Fan Punches Woman After Jets Game [VIDEO]

    October 21, 2013
    Erika Watts
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In yet another example of fans behaving (very) badly, a male New York Jets fan was caught on video punching a female Patriots fan after the Jets’ controversial overtime 30-27 victory yesterday. We aren’t talking about an accidental elbow to the face while in a scuffle with another fan, either.

A fan recorded the video of the fight that occurred while fans were making their way out of MetLife Stadium. The fan that submitted the video to Deadspin provided the following background info on the fight: “Fight started in the stands with two girls fighting. And moved out to where I shot the video. Beer was thrown and clothing over the balcony. Security went after the guy. Didn’t see what happened after that.”

Watch the video below to see the Jets fan getting into an altercation with the woman and decking her.

Emotions were running high, as the Jets’ winning field goal came off a controversial penalty. After a missed 56-yard field goal, the Jets were given a second chance because of a 15-yard penalty on Patriots DT Chris Jones after he pushed a teammate onto the field (new rule for 2013), which gave them a first down. After going three and out, the Jets were then able to kick the winning field goal. While it isn’t surprising that a scuffle broke out after the game, the punch the Jets fan landed on the woman certainly is.

We can see the Jets fan getting into an altercation with a darker haired woman first. After those two were separated, another female Patriots fan ran up to the Jets fan and he wasted no time in rearing back and punching her straight in the face. Another Patriots fan tried to get in the mix, and you can make out another fist flying up at the Jets fan, but things seemed to cool down before the video ended.

So far no arrests have been made in the situation, but the New Jersey State Police are investigating the fight and are looking for the identity of the Jets fan that punched the woman. “We are aware of the situation and we do not tolerate that behavior,” a Jets spokesman said. “Parties involved were detained and this matter is now in the hands of the New Jersey State Police.”

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  • Fritz

    I’m not saying it’s ok for a man to hit a woman, because i would never do it personally, but in a society when women want EQUAL TREATMENT when compared to men, they must also except EQUAL RESPONSIBILITY for their actions

    afterall we are not a world of men and women, black white and so on .

    we are a world of HUMAN BEINGS, and no one human being should get preferential treatment over another, because of their finances, skin color, OR GENDER

    and as you cans see in the video, she came after him , and it was self defense.

    now what he did to the person before this one rushed him , i am now sure who started that one.

    but it’s likely she rushed him due to that , who knows

    • http://yahoo agamble

      Unfortunately, there was nothing equal about the size difference. A 250 lb. plus man versus a 125 lb. woman? He overreacted which is definitely an understatement.

      • Huh?

        A 125 pound woman could have a knife just as easily as anyone else. Who are you kidding?

      • Flloydd

        Looked like she was just getting in his face for some fan verbal exchange. He didnt need to punch her. Why not use an open hand and just shove her? A drunk jerk from the onset and it lead to that. Also, if you dont want to get popped like that, well, dont get your face in a drunks face.

        • connie

          Yes he could of been drunk. But he may of been sober too .Just because he is a man and at a game you automaticly think he has been drinking. Why didn’t you say the woman was drunk, cause she was a woman? let someone hit you like she did and see if you reacted any different.

  • Fritz

    looking at it again , and yea, 2 people came after the Jets fan , the woman , and maybe her bf or relative ?

    either way , self defense

    • Observer

      I watched the first 15 seconds a few times. Hard to know what happened prior to it but there was at least 6 going after the guy. Dont condone it but I see that as self defense also.

      • Joe Chong

        I saw 3 girls and a guy.

  • Willard Whiteman

    On one video you can clearly see where he sucker punches her. What a NY low life punk.

  • Jaclyn

    Can we call them both morons and just move on?

  • Jake

    She went after him, next time she will know better. In addition, mix in some alcohol and there you have it.

  • http://webpronews Jrocker

    Watching the video, he is assaulted by the women, and is defending himself. Also he did not really punch her that hard, If he really laid into her she would have become part of the cement. If a women wants to play with the “big boys” she better know the rules of engagement. It`s time that women that demand equality except they are no longer going to get a free ride, take your medicine like a man has to.

