Fattest State in America Revealed by the CDC

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Fattest State in America Revealed by the CDC
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It’s common knowledge that Americans are getting fatter, but the statistics paint a bleak picture of just how large we are, as well as how disparate different regions of the U.S. are in terms of the size of their people.

This week the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention released its latest map showing adult obesity rates in individual states. According to the CDC’s annual Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) report, Mississippi is America’s most obese state for the sixth year in a row. The report shows that over one-third of Mississippians, 34.9%, are obese. Louisiana comes closest to Mississippi with 33.4% of its citizens classified as obese, and West Virginia rounds out the top three with a 32.4% obesity rate.

On the other side of the spectrum, Colorado is the least obese (though not exactly trim) state with only one-fifth, 20.7%, of its population being obese. Hawaii (21.8%) and Massachusetts (22.7%) round out the top three least-obese states.

The Southern states topping the most obese list and the western states topping the least obese list are no anomalies. The South had the highest precentage of adult obesity with 29.5%, while Western states had fewer obese people, with a 24.3% rate. The Midwestern states do rival the south’s size, though, with a 29% obesity rate. In fact, around a dozen Southern and Midwestern states are heavily tipping these rates higher with extremely high obesity rates. According to the CDC, Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, and West Virginia all have obesity rates above 30%. The Northeastern states are closer to Western states, with a 25.3% obesity rate.

A full list of states and the prevalence of obesity for the people who live in them can be found on the CDC website.

When considering what these statistics say about the size of Americans, remember that these averages only include Americans who are obese. It does not include the number of Americans who are simply overweight. The CDC considers an adult who has a body mass index (BMI) of over 30 to be obese. Adults with a BMI between 25 and 29.9 are considered overweight.

(Picture courtesy CDC)

Fattest State in America Revealed by the CDC
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  • http://Yahoo.com Sheila Guilford

    Please sennd weekly information to this WEB SITE.Thanks

  • Laura

    Massachusetts is misspelled in the article.

    • Sean Patterson

      Corrected, thank you!

  • junfooder

    When you lives in Tornado country, you gotta keep the weight on to keep from flying away. That’s why they eat all three food groups. Fried, Re-fried and Deep Fried.

  • funnyfood

    Ten out of the Top 11 Fat States are Republican states. These fat republicans are the ones driving up the cost of Health Care, costing the rest of us Billions of Dollars in Health Insurance.

    • GetOverit

      Never fails for someone to bring in politics. We could talk about feet and it would turn into politics. Seriously….

    • jim

      Yeah,, but nearly ALL of the states with the most red ink are DEMOCRAT states.. Driving up the cost of EVERYTHING..

      • Joseph

        What are you talking about Jim? 12 states are dark orange. Out of those 12, only one has been a blue state since 1992. Indiana is very republican (even though Obama did win in ’08). Some of the other dark orange states voted for Clinton in 1992 and 1996, but they are all very conservative, with the exception of Missouri, which is leaning republican. In conclusion… of the 12 states that are dark orange, only one, Michigan, is expected to be blue in the 2012 election. Nearly all of the states with the most red ink are REPUBLICAN states.

  • Liam

    Of Course the West States are slimmer, they have Asian immigrants, and the South has Mexican/South American immigrants. And the East has Euro fatties.
    It’s a boiling pot in America, of course we are going to be the “Obese” country, this is always stupid to talk about. I am considered “Obese” at 6ft 240lbs, but can do more work then a 6ft 170lbs person.

    • http://webpronews john smith

      Check your facts, funny. It has nothing to do with the geographical inluences of immigration or immigration in general. The European country with the highest obestity rate is Slovakia at 22% followed by England at 20% while every other nation on that continent is in the teens. It has everything to do with their dietary intake and their lazy, self-indulgent, someone else will resolve the problem, I aint gonna exercise mentality. Americans are a sloppy nation in the eyes of the world. Absolutely revolting.

      • Ruth

        Not all Americans are lazy etc. I gave my car up about a year ago and bike everywhere. I don’t even take the bus. The weight is coming off of me at a steady rate. Someone wants to give me a car. It’s the last thing on earth that I want. With the rise in gas prices I see more and more people biking and taking the bus.

