FDA Warns Of Fake Diet Drug Sold Online

Counterfeit diet drug sold online

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The Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers about an unsafe, counterfeit version of the weight-loss drug Alli sold online.

FDA lab test found the counterfeit Alli has a different active ingredient, a stimulant found in prescription weight-loss drug. People using the fake Alli may be taking three times the usual daily dose of the stimulant if they are following the dosing directions for Alli.

This excessive amount of the stimulant may lead to stroke or heart attack in people who have a history of cardiovascular disease. Even healthy people can experience symptoms, including heart palpitations.


The counterfeit Alli product looks similar to the authentic product, with a few notable differences. The counterfeit Alli has:


  • Outer cardboard packaging missing a "Lot" code;
  •  Expiration date that includes the month, day, and year (e.g., 06162010); authentic Alli expiration date includes only the month and year (e.g.,: 05/12);
  • Packaging in a plastic bottle that has a slightly taller and wider cap with coarser ribbing than the genuine product;
  • Plain foil inner safety seal under the plastic cap without any printed words; the authentic product seal is printed with "SEALED for YOUR PROTECTION";
  • Contains larger capsules with a white powder, instead of small white pellets.

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FDA Warns Of Fake Diet Drug Sold Online
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  • http://www.controldatanic.com agency

    Doesnt sound like its fake, it just works 3 times as well. I wonder if they are being produced in the USA or coming from another country

  • http://hubpages.com/profile/dame+scribe Gin

    I think it would be great to offer some sort of ‘stamp’ for legitimate business offers that consumers can easily identify during the search process or landing page to ensure safety and welfare of all peoples or even a site with a marquee giving alerts? just some thoughts. Safety should be everybody’s concern. Thanks for the notice.

  • Philip

    Just great, first they eliminate normal healthy food and try to stuff us full of aspartame and high fructose corn syrup then when people get fat and unhealthy they develop a pill for it which turns out to be poisonous. Just beautiful. You also notice that they adulterated pill that could kill people has twice as much of the active ingredient as the normal pill, what if someone took three of the FDA approved pills, would they be at risk of dying? Talk about a narrow therapeutic index.


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