    • MV

      you f*cking idiot….she wasn’t looking at all…how is that a fair fight? He clearly suckerd her you dummy!

  • Free Speech

    What a sissy! America has become a nation of girly boys.

    • Mr. Kowalski

      I agree! I woulda knocked that b**** out in one punch. This guy barely rocked her. Gotta plant your feet and put your hips into it, dude!

  • John

    Holy $##@. I can’t believe the number of scum bags actually trying to rationalize and condone the MALE punching the female. I don’t care what she did or equal rights or blah blah. Seriously anyone that has condoned this is as much a piece of $#$% as this guy.

    • @John

      It is all about accountability. Shouldn’t women be accountable for their actions?

      She went after him. She could of had a knife. Many women kill men and stab men. If you don’t care about what she did, maybe we should just let women do whatever they want. Where do you draw the line on a woman’s bad behavior? Men are literally spending years and even decades in prison for what that woman just did. Go down to your local prison and talk to a few. See what it is like to have your life taken away and then when you get released, have to struggle to make it in life.

      John, if we are going to make things equal — let’s make them equal. Not sort of equal.

  • GoodForHim

    These chicks gotta pull back from their modern macho-attitude. We’re getting tired of them spitting on the streets, talking like rednecks and playing a “daring challenger”, like this one.

    Here’s what you get now that the law has been favoring women: an excessive sense of self-entitlement and “bravery”.

    • connie

      These chicks as you called us is fed up a lot also with your attitudes. some of us are still women and love the kitchen and the cleaning. Some of us like to watch sports, also. I also like to go to games when I can. But to act like a crazy woman at a game is stupid. I am tired of you men spitting where ever you want also. You right it’s not lady like to spit, but it doesn’t look nice for a guy to do it either. The woman got what she deserved from the man. Yes the police can start treating women and men the same. And it’s not always the mans fault for a woman hitting them. Some women are just fools thing they can get away with hitting a man. And some men they can get away with hitting a woman. I say put them both in a padded cell and let them fight it out till one of them can stand anymore.. just don’t kill each other.

  • With Equality Come Accountability

    We forget in our society that with equality comes equal accountability. Women are simply never accountable for anything they do in this country. Our prisons are full of men and it practically takes a woman to murder someone before she will be sent to prison. Heck, in America a woman can murder someone in front of a news crew and she is still likely to get off — all she has to do is look good. In fact, isn’t there a Casey Anthony story a couple of slots over? If Casey was a guy, none of that would have happened. He would have been convicted from day one. He could have been completely innocent and still convicted. Heck, if Casey was a fat girl, it wouldn’t have got the exposure it did, if you really want to be honest.

    Unfortunately, I have witnessed two many fights in my life. In just about everyone, both parties were at fault. The only exceptions were that I saw gang members just randomly attack some people. It looks like this woman and her friends instigated this confrontation and in fact, the woman clearly goes after the guy.

    If a woman does that, she has to be accountable for what happens next. Trust me, there are plenty of men in prison for what that woman just did. With equality, should come equal accountability.

    • Rich

      Quoting you: “Unfortunately, I have witnessed two many fights in my life”. As for me, I have witnessed three many fights in my life (but I’ve since moved out of that neighborhood).

  • Jon

    Aquamid is not related to Botox at all. It’s not even made by the same company.

    • Jon

      Great, the video it showed is apparently not what everyone else watched.

  • Women Can Do Anything

    Women think they can do anything to a guy and get away with it. If a guy went after a woman the way that woman went after the guy in the video, he would get a 10 year prison sentence. Seen it happen many times. I work in the legal field. Feminism has gotten out of control in this country to the point that women think they can do whatever they want and never have consequences for their actions.

    • Mike

      Fighting is stupid. Men punching women is even more stupid.

      • @Mike

        Why is it so hard understand that if women really want equality then they should be held to the same standards as men? She instigated the whole confrontation.

        By the way, the person you commented to didn’t say fighting was a good thing. He just said that there are consequences for actions — even for women.

