First Tomb Raider “Survival Guide” Released

    December 17, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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Now that a proper trailer for the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot has been released, Square Enix is diving in and revealing all sorts of details about the game.

Today, the first in a series of “Guide to Survival” videos was released. The trailer begins by spoiling the entire opening of the story, so look away if you want a perfectly fresh Tomb Raider experience. After the set-up, the video reveals the three skill trees that players can use to augment Lara Croft’s talents as she learns to survive and kill while shipwrecked on a hostile island.

In the new Tomb Raider, players earn XP through exploration, combat, and completing missions. A requisite amount of XP will award skill points that can be allocated to either the “survivor,” “hunter,” or “brawler skill trees. Players will also be able to use a crafting system to upgrade Lara’s weapons and gear.

Another feature revealed in the video is Lara’s “survival instinct.” The feature will highlight “key puzzle elements and hidden rewards” with a yellow light. It’s similar to the assassin instincts from Square Enix’s recently released Hitman: Absolution. It seems that the publisher sincerely believes its games are too hard, too poorly designed, or gamers are just too lazy to figure things out on their own.

  • http://geekid47@hotmail.com hamilton

    one. it spoils the entire opening of the game? It tells you only things that you can figure out yourself. its an origin story, they start on a ship, there shipwrecked. any halfwit couldve figured that out from any other trailer. two. just because you can see what you can interact with doesnt mean you can solve the puzzle, ive had so many puzzle games where you miss the one object you can interact so you cant solve it which can get really frustrating. the end.