Fantasy Avengers Are the Best Avengers

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Fantasy Avengers Are the Best Avengers
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Over at Deviant Art you will find lots of fantasy genre (books, games, and movie) artwork and fan art of comic superheroes to peruse. But none of them quite combine fantasy and superhero genres quite like this one.

Artists often post here to allow viewership of their recent works in hopes of picking up a gig, or just to show off. While these posts from theDURRRRIAN will likely never be featured in a game or comic book cover, it is an awesome way of showing off the artists skills. And they’re just fun to look at — Feel free to play the role of fantasy superhero uber-geek, and get lost in these fan-art masterpieces…


i present to you the Captain


the big green guy


So my housemate gave me the idea of painting the avengers with a high/dark/ epic fantasy setting and who better to start with than loki.


took a less ‘sexed-up’ approach so hopefully it works out

Descriptions are from the artist’s page here. He wrote that this will hopefully be a large collection, featuring more Avengers and possibly some other super heros thrown in there. Let’s hope so, because these are fantastic.


This isn’t an Avengers work, but I included it here just to show off as an interesting concept. This barbarian woman takes the concept of Portal and places it in a fantasy world. I suppose the protagonist would slice at the wall to open a portal, and it would peel back like slicing through flesh. A fun concept to think about for fans of Portal.


And finally, I just liked the style of this one. The lightning effects are very cool, and I like how it sort of distorts the image behind it. The artists uses broad and sometimes crude brushstrokes to create the strange pattern and give this work a sense of tension, like this guy is going to destroy everything in his path without breaking sweat.

[ht: GeekTyrant]

Fantasy Avengers Are the Best Avengers
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  • a woman

    You need to work on your anatomy a little. You made the girls rather saggy on all of the women…

  • Blitz

    The first one is cool. The rest are just bad designs all around. This is pretty crap. Good illustration ability does not mean good design concept ability. I like the idea of a Fantasy version of them. But these are so bad. And they fall apart when having to illustrate an actual human type figure and not just that armor style.

  • crossfirexiv

    Your art style is curiously similar to that of Arenanet’s Guildwars 2.





    • AllParis

      The styles aren’t that similar, the the tools and some design elements are but that’s really it

  • saggy myself

    yeah, ’cause women NEVER have anything put perfect, perky girls.

  • http://gw2.com Just a dev

    Nice GW2 inspired fanart!

    • Huh

      What makes you think they’re GW2 inspired? I thought they were just fantasy inspired.

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