        There is a tremendous double standard in this nation and many men have paid with their lives and freedom. Simply put, the standard should be equal for all. If a woman charges after a guy, she should expect for the guy to defend himself.

  • Here’s the deal

    No man should punch a woman with a fist. He should have backhanded her and i would be all right with that. That’s how you hit a woman. Now with that punch he should get his tail kicked.

    • http://google Parkman

      I don’t who you think you are “here’s the deal,” but I know for a fact that you by NO means have any authority at all what so ever to determine how anyone should defend him or herself. Anyone who rushes at a person in such a manner presents an overt threat and at the same time takes on the mutual risk of such and in a case like that it becomes a “NO HOLDS BARRED” circumstance. In other words, if you engage in doing dirt you’re gonna get dirty. That woman, acting like she did, got EXACTLY what she, or anyone else in her position would have, deserved. She made herself an assailant and assailants HAVE NO GENDER! Furthermore, the very fact that you condemn that man for defending himself like he did goes to show that it is YOU who should YOUR tail kicked!

  • Jimmy Lee

    The way you do it is the way I hit Beulah.

    First you take the heel of your palm and bust her in the forehead. It doesn’t leave any marks, but does bruise her skull.

    One punch like that and your woman will stay in line. All I got to do is raise my hand to Beulah now and she gets as quiet as a church mouse.

    • connie

      Hey Jimmy do you want to kill her also ? Boxers get hurt and killed by to many head shots good job jacka&& hurt her somemore. You sure area man…

  • Erik

    I was always taught.. If you’re big enough to hit like a man, You’re big enough to get hit like a man then!

  • Daz

    Step to a man get beat down like one….when ladies start acting like ladies again then the “never hit a woman no matter what” kicks in.

    • James

      It’s lowlife degenerates like you who drag society down as a whole.

    • rhetz11

      And how exactly is a “lady” supposed to act in your opinion, Daz? Just out of curiosity. Don’t get me wrong, they’re both jackasses. However, with that logic, men should also act like men. When I meet one that makes more money than me and steps up to the plate like a man, I will gladly resume my role as a “lady.” Until then, the bills still need paid and business needs to be handled.

  • http://yahoo Mike Patterson

    This is probably one of those same DA fans who waste two days of their bosses time to attend the draft and like an a hole their. Too bad this site will not let me post my address. I would openly give it to him and gladly invite him into my backyard where if his family was lucky they would get all of his man parts back inside of six months. This jack ass gives all of the good new Yorkers I have met over the years a real bad image.

  • G

    Wow, he even hit her when she wasn’t looking. That’s low. Atleast someone tried to come to her defense.

  • greg horn

    You swing on me…OK. Let’s go. Hope you can take as good as you want to give.

  • Sam

    That BTCH got what she deserved. Act like a MAN and get treated like one.

  • spYder

    I suppose it does kind of look like self defense. She was actively pursuing him even though he was being moved away. No one was stopping her. SHE made first contact. However, his response WAS inappropriate because he’s a man. Sadly, as much we push for equality, there is a reason why men and women rarely compete head to head in sports.

  • http://none jerry

    And somebodies surprised that a Jets fan could do this?

    • http://none jerry

      my apologies to the jets fan—deck the bitch

  • Chris

    I am not going to put blame on one individual in this instance. They both were probably drunk, she is just as much to blame as the man. They both hit each other, after she hits him she says “he just hit a F’n girl” (and you just hit a man), and then he sucker punches her when she is not looking. Both seem like douche bags, and both were most likely intoxicated. This should not be looked at as just the man hitting her though, they both are in the wrong here… unless we have grained no ground in society, and the whole equality thing needs to be thrown out the window. Reap what you sow, either it be you are a male or female.

    But those camo shorts are not helping this dudes case one bit.

    • Jonathan

      ” Become Kings and Queens of self control . “

  • JK

    Look at the crackers acting a fool. I could imagine the comments if these were hispanic or black folks.

    • mb holland

      You just showed your political preference. Only a liberal would bring race into it.

