Fidel Castro Turns 86, Maintains Silence

    August 13, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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Today marks the 86th birthday of Fidel Castro, the Cuban revolutionary and decades-long leader of the Caribbean country. Castro has maintained silence and stayed out of view for two months now, prompting speculation about his health or possible death. A report by Reuters states that the last statement heard from Castro was his opinion column published in the Cuban state press on June 19.

Fidel Castro was the leader of the 26th of July Movement, which over threw the government of Cuban leader Fulgencio Batista on January 1, 1959. In the decades since, Castro has maintained control of the country through the Communist Party of Cuba and a single-party socialist system of government.

Castro has survived assassination attempts and coups throughout his years as Cuba’s leader. According to a 2007 Reuters report, it was revealed that year that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency worked with mobsters to attempt to assassinate Castro in the early 1960’s. When asked about Castro, U.S. President George W. Bush said, “One day the good lord will take Fidel Castro away.” Castro mocked Bush in response. From the Reuters report:

He fired back at Bush’s latest remark with irony.

“Now I understand why I survived Bush’s plans and the plans of other presidents who ordered my assassination: the good Lord protected me,” Castro, a self-declared atheist, said in a statement sent to the foreign media late on Thursday.

Castro stepped down as leader of the Cuban revolution and has largely stayed out of the spotlight since his health began to deteriorate back in 2006. At that time, Castro underwent emergency surgery to correct intestinal bleeding and ceded power to his brother, Raul Castro on what was supposed to be a temporary basis. Since that time, Raul Castro has been in charge of the country. Speculation about Castro’s health has been constant in the years since.

  • Dan

    Hey Fidel, I’ve got a revolution going on, too. It’s called the spirit of 1776, and it was working like gangbusters until those of your ilk showed up on planet earth. One word for you and your brother. Git!

  • Elvira Lopez

    He is still there because the good Lord is given him a lot of suffering, he has to go thru a lot here and the devil will take care of him after his dead. He destroyed one of the most beautiful countries in the world,and kill a lot of peoples. He wants to leave like a king, while the people are hungry. I feel sorry for all the idiots in the world that think he is great and my country is now the best of the world.
    All his followers are full of envy, they do not like to work and wants everything given to them free, they hate the ones that make their money working and doing a lot of sacrifies to get what they work for. Beware of the ones they are teaching the same in this country.

    • Preston

      YOur ignorance is astounding. perhaps read a book.

      • Elvira Lopez


        I do not if you refered to me or the one that wrote the article.

        If you were talking to me about ignorance I really feel sorry because you were talking about yourself.

        Maybe you are the one to need to be educated.

  • Jack Meoff

    Hey Fidel – READ MY NAME, IT SAYS IT ALL!!!!

    And remember this, Fidel: Che is waiting for you in the afterlife; you can each suck the other’s ****!

  • Bob

    F*ck you Fidel motherf*cker! Rot in hell with Vilma, Che and the other commies! Hijo puta!

  • Dottie

    The really sad and scary part is after Fidel dies, there is a long line of evil right behind him to take over Cuba and just keep ruining things for the masses forever.