    • Jake

      Hey, if you are 6 feet, 240 lbs, you are getting really close to obese buddy. You say you can do more work than a 6 foot, 170 lb person? I will take that challenge anyday of the week. I am 6’1″, 175 lbs. There is no way a person packing an extra 65 lbs is doing any work at a faster rate than me. Sorry dude, nice try but not gonna happen. Lose some weight and stop trying to make it sound like 240 lbs is a healthy weight for someone who is 6 feet tall. You’re not fooling anyone.

      • Youre A Dumbass

        Smh you really are a dumbass.Considering that a person 6ft 240 could actually be a personal trainer or very physically fit youre assessment of said person couldn’t outdo you is truly asinine

    • Susan

      Liam: There are more Mexican immigrants in the West than any other immigrant group. That includes all of the states in the West such as NV, AZ, CO and UT.

      Overall, Mexicans make up a small percentage of immigrants in the South. For instance Mexicans make up 1% of AL.

      Stop using racism to make excuses for the obesity in the South.

  • Patty

    Did you all think that maybe there is a statistical link between poverty and obesity. There have been dozens of studies that have shown that poverty, obesity, high heart disease, diabetes and poor health care are all concentrated in a few areas. Look it up..

    • Jennifer

      Of course there is a link in poverty and obesity. One major reason is the price of unhealthy fattening food! A Mcdouble is a dollar and little Debbie snacks are 75 cents.

    • Jennifer

      When people say obese, most of the time its a BMI score over 30. Our problems come from the quality and cheapness of our food. How its advertised and how early we start our kids off eating these unhealthy food products. Our lack of exercise is mind blowing. Cars, trains, Escalators. All inventions to make our life more simple and a faster pace. Humans made these things for good when in reality it is reducing our quality of life as well as our lifespan. America is the Fattest country and that’s one of the things we are known for and its humiliating. We need to stop abusing our bodies!

  • Dick Howell

    It is all a matter of economics. Hamburger Helper is cheaper than lean meat.

    • mc

      except hamburger helper doesn’t have any meat in it!

    • ph

      Actually those boxed dinners are very expensive when you look at what you get. It’s a myth that healthy food has to be expensive and fast food is cheap. Cooking from scratch is the cheapest way to go if you know how to shop- basic ingredients like beans, brown rice, frozen vegetables or fresh fruits and vegetables in season, milk, and eggs are much cheaper than fast food and packaged prepared foods that tend to be loaded with salt and saturated fat. Cold cereal is a good choice too if you get the low sugar generic varieties. Generic oat or bran cereals are cheaper and healthier than the brand name high-sugar, low fiber ones.

  • paul

    maybe,we need to look at who is deciding what the standards are. then look who is trying to make who happy enough to keep their funding going.it’s easy to interpret facts any way they want to.

  • armin sommer

    America is grossly overweight in relation to the rest of the earths population. The excessive combined girth of it population has caused the earth to wobble out of orbit and lobbed the planet closer to the sun resulting in global warming.

    Thats my theory and I’m sticking with it.

    • Joseph

      You’re first sentence is a true statement… but you’re theory is false.

  • Brandon

    I find these “studies” absolutely idiotic. I am in the Air Force and have been around the world and no matter where you go there are sickeningly obese people. To say that Americans are lazy is also stupid since when compared to the rest of the world we are required to work longer hours with less time off than most countries around the world. Also BMI can be measured in different ways and can vastly affect the results. If you just take height and weight measurements and calculate BMI from that according to the Air Force I am obese at 6’2″ and weighing 200lbs but I work out every day and can pass the stringent PT tests we are required to do.

    • Darrel

      Get real I was 20 years in the Army and have seen the Air Force PT test, that was a joke.

    • Leo

      You obviously havent been in Denmark then. Americans are getting fatter and fatter. Nobody needs statistics or experts to realise that. America is a country of fatties now at days. Good for you being in the air force and staying on shape, but most people who have an average job in an office pretty sure doesnt bother doing any exercise.

  • Deedle

    I think it’s the fear parents have of conflict with their kids. Fast foods keep their kids’ mouths occupied faster than foods they have to prepare and the children have to be taught to like. TV and computers keep them quiet and out of the way. It’s parental reluctance to hold their children to family standards, if, indeed, their family has any.

  • michael hood

    the south is simply gross. As in gross vehicle weight 2500lbs.

  • peppers

    The bottom line: The food taste better in the South.