    • James Moose

      You are just as much a fool JK. Don’t use the slang word cracker to describe white folks. Im sure you wouldn’t want to be called the “N” word. Btw, Who is our cracker version of Al Sharpton? I must give him a call and complain.

    • Frank

      This is exactly the kind of racial comment that continues to divide us all. I’m white and disgusted by the behavior of the people in this video, and would be, regardless of their race. It’s sad to me that someone would think I would judge them based on their skin tone instead of their character and it just shows me how misguided your opinion of white people is JK. By the way, I’m married to a lovely hispanic woman and have two beautiful children, who will also be defined by their character, not racism. I don’t know what hardships you’ve faced in your life, but we aren’t all white devils. A lot of us care for everyone in this nation, and world. Best of luck to you.

    • MLRS

      Actually it probably wouldn’t make the news. For us, this sort of thing is the exception, for you, the norm.

  • Mercury B

    This report ( like many others ) are very biased. She ran up an attacked ( whether it’s a hit or a push ) the guy as he was being moved away by several other people. But the news did not state this at all, it only chastised the man for hitting the woman. I agree you should not hit a woman but a woman should not hit a man either. It seems more and more women support domestic violence and don’t realize it. I see women hit men more and more but when they get hit back they, them ( and everyone else ) makes a big deal about it. How can domestic violence or violence against women end, if women start just as much controversy as the idiots they are trying to stop.

    • What You Talking About Willis?

      This article isn’t biased at all. It states the facts of the incident and doesn’t really take a stance either either way. Granted the comments are full of bias, but that doesn’t have a thing to do with the articel.

      • Mercury B

        I’m not going to repeat myself. I stated why it was biased in my comment. You probably didn’t watch the video to this either. It was very biased. I’m done until someone comes up with a better argument to my comment. Thank you for responding! No matter what any of us do in life it’s not okay to hit someone regardless of gender…

        • Hmm

          Not really. The article clearly states the woman ran up on the guy before he punched her and that her friend was after him before that. Gotta look it up. I am glad to see that most people didn’t have that reaction that the guy was in the wrong, maybe what he did was a little overboard but you can’t run up on someone like that either. Cops don’t need 2 get involved because a) she wasn’t seriously hurt b) she was the aggressor and c) this isn’t much more than a scuffle that got out of hand. It happens and life goes on.

  • Kenia

    Doesn’t matter what angle you look at—they’re all a bunch of losers.

  • http://www.weloveshon.com shon

    Why did the woman go to the game? I don’t know, but why the hell was she out of the kitchen in the first place?

    • MJA

      To get the punch for that day, hahhaa. It is her fate for the day !
      I liked your comment.

  • MJA

    If you do NOT behave as a lady, then what do you expect ? How come the other ladies did not get the punch from him ? Why only her, did she ask for it ?

    • connie

      To answer your question why did she deserve getting hit and not the other so called woman…a sissy push doesn’t hurt as much a a crazy one punching you. Just like the old saying goes if you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime. For her if you can’t
      take the punch than don’t dish It out. a true woman can fight her own battles and not expect anyone else to fight for her. and she can be a woman the rest of the time. I fight my own battles and never have expected or needed a man o step in and help. SO ladies either stay in the kitchen or stand up for your actions.

  • Men are getting tired.

    What I can sense after reading many of these comments is that frankly, men are getting tired of the nonsense women pull. Men are simply getting very tired of it all. This is what radical feminism does — it divides. Many of the problems we are facing today are the result of feminism out of control. Men are just tired of it all and frankly, I don’t blame them.

  • dan

    The Patriots had to do something to boost the ratings. I thought the punch was better then the game personally!!

  • mb holland

    Woman want to be men as long as they are treated like a woman. I for one am proud of him.

    • http://WebProNews DantheMan


    • aron

      Your a disgusting piece of crap, learn to take a woman, like a man.

    • http://webpronews Liz

      proud he punched a woman….you probably beat your wife/girlfriend or sister or mother. shame on you. I’d love to punch and I am still a lady, loser

      • noneofyour

        you hypocrites. it is clear both women pushed and shoved him first. you can see the brunette push and the blonde slap him. look at the film closely and get off your sactomoneous asses. not matter if she is a women or not…if you assault one…you have a right to defend.

