“Fifty Shades of Grey” Movie Cast Rumors Abound as Release Date is Announced

    June 27, 2013
    Lisa Barbella
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Focus Features announced today that the movie adaptation of E.L. James’ steamy bestseller will hit theaters Aug. 1, 2014.

Speculation about who will play the ingénue Anastasia Steele and her dominating, billionaire lover Christian Grey has intensified after it was revealed last week that Sam Taylor-Johnson will direct the racy flick.

“Vampire Diaries” star Ian Somerhalder is rumored to be a favorite for the part of Grey. The actor told Metro that the persistent speculation doesn’t bother him because it is such a big role.

“One can never get bored of people asking about a huge project,” he said. “Everyone has to realize every guy in Hollywood is up for this role. It could be anyone – that’s how that goes.”

E.L. James’ attendance at a party thrown by “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson Saturday only intensified the rumors that he would be slipping into Grey’s pressed suit, according to an E! News report. The casting choice would be fitting because “Fifty Shades of Grey” started as a piece of “Twilight” fan fiction.

It was heavily reported that “Harry Potter” actress Emma Watson was in the running for the part of Steele—a rumor that Watson shut down in March via Twitter.

Fifty Shades of Grey has been translated into more than 50 languages and sold more than 70 million copies worldwide.

  • alberta hopkins

    from what I understand the lead character is an older man.i think Pierce Brosnan should play that part and Naomi watts she play the female lead.

    • S. Layne

      No Christian Grey is a young billionaire

    • Tina

      maybe you should read the books first before you comment just saying

      • Tina’s Body

        Why am I so fat?

    • Ayah

      Christian Grey is not that old… he’s only 28 :)

    • Summer

      If you have suggested those two actors for Christian and Anna then you have not read the books or just not read the books carefully because both characters are in their twenties.

    • Emily

      Pierce Brosnan? He’s too old!

  • Tina

    I think it would be a shame if Emma Watson did not play Anastasia it would quite the role for her. However maybe someone such as Emma Stone perhaps may be a great fit. I am all for Channing Tatum playing Christian Grey that would be really um shall I say inspiring. :)

  • Missy Duff

    OMG~ My heart just stopped!
    I hope that they are very smart when casting the lead~ Who they get better live up to the vision of how Christian is Described~ Better be HOT HOT HOT~ This could be the next big Block Buster!! The lead is Key~ If they cast bad…will be a BIG disappointment!!!
    Ian Somerhalder would be PERFECT!!!! Has the eyes……

    • Kay

      Oh, I TOTALLY agree. Channing Tatum came to mind after I read the book. It has to be someone georgeous and HOT without being pretty.

      • Baron

        Yep. Uh huh. A business tycoon automatically makes you conjure up visions of — Side of Beef Tatum Channing?????? No way.

  • http://yahoo Vicky Staab

    You need someone young to play Anastasia like a Lucy Hale.

  • Grrr

    I hope Ian Somerhalder is picked as Christian, he’d be perfect. as for Anna, I always thought Blake Lively-Reynolds would be great as Anna. I hope they focus more on the innuendos and human story rather than the sex, as sex is great, don’t get me wrong, but a lot of us just don’t want to see certain things. left to the imagination, it is far more powerful.

    • stacy

      I totally agree Ian

  • Valerie

    Matt Bomer is perfect for Christian Grey he’s SEXY, talented & most impotantly is well perfect! ;P & as for Ana Steele Alexis Bledel would be amaxing 😀 please please please Bledel & Bomer for Ana & Christian= 50 Shades of Happiness =D <3333

    • Natalie

      “Impotantly” … lmao, yeah, probably.

  • Penny

    I think Ian would be perfect, but I see Anna as Rachel McAdams,Minka Kelly, Mila Kunis, or Natalie Portman. Let’s just get the movie made….I have read the books 4 times.

  • http://goggle robin

    i have read the books and they are both younger it will be a great movie

  • Mamalissa

    I’m in favor of Matt Bomer or Henry Cavill (if they cast Robert Pattinson, I definitely will NOT be seeing it.) I picture Anastasia more as someone like Rooney Mara or Mila Kunis. I’m not sure Alexis Bledel could pull it off.

  • Che

    Ughhhhhh. There are soooooo many young actors that could play this role. Idk why everyone is hell bent on Ian Somerhalder landing the role. He’s too old!! And he’s really not even that hot. Anyone who thinks he looks better than Henry Cavill or Matt Bomer [even though Matt is too old, too] is SERIOUSLY hallucinating!

    • Baron

      Disagree. Read the book. Part of the hook is that he is a bit older, and she is just a newbie to the big, bad world. A bit naieve as well. You also forget that Ian S has a bit of a babyface, unlike the guys you prefer, which to me you can tag CroMagnon Jaw 1 and 2. Not hallucinating at all, but fantasizing, and cave dwellers don’t do it for me.