  • Rich

    The State with the highest obesity rate – Mississippi at 34.9%
    The State with the highest per capita food stamp usage – Mississippi at 20.7%

    • John Alexander

      I love how Republicans claim that Liberals are welfare queens, even though red states use the most government entitlements. They are the lazy ones!

  • Amanda

    Of course it was a southern state! We deep fry everything, smother it in gravy with biscuits, and top it off with sugary sweet butter that is probably fried also haha It’s so good though. But, moderation is key!! I love southern food, but I couldn’t eat that way every single day. I did as a child because you ate what was prepared for you, but as I got older and started preparing my own meals for a husband from Montana, I realized he couldn’t handle it and neither could I anymore! I still indulge in it occasionally, but I work out and stay active and eat healthier for sure.

  • it figures…

    It figures that W.Va and Mississippi are in the top three… some of the most idiotic people I know on the net are from those states. I think their poor diet has affected their ability to think rationally.

    • John

      Yea, it’s because of the state someone lives in that makes them act the way they do. Their are as many stupid people in say,Oregon as in the south.

    • bizz

      Wow…your comments are a dog’s-lunch of insanity. Seek professional help, buddy

    • Kelly

      So you talk to couple people from them states and you just assume that they are all stupid and fat? ive talked to people on the internet that say shit like you and if your like them your a fat lazy dick.

  • gabbie

    Wow, I would just say that american in general are just lazy, and what we do me including is sit here and attack a website providing us with what we already know but dont want to accept. Who cares if your in the military it has nothing to do with the US as a whole, Im obese because I didnt care neough until it was too late, some people just dont care. Americans have the money to splurge on fast food becuase its cheaper and convinent compared to cooking at home or paying for healthy foods.

    • Saphora

      judging by the olympics and whooping EVERY countries ass we are still fat and lazy??

    • Ruth

      Plus a lot of Americans drive up to windows to order a bag of fat, salt and chemicals (fast food) Walk or bike for your errands. Trust me you won’t be tempted to stop off and eat on your way home. The last thing you want when biking is a full or even partially full stomach.

    • http://www.prophecies.spruz.com Preacher

      It’s not that we are Lazy, and it’s not fast foods, we in America are “Products of our Invironment” no where else but in America do we have the most “Butt Backwards” Organization called the Codec Alamatarius, the people who have made Nutrients as Illeagal as Heroin, sure they were created to keep poisons, and toxic chemicals, from entering our food supply, but as any organization that is for the reduction in population, as well as control of that population the goal would be to make us fat and lazy. This is accomplished by using Gluten in all wheat products, its a fatty acid that is just that, it is the main cause (80% of Obese) of fat on the “Barrel Bellied” folks in the U.S. I urge everyone to research my findings before dismissing my claim, I don’t want you to believe me, what I want is to make you curious enough to check it out yourselves, upon doing so you will see that there is plenty of info on these facts, and to get the truth you will have to read and compare, but to say we are lazy don’t even go there. If our President didn’t ruin our country we would more than likely still have jobs and we all know that it would keep us more fit to have one. So fat and lazy? I don’t think so. Products of our Invironment, OH YA!

    • Lori

      We should be outside playing!

  • Phlip

    Pretty in accurate article.
    Illinois is between two fat states but Illinois is not a fat state?
    get real.

    • Joseph

      How does what states a state is in between have to do with the state? The majority of people who live in Illinois live in the Chicago metro area. Chicago is very different from Missouri or Indiana. You can see the most obese states are red-states. Chicago is a very blue city.

  • David Phillips

    I Believe the reason is Comfort Foods, People are way to busy during there So-Called work day. Just look around and see how many people are talking on their cell-phone and driving I.E. Multi-Tasking = Not paying Attention, everyone’s always in a hurry. This ME FIRST Additude, is killing America, by stressing everyone out, this is why we eat comfort foods, to De-Stress…..People, Please SLOW DOWN, It’s not worth killing yourself or others over (Car Accidents), just take one day at a Time. Just Sayin’ If Your in that much of a hurry – You Should have left 15 – 20 minutes earlier, and don’t ride my Bumper…

  • CSHannen

    I just completed a 9,100 mile roadtrip across the USA. Observing people as I travled, the results of this study were obvious. I actually commented to my husband on how much healthier people looked then back home. Towns and cities all over the West have provided their people with safe bike routes that make it perfectly practial to bike to work or to the closest local fresh food resturant, which there are a lot of. There are public trails and open spaces easily accessed by community members. Lastly, eating healthy is “cool” where in the South, people call you a rabbit for eating a salad, while they down their 3rd Mt. Dew and Big Mac. Out West, there’s a conscience focus by the majority on health and vitality that I don’t see in the South…where I grew up and still live. My observations support this study.