      • MLRS

        Pfft.. you’d get dropped like a used condom. You all want equal rights until you get.. equal rights.. then you want ‘special’ rights.

      • http://webpronews Outlaw

        Women in this country mostly are idiots.. IF they acted like this woman did in some countries, they’d be taken to the public square and flogged or buried to their belly and stoned. Females take it to the extreme and want it both ways. When convenient, oh well I’m a woman and you should pay for everything and treat me like a lady. But then the next minute, its well I demand equality and my rights blah blah blah. This country is screwed between the sexes thanks to hardcore liberal feminist. Next time you have a hard time finding a good man, send Gloria Steinham, the pig Rosie Odonnell or Hillary a thank you card

  • Kedway77

    Typical football fans. Move along.

    • Joe Chong

      This is why I’m a UFC fan…

  • http://William William Links

    pansy azzed man hitting woman he should have first had his azz kicked and then arrested for hitting a woman.

  • aron

    Figures, everyone stands around recording, ONE dude, who was probably half of the A-holes size, actually took action. This should have been a video none of us should have seen. Due to the crowd stomping dude to death, LITERALLY. I don’t tolerate women being hit, as no one should. I don’t know if I’m more disgusted that nobody did anything, or the fact that he actually did that! Hope he gets what he deserves! I’m so disappointed, and disgusted! Its one drunk dumb-a, vs, well,, a MOB!

  • just me

    I live in St.Louis. During the Cardinals vs. Dodgers seris here. I sat in a very large sports bar across the street from the stadium. Over 2500 people in this 4 story bar ( paddy o’s ) there was one couple wearing Dodger Blue. Just one couple. At the end of the Game the couple announced that St,louis has the best Fans because there was no harrasment, No pushing and that they were some what fearfull when they came. WHY CANT YOU DUMB F___ HOOSIER arse fans no be nice. Its a Game. I mean we did have a lot of very drunk people and not one word or insult were thrown at the couple. The club commended us for our fans. Hey Kids u want to learn how real adult Fans act. Come to st.louis, no one will do this kind of sh-t here u dumb as- hoosier jerks. what a low life.

    • Me and Myself

      Ummmmm……why Hoosier arse fans? Hoosiers are from Indiana. This is from New York. And a Boston fan was involved. Where do Hoosiers come into the mix here?

    • Ken

      Why should anyone be commended for not acting like an idiot? You commend kids for not acting up, not adults.

  • Jack21

    Look like she threw the first few punches. If you’re going to hit a man, better be ready to get hit like a man.

  • Sherry

    Hmmmm, she obviously hit, or shoved, him first. Is he not allowed to defend himself? Granted, he did it a bit harshly. I think all these people need to chill.

  • Mr. Kowalski

    I know exactly how this went down – these two broads decided to “pile on” the guy in the Chrebet jersey, thinking they could get away with it, because they’re cute little chicks. I don’t make it a point to hit women, but if you come at me and want a fight, you’re gonna get knocked the eff out! I’ve been involved in more than a few arguments with a hot-headed broad, while their boyfriend stands alongside her, staring at his shoes. They run their mouths, because they think they’re safe, because they’re “untouchable.” Like I said, come at me once and see what happens to ya!

    BTW, I LOVE to see the Pats lose. An angry, frustrated Tom Brady is like a dang wet dream to me!

    • MJ

      Home field advantage. Terrible call

  • Joe Chong

    1. MEN and WOMEN do not just go around taking swings and throwing punches at one another.
    2. Did anyone else notice there were a total of 3 girls and a guy attacking this one guy? Look at the clip again, it’s not just the 2 girls in the Pats jerseys, the other girl just got pulled off first.
    3. I don’t care if your a “man” or “woman” you take a swing at me and attacks me like that, your my damn enemy.
    4. I don’t think he put everything behind it anyway cause she was still standing and logistically she most likely should have been knocked out.
    5. If alcohol was involved, I wouldn’t be surprised and frankly if you can’t control yourself, all bets are off.
    6. They are supposed to be adults…not god damn kids in school, grow the hell up.
    7. Instead of focusing on him hitting her what about the right way to act like a woman and a man?
    8. Golden Rule…look it up!

