Final Four Tickets: Only for the Rich and Famous

    March 30, 2012
    Chris Gabbard
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Plan on going to the Final Four this Saturday? Plan on spending an arm and a leg.

In 1964 the cost of a single ticket was $7. Fast forward to today and you’ll be spending $235 for the nosebleed section. And that’s at face value. Buy them from a scalper and there is no telling what you’ll spend. Club level seats are going in excess of $1,300 face value.

Then there is airfare; last minute tickets from Lexington will cost you $1,500 a pop to see the Cats play. Oh, and don’t forget last minute lodgings. A premium hotel will cost you $1,000 a night. Don’t forget food and perks…

That’ll bring your total to $5,775 a person. Will that be cash or credit?


  • Gordon Huffer

    Really enjoyed the article. Can you loan me some money so I can go to the Finals.