    • Fatties ‘R’ US

      Oh please. Another hippie in that broke ass state of californication speaks up…

      I would argue eating a salad is extremely unhealthy and the reason why so many females are weak as a feeble old man. You keep eating that salad, I’ll take my meat and potatoes any day. BTW, I’m 205 @ 8% body fat and ALL of my blood markers are near perfect.

      SALAD, ha fking ha!

      • Lori

        Really? Are you like 8ft tall @205#? 8% BF is unhealthy if not life threatening.

        • ron

          Just because he is 205 pounds doesn’t mean he is fat. He said he is only 8% body fat so that 205 is obviously muscle weight.

        • fatties r u

          he’s probably on steroids….

    • Kelly

      SMH, shut up and go eat your salad.

  • Gina

    Screw the CDC a large percentage of the diseases we have today can be traced back to compromised endocrine systems from the chemicals we drink, eat and breathe. Do a little research on endocrine system disease…wake up people!

  • Marty

    screw people getting fatter… you know what’s really disturbing? reading some of these idiotic replies! The top of the graph says “SELF-REPORTED OBESITY”… that right there should tell you that this will not be an accurate study at all, but more an interesting figure to spark debate. Seriously though, I know tons of fat people who still think they’re big boned. Furthermore, I’m way more appalled at the amount of stupidity in these comments… bad grammar, misspelling words that should have been taught in 3rd grade… seriously people, is it that hard to keep “there”, “their”, and “they’re” in order? stop worrying about how fat America is getting, but really start to worry about how stupid it’s getting. Maybe once we smarten up, we’ll start eating better too.

    • hkin sey3

      I am glad we have you to worry about the really important things like spelling and grammar. I am with you….health, government, quality of life, peace of mind and things like that are a far distant second. I am so sure of your credentials that I am going to nominate you for the Nobel Piece Prize. You are the missing peace in the puzzle.

      • Jimmy

        It would be Peace Prize.

      • anonymous

        While I believe obesity is a problem that only gets worse when people become older, I am also irked by so many people who don’t seem to care that their misspellings make them seem ignorant. However, I also know that sometimes I will misspell something because of the smart type feature on iPhones which will type something that you didn’t intend to be typed. Then again if I see more than one or two misspellings then I know that’s probably not the case.

    • Lori

      OK, you miss the mark here. Obesity causes chronic diseases that kill people. Grammar errors don’t. If you’re going to get on your soapbox be sure you pick the right forum.

  • Dante Walker

    Doesn’t this map look eerily similar to the red and blue states on the vote for president….

    • Amy

      LOL-I love this comment :)

  • Fatties ‘R’ US

    These numbers are severely understated. I can assure you, the obesity rate in PA s much higher than the stated 25%-30%. Anecdotal evidence (my own observations) place the number closer to 75%. All you have to do is go to the mall and count people walking by. At least 7 out of 10 are morbidly obese.

    Absolutely disgusting. And all these fat f—- will *EXPECT* medicare to foot the bill when they get older…

    • Lynn

      In 20 years, look in the mirror. Your attitude will likely be different.

      • ??

        How did you have time to observe the entire state of PA?

    • fatties r u

      All your observations prove is that 7 out of 10 people that go to the mall are morbidly obese….

  • Katie

    Maybe if we got rid of the fast food joints all over the US then the obesity rates would go down? I’m guessing the media’s bank accounts would go down too as well as the amount of dollars generated in taxes. It’s almost as if this article is a joke. They tell us we’re fat and then they’ll put up advertising or an article for Taco Bell or McDonald’s.

  • PA

    Louisiana is also ranked as #1 happiest state in the union.

    I’m 6’1 and weigh 145 pounds. But why exactly is it a crime to be overweight? Who decides what we “should” do or look like?