    • Joe Chong

      p.s. And the first girl who grabs him around the neck and tries putting him in a headlock…should he have broken her arm? Blonde hits guy guy hits back, other chick tries to grapple his neck guy goes after arm…is that they way it’s going to be in society? How about you don’t act like trash and attack someone and there won’t be any need for someone to defend themselves. Of is self control just too difficult?

    • Joe Chong

      And if I’m wrong about any of these points, tell me why, I’d love to know…but first please see my 1st, 3rd and 8th point. Thanks.

  • Bubbles

    My parents brought me up to respect and NEVER hit a LADY. There were NO LADIES involved here. If you want to be a brawler you got to roll with the punches.

  • davon

    She clearly swung at him first but notice nothing was said about that I my opinion she deserved it. That is one of the many things wrong with this society its ok for women to hit us but then if we hit them back then there is a problem

  • Brian McGrail

    Wow you guys are a bunch of losers. You don’t have to punch a woman in the head to protect yourself.
    Go Sox Go Pats Go Bruins. Get a life. Get a good sports team.

    • GatorGirl

      She didn’t fall to the ground. I’m sure he could have pushed her and done more damage, but from the look of the video she was being pushed back and still kept coming, after the hit to the face, she stopped. I don’t think I would have expected anything less.

    • john

      Yo tony when did your wife make you get your vas deferens cut? or was it your first girlfriend that convinced you to remove your testicles so you wouldn’t even look at another woman? Anytime a woman gets that close to me looking for a physical interaction, I don’t disappoint and give her what she really wants. She obviously would of preferred a longer humping in a more private place (not too many at the stadium; back seat of the car, restroom, locker room or under the stands would suffice), but if this guy gets off slapping and sloppy punching in public who are we to question it. It is a free country. Punch those HOS! nothing wrong with it and she probably also got a good orgasm or two out of it.

  • RaiderChick

    OMG im so glad alot of you agree with me and i agree with you! I watched the video like twenty times and those “women” desereved it!I know the never hit a woman blah blah blah if you gonna act like a dude your gonna be treated like a dude! My parent taught me if I dont want to be hit …then dont hit someone! Period!

    • popeye

      Raiderchick should change her name to Raiderchickwithadick.

      • spike

        popeye, boy you are real clever with the comebacks. How old are you? 5? How about you change your name to poopeye! hahahahahaha! I’m as funny as you!

  • popeye

    Just another DOUCHEBAG jet fan.

  • Tony

    he was mad that her dick was bigger

  • Cal

    A man was physically attacked from behind by a stranger. He had every right to defend himself. She should not have attacked him if she did not expect him to defend himself.

  • http://noneofyourbiznass.com Quagmire

    I just HAD to get on here, thinking I was about to join in with all the other sheeple: “That’s bullshit!” “That guy should be shot!” “What a douchebag!”, etc., etc., etc. Then I actually WATCHED the video.

    This idiot was already being shoved out of the fray by 4 dudes, and this dumb bitch came in slapping and running her mouth because she thought she could get away with it? We know what you’re thinking bitch! “Oh, this guy won’t do anything, look how many people are around!” Wait, let’s face it, you weren’t thinking anything, were ya stupid bitch?

    Rule #1: You don’t slap a MAN. Asshole or saint, or anything type of man inbetween, it’s always the same. If you want to get punched, go slap one right now. Got punched, didn’t ya? When you wake up, I told you so…

    Rule #2: Just like dogs fighting in the street, you have to BE a dog to get in on it or break it up. You’re a stupid bitch, not a dog. Know what happens to stupid bitches trying to get a cheap shot in on a dog fight, thinking that piss-poor bleach job will save you? See Rule #1.

