FIFA World Cup Final: Argentina vs. Germany


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After watching their national team crash out of the World Cup following a humiliating 7-1 loss to Germany, it seems the worst might be yet to come.

Rivals Argentina have just defeated the Netherlands in a thrilling penalty shootout (4-2). This means that it will be Argentina and Germany in the 2014 World Cup final.

The Argentina vs. Netherlands match was admittedly stale when compared to the startling goal-fest that was Brazil vs. Germany. The match was scoreless through regular time and extra time. The only goals came during the shootout.

Perhaps Germany seems stronger than they should based on a performance against a notably weakened Brazil. Star scorer Neymar was ruled out of the World Cup thanks to a terrible injury that resulted in damage to his back.

The loss of Neymar and Thiago Silva (out of the match following to a hotly contested yellow card) left Brazil panicked and it showed. But when Germany advances to the final, they will face a decidedly different team than the one they just defeated.

Argentina would love NOTHING more than to further humiliate their longtime football rivals by winning the World Cup trophy on their turf.

Poor Brazil. The South American nation has not hosted the World Cup since 1950. They had to suffer the anguish of watching Uruguay win the trophy. It was widely hoped that this new opportunity would give the Brazil team a chance to redeem their nation’s honor.

That went terribly wrong. Today's Brazil fans may be left with an even more horrifying memory to live down.

As for the upcoming Argentina and Germany final, it’s very likely to be a thriller.

Germany is going to be full of confidence after downing the host nation with several largely unanswered goals. Meanwhile their Argentinian opponents will see an opportunity to rub a truckload of salt in Brazil’s wounds.

Therefore I wouldn't say either team has the psychological advantage.

The only indisputable fact is that we're facing a football final where anything can happen. It will likely be a Europe vs. South America match-up to remember for years to come!

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Image via Argentina Football Association, Facebook