    I’ve lived in Los Angeles now for 10 years now (I’m from New Orleans) and all I see is a bunch of beauty-obsessed, miserable, angry people driving fancy cars.

    California is one of the least happy states, according to that same survey that ranked Louisiana #1.

    Maybe it’s our perceptions of what it means to be happy that (also) needs a major overhaul in this country.

    (Source: Journal of Science study, 2009.)

  • http://yahoo kwr

    OMG! Well I’m glad I don’t live in “Ole Miss”, but I do still live in one of the orange colored states, I can’t understand it, but there it is maybe its because WE as a country have become lazy and out of shape, I hate to think we have become so super over indugent as a society,perhaps i should not speak I myself tip the scales as a 51 yr old male who is 5’8″ 185lb man but I do a better job of keeping myself from tipping the scales any larger than they already are, as for excercise I do walk and eat a lighter meal too, because every litte thing you do helps to keep you from BLOWING UP to an Overweight proportion that could start spiraling out control I don’t want to harp but DIET and EXCERCISE are EXTREMELY Vital in maintaining one’s Physical and Mental Health as to Promote a Good Human Well being as it were.

  • FLhazel

    I’m sure this is underestimated. It is SELF-REPORTED obesity. a lot of people probably think they are “big” or “overweight” but not “obese”. That being said, the relative numbers are probably accurate. No reason for more people in one state to think they are “obese” rather than fat than in another.

  • bentley

    o.k so where a fat ass state. that is not a reflection on the great people here. mississippi, the poorest state in the union, gives more to charity than any other state in the union. the least giving is maine, the richest state in the union. we may have a weight issue but we look after others. the liberial state of maine gives the least. greed, i’ll take giving and overweight over greed any day.i just wanted to share that. know any racist comment can come now………..

    • Joseph

      Where did you find the fact that Mississippi gives the most money to charity? California has 11X the people that Mississippi has, I’m sure Californians donate more in total. And if you mean per capita according to the Wall St. Journal the most charitable state is Utah. And just another question, where did you find the fact that Maine is the richest state? The richest state is Maryland. Maine is the #31st richest state.

    • garryjones12

      LOL, Mississippi gives to churches, which now adays barely use the money to give to the poor, and just use it to fight gay marriage. They don’t give to REAL charities, and Utah doesn’t either. The mormons are by far, the most selfish church in the world. All they do is build castles, with no consideration for anyone else. Keep telling yourself Mississippi, the poorest, fattest, and least educated (Only 3 percent of students take their SATS, LOL) is the best state, because it is BY FAR the worst.

  • bentley

    the weight issue is a direct reflection on the poverty rate of a state. simple…

  • Brandon

    I love how there’s not even a 1-<15% range, and at least 15% of any given state is overweight. We're just that fat.

  • Rocky Lippert

    I would send in a comment but I ate my laptop!! Whenever I decide to get off the couch I will start my diet. But until then kiss my big fat Mississippi mudhole!!! Catch me on the back end. It’s not hard to find cause I love eating. We’re just being eating and screwing our cousins!!

  • Taylor

    This is getting bad.

  • thugangel


  • thugangel

    united states of fat

  • Patrick

    Technically, it isn’t regions of the country that are obese. The obesity rates are highest where the poverty rates are highest. Good nutrition costs money, education, and access.

    • http://yahoo wanda

      I totally agree with you. this is not just happened in the past few years this has been the norm for a long time. When individuals have poor food choises or they feel that they do not know when they will eat again they tend to overeat. However I feel that is each individuals responsibility to take care of their own health. One must think before they eat, it is my belief that even if you are poor do not have to be overweight. Any food can be eaten it is the quanity that puts on the pounds. I eat sweets and junk food but I try to limit the intake of them it is called caring about yourself and willpower do not ever overeat anything not even good food it is hard f your entire system. Basically it leads to CARING about your body.

  • L

    Fast food. Soda. City design that requires a car to get everywhere, rather than the options of public transportation, walking, or biking. Lazy people. Subsidized corn products instead of produce. Obese people that pass on unhealthy diets to their kids, stuffing them full of bread, soda, hamburger helper, and Happy Meals. Kids that play video games all day instead of going outside. Lazy adults providing. It’s called a bicycle. Use it. It’s called a salad. Eat it.

    • d

      You hit the nail on the head!

  • L

    Meant to say – ‘lazy adults providing a bad example.’