    This is less and less becoming freakishly cruel and ungentlemanly conduct, as people start to realize the logic and common sense behind it. Many men who wear sports jerseys are sick of being emasculated little bitch boys, and their mounting aggression will be taken out on anything that can’t fight back and won’t sleep with them. Stupid bitches need to realize what REAL WOMEN already know:

    1) Chivalry is dead. And women KILLED it.
    2) See Rules #1 and 2 above.
    3) “Step to me like you’re Ike, you’re gonna get beat like you’re Tina!”
    4) If you want to be treated equally, you deserved nothing less than a concussion and a few missing teeth.

    This is how guys fight. You don’t like it? Save the cheapshots for your pussy-whipped boy toy.


    • BlancoGrande

      Perfectly stated!

    • Well Said

      I hate to say it but you’re right. She should have walked away but she wanted to fight and he gave it to her. She deserved it, I see she didn’t come back for round 2 heehee.

    • Lex

      “Chivalry is dead. And women KILLED it.” no that’s Legendary right there!!!

    • frank

      wow what a moron.

    • TideFan67

      Right on the money Quag. Well stated. I have a college age son that’s had to walk away from drunk college girls running their sewer mouths. He’s man enough to know that talk is just talk, and doesn’t warrant hitting a girl. However, I would not fault him if some drunk chick decided to punch, slap or kick him because she thought she could get away with it and he retaliated. Knowing my son, he would most likely never hit a girl unless she was trying to assault him with a weapon.

    • B Boyd

      Heck yeah buddy, Im right there with you. American women are not women anymore, they are little girls that want everything both ways…like a kid.

    • Bubbles

      Can I hear an Amen?!? Preach on Brother Quagmire, preach on!!

    • Julie

      Wow – shut up. You’re a f*cking imbecile, Quagmire.

  • John Murray

    I do not support hitting women, but women must also learn that if you run up yelling and screaming and slapping at a guy who is already being pulled away from a fight, there is a good chance you will get treated just like one of the “boys” and get smacked. I really don’t have any sympathy for this woman.

  • GM

    Why is the title to the story “Fan punches woman after Jets game”? Why not “Woman slaps man after Jets game and man goes into self defense mode”.

    • Taz

      Wow really? So I guess it’s ok to punch a woman in the face? Bet you are a real tough guy eh? Piece of garbage excuse for a man you are. He could’ve pushed her away easily, no need to get violent and show how much a man can beat up on a woman.

      • GM

        So why don’t you comment on the woman who slapped him first while he was being mauled by other guys? Are you serious??????

      • Nonya

        Is it okay for a man to punch a woman? Of course not but I’m so tired of women thinking they can hit men and not have to answer for it. Keep your hands to yourself and then none of the nonsense will happen.

        • Carol

          If I remember correctly in all movies it shows a woman slapping a man when he makes a statement that offends. Just saying that is a possibility, but it never is a reason for a man (who is much bigger and stronger than female) to hit a woman!!!!PERIOD

      • Jeff

        It is absolutely OK!…Woman want equal rights and this wants to get up in this guys face after he has been led away but bystanders she got justwhat she deserved…an equal left!. If she don’t like it stay home and cook supper like your supposed to!

        • TRISH


      • R.W. Carter

        If and when a woman wants to act like a man, and has just as much right to defend herself as the next guy, when you step up to dish out, be prepared to deal with the consequences accordingly.. ‘nuf said..

      • Nick M

        Until what point should a man refuse to defend himself against an aggressively violent woman? Until she hits him 5 times? 10 times? Until she pulls out a weapon and comes after him? You’re saying that because I am a man I have to allow a woman to do whatever she wants to me? F’ing liberal garbage.

        • Carol

          a slap is a heck of a lot different than a punch! Call a cop Nick that’s what they get paid for, you don’t hit a woman back the cops will tell you the same!!!! Gesh

          • JT

            Carol you’re wrong.

          • billy

            and NOT true. I have seen cops punch women in the face when they are assaulted by them as well. Do some homework before you just start spewing what you assume to be truth. Just sayin’.

          • Eli

            Carol you let a woman hit you and call the cops.
            And the guy will still get arrested for assualt, that’s just the way things go.