  • Wow

    You guys really exist…

  • http://www.webpronews.com/fifty-shades-of-grey-movie-cast-rumors-abound-as-release-date-is-announced-2013-06#respond bear

    I wonder if they will use the casting dungeon to pick the actors in the film. LOL

  • Kayleigh

    Alexander Skarsgard all the way for Christian Grey!!!!!

    • Emily

      I had to Google him. Sorry, but he’s ugly!

  • Sweet

    I think:

    Ana- Emilia Clarke
    Christian- Henry Cavil
    Kate- Juliane Hough
    Mrs. Robinson- Anjelina Jolie
    Grey Parents- Julia Roberts and George Cloony
    Elliot- Channing Tatum
    Mia- anyone lol

  • Angel

    Jensen Ackles as Christian Grey would be SOOOOO hot! But he’d never do it, I’m sure. *sigh*

    • Jessica

      But Jared Padalecki would look the part so much more. If only they could combine the two… GODS! “drool”

      • Cecilia

        I don’t know if you’ve read or heard of the crossfire series but it’s sorta like 50 shades I think jared padalecki would make a great Gideon cross. I don’t know if they would ever make that a movie, but i’m keeping my hopes up.

  • lauren

    I think Christian Bale would be absolutely PERFECT for the part though I’m sure he would never do it. There is no other actor that looks better with his hair slicked back and in a suit.

  • janet

    Julian Hirsch as Christain Gray
    Mila Kunis as Ana

    • lovepurplemuch

      i agree to you that,mila kunis can be ana while i prefer ian as christian…

  • Cami Eberle

    Bradley Cooper = Christian Gray

    • Gena

      I like Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence as the cast — they are great together and believe both of them are great actors — that is my vote –

  • Danielle

    Ryan Phillipe and Jennifer Love Hewitt!

    • amelia

      I’m sorry but JLH is way too old of a hag to play a 20 yr old student. i mean LMAO. maybe she could play christian’s mom, tho.

    • Natalie

      Hmmm, never considered Ryan Phillipe, but he can have an intense look and he is quite good-looking. I think he would do well. He had an awesome character in Cruel Intentions.

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    The part fits Ryan Gosling to a tee.The guy is hot and mysterious and looks great in a suit and without a suit.Besides he really looks dangerous and has the presence of a guy that will do all the sexual things the guy in the novel does.He’ll be fantastic.

  • cry

    Okay. First off. Its going to have to be a guy with hair on his knuckles. Not all these girly men. And the girl is going to have to have an innocent demeanor to at least start with. get it in your heads people. dont just think of two people you want to see naked.

  • Sunshine

    Ian Somerhalder and Lucy Hale. Boom. NOT NOT NOT Emma Watson.

    • joanne precious

      i so lyk agree with you

  • Kris

    A young Josh Brolin would make a hot Christian…

  • Raven

    Ian Somerhalder or Matt Bomer. NOT Rob Pattinson!! If he’s in it I refuse to go see it.

    • Wanda

      I agree with Raven. If Robert Pattinson is cast I will not see the movie….He has no talent at all!!!

  • Nan

    I do not know his real name but how about JON SNOW from Game of Thrones?

    • Jessica


  • Boop

    Christian Grey: Danny Devito
    Ana: Amanda Bynes (in her current state) or whoopi goldberg

  • Maria

    I mean why everyone is rooting for Matt Bomer? Remember he is gay!!! It is the first movie taht is adpated from a book and why the main character of the movie has to be gay? In what part of the book it hinted teh guy is gay?? And also why women fantasize with a man who is in love with other men??

    It will kill the essence of the movie and it be like disrespecting teh book itself.

    • Dee Rivera

      I totally agree! How can you cast a gay man. It would ruin everything. He was in Magic Mike and all my friends knew he was gay so we didn’t even want to see him even though he is very handsome. WE ALL KNOW HE IS GAY! And no Robert Pattinson! He is forever the vampire from Twilight!

    • Aussie

      totally agree..!! Matt Boomer doesn’t fit the role..
      He is a gay an Christian is a masculine and an image of a real man..!!
      I think Henry Cavil would fit the role.. just saying.

  • http://yahoo Cajazzpa

    Ian would be the perfect person to play this role. First of all he has the deep stunning eyes,the body built,can look stern and soft at times when necessary, and he is also very sexy and with the right kind of appeal. Check him in Vampire Diaries. I agree that no actor over 30 should play the part, UNLESS, he looks 28!!

    Also, have you considered the actor, Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen on Arrow? He looks stern, also sexy,a does not smile a lot, but he is also a good Prospect for Christian Grey. Ian or Stephen, either on in MY OPINION, would be GREAT!! Just saying….(smiles)

  • Steph

    I’m sure she wouldn’t do it, but I could totally see Bridgit Mendler as Anastasia. Chris Hemsworth or Alexander Skarsgard would be hot as Christian.