  • NewlyCanadian

    Proud to be an American….do you think when people from the starving/poor countries go online all they see is stories and reports on how fat americans are getting each day? I hope so…. or is there not internet in those types of places so they just assume everyone’s starving????

    • mes

      i’m not sure how many people regularly browse the internet while starving in 3rd world countries…

  • kelli

    There is an obvious correlation between obesity and states which lack good public transportation. Places with better public transportation tend to have less overweight people because walking is integrated in their lifestyles. In car cultures we get rides from door to door and don’t have to walk anywhere unless we make a purposeful effort to do so (i.e. going on a “walk or a jog” or going to the gym). (LA is the only car culture which doesn’t apply to this theory for obvious reasons).

  • Uncle Phil

    I take it they haven’t been to SOUTHERN California lately. Obesity Central.

  • Pinksnowkitten

    or MAINE! lol

  • http://www.webpronews.com Adela

    I live in the southernmost tip of TX. We’ve been labeled as the fattest area in our state. I’m afraid I have to agree. Although I’ve been going to gyms on & off most of my life, mostly on & I’m doing OK. I could be doing better. In the small town I live in there are no sidewalks, no parks with walking/jogging tracks. If you try n ride your bike you will easily get run over by drunks or drug users or texters. Take your pick. I’ve begged the city board members to build a park with jogging trail for years, all to no avail. For now I will try to be at the school track at 4 am & be done by 5:30, before the school buses are due to arrive. Head home, shower & get ready for work. Sometimes that doesn’t work cuz they padlock the fence at the school track & you can’t get in. Also not too many healthy places to eat. Quizno’s is my favorite but they’ve been closing their stores everywhere around here. Don’t know why.Sheesh! Going Crazy! HELP!!!

  • http://www.webpronews.com Adela

    Forgot to mention that my disabled daughter n I have tried walking around our neighborhood, but dogs are running rampant everywhere. Wish the dog catcher would enforce people to put their pets on a leash.

  • Mike

    That Southern food is good and everything is pretty much fried. Even the cereal is dipped in lard. Trust me, if salads tasted like chocolate, everyone would be straight.

  • keithmcwilliams

    Loose the sugar/loose the fat

    • mary j

      It is lose” not loose.

  • Douglas

    I hope the south just keeps getting fatter….that way they’ll all die sooner. Fry…fry…fry…loose more teeth and just get bigger!!!!!


  • knine

    It true southern is fat dumb and lazy. and Republican

    • Norman

      “It true southern is fat dumb and lazy. and Republican”

      Speaking of dumb .Why don’t you reread your sentence and check your English

      It should be ” It’s true. Southern people are fat,dumb and lazy. They’re republican too.”

      • walt

        So Norm, what’s your waist size? Are you as fat as your big mouth? I’m from the South, have a college degree. At 54 years of age can squat 280 lbs and I probably make more money than you…and yes, I’m a republican. Your statement is wrong and stupid.

        • walt

          Sorry Norm, I meant my remarks for As-i- Nine.

    • The Leveler

      I think you spelled your name wrong..should be ‘Asi-nine’..not K-nine.

    • scott

      When insulting someone including there intelligence try and make sense, spell correctly and thirdly do us all a favor and don’t reproduce.

      • mary j

        insult their intelligence, not there.

  • L

    Exercise is a factor – but often a minor one. Diet is key. All the exercise in the world won’t help you if you eat at McDonald’s and drink Mountain Dew all day until your teeth rot. Unless you’re Michael Phelps, you’re not likely to walk it off.
    I feel for the lady in TX who posted. I live in an area that has a culture of organic food and physical activity and sometimes don’t realize how much of that I take for granted, until I visit somewhere else that is not.
    I suppose one can always order a treadmill…an interim solution… but I hope your city planners will work on that issue because nothing beats a sunny walk.

  • L

    On second thought, I guess Michael Phelps would swim it off, not walk it off. I wonder what happens when he can no longer work off his 12,000 calorie a day diet. Gonna suck to have to go to celery! =)

    • knine

      Dallas and Houston is an exception but, the rest of Texas fat, dumb and lazy like the rest of the south. ex and Fla and Georgia that how the rest of the world look at southerners. It wouldnt be true if they had more growing citys and stop worrying about race and class.

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