Final Fantasy XIII Becomes An SNES RPG In Story Recap


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Final Fantasy XIII has a confusing mess of a story. It's sequel - Final Fantasy XIII-2 - didn't make things better by introducing time travel into the mix. That's why Square Enix felt it needed to remind everybody how things went down in the first two games before people start playing Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII next month.

Now, Square Enix could have just compiled cutscenes from the first two games and bored us with 2 hours of cinematics. In a rare turn for the company, however, it decided to be awesome and release a story recap told in the style of an SNES RPG.

Will the stories of Final Fantasy XIII or Final Fantasy XIII-2 make any more sense in the below video? Not at all. Will it fill you with hope that somebody at Square Enix still knows how to make a classic JRPG without ruining the spite art? Absolutely.

I'm not the first to say this, but Square Enix really needs to make another RPG just like this. It doesn't even matter if it's story is as stupid as Final Fantasy XIII's. Sometimes all a man needs is a simple JRPG about saving the world with the traditional ATB battle system in tow.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is out on February 11 for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Image via PlayStation/YouTube