  • Steph

    I’m sure she wouldn’t do it, but I can totally see Bridgit Mendler as Anastasia.

  • Ashley

    Definatley think Ian S. should play Christian cause he fits that profile to a tee! I would like to see Shailene Woodley play Ana cause she has the soft inocent features, I think she would play the part well:)

  • Lee

    Christian=Ian Somerholder
    Ana=Anna Kendrick
    Kate=Blake Lively
    Elliot=Chris Hemsworth
    Grace=Sela Ward
    Carrick=Henry Czerny
    Mia=Emma Stone
    Jack=Cillian Murphy

    • shameka

      I hope that both lead would be a fresh face.. No Ian or Matt.. Mila Kunis is too sexy for Ana.. Fresh faces!!

  • Ruben

    i think it should go to either Ian Somerhalder or John Krasinski. yes i said john krasinski, have u seen how muscular he is getting!!! i love him!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ruben

      and also Ian S. has a HUGE member, if u know what i mean. Look for it, the movie is called ‘Tell Me That You Love Me’!!! let me know what you think!!!!

  • joanne

    Matt bomer and allexis bledel are perfect for the roles

  • Meagan

    What about Stephen Amell (broken arrow tv show). He’s hot, a good actor, and looks the right age. Also he’s not super well known so people don’t automatically associate him with another character. Anastasia will be the really tricky one, finding the right combo of innocence with the ability to really let go into the sex scenes (which will be there, trust me) will be hard to do.

  • Ana

    My vote is for Ian Somerhalder. I think that he would be the perfect Christian. As for Ana, my favorite is Alexis Bledel, but someone like Lucy Hale would great too.
    I just can’t wait for the movie!!

  • Blake

    Ian and Mila

  • Beth

    Ian and alexis bledel as anna!!

  • John

    It should be James Gaudioso.

  • ash

    When I read the book, I could picture only Ian Somerhalder as Cristian Grey! Ian will give the perfect expressions for Christian!
    If not Ian, then my second choice is Matt Bomer! he’s fit the description just like Ian does!

  • Priscilla

    Dan Stevens as Christian

  • http://Crimetalk.org Joseph Kibitlewski

    The real side of those who live their lives in “Shades of Grey” can be found in “Killers, ‘Cuffs & Kisses” , on Amazon books. It is a tad edgy.

  • Allen

    I want Armie and Emma Stone

  • Allen

    Armie and Emma stone… please

  • Christine

    Henry Cavill, please!

    • Aussie

      yeah.. i want henry cavill to be christian..

  • April

    Not too sure about the role of Ana, but I always picture Alex Pettyfer as Christian. Just look at is IMDB pic…he is Christian.

  • Danie

    Charlie Hunnam should play Christian Grey
    Emma Stone should play Anna

  • Pat Cares

    When I read all 3 books, the below were my images. I can see some others but NOT Rob Pattinson or Emila Clarke. If Rob is picked, I will NOT go, that is for sure.
    My strong opinion is:
    Alexis Bledel (1st pick) or Alexandra Daddario as Ana
    With Ian Somerholder or Henry Cavill as Christian

    • Aussie

      Same here.. I’ll prefer Henry Cavil as Christian.. :)
      I know it the moment I see his face..
      he is the same as my imagination about christian grey..

  • srherbine

    And women wonder why they get raped!! MOMMY PORN?? I read the book, What I got from it is SADIST MALE RAPIST and his SLUT SUBORDINATE! You reap what you sow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo Natasha Eldridge

    Not Robert Patterson not for Grey I wont go see it either I mean come on from Harry Potter to 50 shades NOT I don’t think so!!!!!

  • Farrah

    I think Chad Micheal Murray, and Shay Mitchell or Lucy Hale… India Eisley would be good too…..or renee olstead from secret life

  • Sam

    Ian Somerhalder is creepy. Henry Cavill, is perfect! And I think Dakota Fanning would be great for Ana, she could totally pull it off. Google her as a brunette.

  • Chel

    Josh Hartnett as Christian Grey and Blair Waldorf as Anastasia Steele = perfect!

  • Mary

    Mila kunis would completely ruin the movie. Ana is pale skinned number one and more plain Jane. Not striking. Alexis bledal and Matt bomer would do the part wonders.

  • Klasupermom

    Christian- Henry Cavill
    Anastasia- Anna Kendrick
    Kate- Blake Lively


  • rmr

    I think they need to have Ian Somerhalder and Lucy Hale play Christen and Anastasia

  • mina

    Jared Padalecki. When he’s bad, really he’s bad. But also he can be the sweetest man