Final Fantasy Dimensions Released for Android

    December 21, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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To fans of the ongoing Final Fantasy series, Square Enix‘s recent focus on mobile gaming, its Final Fantasy XIV MMO, and sequels to Final Fantasy XIII can seem disappointing. Remakes of older Square games and re-visits of well-trod worlds can be nice, but they aren’t a replacement for a Final Fantasy XV.

Still, the publisher’s focus on mobile could end up being the best thing it has done since Final Fantasy X. The limitations of current mobile platforms could require developers to re-visit the designs and writings that made Square the most successful console RPG maker of the 20 years.

A good example of this is Final Fantasy Dimensions, a 2-D RPG in the style of SNES games such as Final Fantasy V and Chrono Trigger. The game is an homage to those older Final Fantasy games, released in episodic form in Japan. The entire game was released for iOS back in August. The game’s story is familiar territory for fans of the series, featuring airships, crystals, and a job system for character abilities.

This week, Final Fantasy Dimensions has finally made its way to the Google Play store. Android owners can now purchase the game for $20. Though that’s a hefty price for a mobile game, it’s far lower than the price of an SNES cartridge in 1994.

  • Gary Lamont

    Mobile gaming is terrible in general. I wouldn’t care if it was FFVII or FFX I wouldn’t pay to play anything on a phone or tablet. Looking forward to Lightning Returns.

  • guenthar

    Did you know that there is a controller you can buy for your Android phone. I’m planning to buy one and will be downloading the driver that makes it work with all games. That should make gaming on your phone much better.

  • http://rob-elementals.proboards.com Volyren Nightsong

    I thought long and hard about getting this game, due to the large price tag. I finally relented, because i can add it to my phone bill in the google store. I really like the game so far. It truly is a SNES style game, in both play and graphics. I would like a button based control option, even if it is on screen. I have a droid 2 global, and i love paying emulated games on the slide out keyboard, fitted with a Game Gripper. (An excellent controller option for slide out keyboard models. They are made by one guy, and he sells them for around 14 bucks, just choose your phone model!) My one major gripe about Dimensions is the control scheme that Squeenix employs here. Square Enix is notorious for testing out new control mechanics on new games, without giving the option for the more accepted, traditional controls. By default, there is an onscreen control pad, which will appear wherever you touch the screen. You then use it as a normal D-Pad. However, there are NO BUTTONS! Instead, you must tap the direction pad again in the direction you are trying to interact with. In this manner, you must try to talk with people, open chests, and navigate the world. It is EXTREMELY annoying. However, if you go into the config settings and set the controls to the far right setting, i cant quite recall what it is, maybe OFF, or STATIC. This changes the function of the controls from the default AUTO which I just described earlier. Using this setting, the controls become a lot more familiar. The D-PAD is now located in the bottom left, and can be used as normal. The best news is that you can now touch the bottom right of the screen (or any other part of the screen) and it functions as an “A” button, or confirm button. This change makes the experience a lot more true to the game’s roots, and a great deal less frustrating. Battle is still a little “wonky” due to the fact that instead of using a d-pad, you use a touch menu, which requires one tap to move the arrow to the selected command, and another tap to select it. It just does not feel right. However the addition of an RPG mainstay, which is new to the FF series, is an Auto-Battle setting. It is just a “dumb” auto setting, meaning all characters will use thier basic attack, with no care to thier abilities or health. It can be enabled by touching the < arrow in the bottom left of the battle screen which holds a few options, such as Auto and Pause. You can quickly disable it during battle by touching the flashing "Auto-Battle" prompt at the top right of the screen.
    Story-wise, I would prefer a single group of characters in a continuing story, instead of the episodic format, which can't be helped due to this game being released that way (in episodes) initially in japan. Despite these gripes, I truly am enjoying the game. It could easily have been Final Fantasy 7, had the Super Nintendo continued on, and the Playstation never became popular. If you are a fan of JRPG, or specifically the cartridge-based Final Fantasy games, then I assure you that it is worth the money, as it is a full, retail quality/length game. If you are unsure, or have not played the original Nintendo/SNES Final Fantasy games, you might want to wait a few months for the price to drop, or for a sale to happen, and it will probably drop to 10$ at some point.
    All in all, it is a great addition to the Final Fantasy series, and hopefully just the beginning of a return to its retro 2-D roots, where story was more important than HD graphics, and no game was complete without Chocobos, Airships, the all important Elemental Crystals, and the Four Warriors of Light (even though there are many more characters…. Learn to count, Squeenix! 😉 )