL, you are kidding right?

      • Monique

        Not kidding at all. The truth is the light of the world

  • edan

    Michael Dunn didn’t walk out of his house that night with the intentions of killing anyone. He was provoked into an altercation, by a group of young black thugs. In the heat of the moment, he could have thought he saw a gun. We will never know. The Jury has a difficult decision.

    • Monique

      Young black thugs? Your kidding me right? That’s why he was found guilty and will be found guilty again when he Is retried for the murder charge. The truth is the light of the world!