      • James

        Why dont you tell that to the lady who got violent and was slapping him. Women are all about being treated equal until someone gets punched in the face. Not to mention she was attacking him. I wish he had hit her harder to teach her a lesson.

    • zh

      I don’t care if she punches him in the face YOU DO NOT HIT A WOMAN, PERIOD.

      • TideFan67

        I agree that a man should do everything in his power to walk away and avoid hitting a women. However, this chick was the aggressor. She threw the first punch probably because she was a drunk poor sport. Hey ladies, here’s the deal — you throw yourself into the fray especially with your fists, then you get what’s coming to you. A man is not obligated to subject himself to an assault from either sex. If she had just been running her mouth and he punched her, then he would have been in the wrong. In this case, he had every right to defend himself.

      • R.W. Carter

        what world or country do you live in “zh” anonymous ? Women in this country have equal rights, when you attack anyone, if they’ve got sense they should try their best in self defense, similar to police, to eliminate the threat of violence no matter who they are… “you do not hit a woman, period” are you serious. I’d be damn if I’d let a woman hit me like another man and walk away from it, I would have did more than tag punch this bit** I would have aggressively beat the shi*t out of her to make damn sure that when she steps up to challenge a man by putting her hands on him, especially first, that there are consequences to those actions.

        • Carol

          And get ready for your next residence city jail!!!! A woman could not hurt you like you can hurt her. Your single right! Or do you have a submissive partner, cause your like a caveman in here. lol

          • Carol II

            Nice tit$ Carol.

          • bob

            Carol stfu already… u dumb ignorant hoe. If sum hoes come up to me all drunk and start swinging at me I’ll knock them the fuck out. Whether it’s them or u. Just cause u r a female don’t mean u can walk around harassing men and getting away with it. If these bitches cannot accept a loss or control alcohol, then for them to stay home. Same goes for u. Fyi I don’t give a rats ass of what u think. Jus nxt time u r at a bar or anywhere…go hit a man n see what you’ll get in return. Now shut ur preaching ass up n take ur ass home n make ur self useful.

      • gary

        Really? And why is that? Is it in the Bible or something? A man has a right to respond. If he beat her senseless after she slapped him then that would be wrong. I wouldn’t respond to a woman hitting me any different than a weak and small man.

      • D’Nice

        I think we are all getting this wrong by calling this retard a women. Yes you dont hit a woman if she is acting like a woman.

    • Justin

      seriously…the dude is like 5 of her, and was smiling like an asshole the entire time, no way you could say punching that girl with a closed fist was self defense.. thanks for playing try again next time.

      • GM

        Are you saying that it would be an equal fight if the light weight champion of the world took you on? It isn’t about the size. I guess if she pulled out a gun you would be saying he shouldn’t shoot back to protect himself or even save his life?

    • Josh

      Yeah. They are not pointing out the fact that one of the women hit him harder than he hit the other woman either.

    • Michael

      Did someone say self defense why didn’t he shoot her ?

  • http://yahoo pnkcrnashon

    im a woman but I see two woman slapping a guy in a green shirt and then he soft punches her- if he would’ve punched that girl she would’ve went DOWN AND OUT its not right but don’t go slapping people you don’t know- over sports? smh

    • Tim

      Looked like a sucker punch. It looked liked when she looked away he punched her. Now My eyes might to be the best. If she deserved it or not. I’m sure alcohol had something to do with it. Maybe, Well. No reason to fight. Period. Specially someone talking about a game. Yes folks a game. Yes a game. Game.

      • Carol

        No woman deserves to be hit, a woman should never ever be hit by a male for any reason!!!!! I hope that was just an error on your part with that statement!

        • http://www.chris.com Chris

          Bull***! So its OK for a woman to throw a punch, but not to get hit back? If a woman doesn’t want to be hit, she shouldn’t be hitting anyone. Once a woman throws a punch, it’s fair game. If she gets knocked the f*** out, then she gets knocked the f*** out. A man has every right to fight back, no matter who attacked him.

          • james

            if I saw you punch a girl like a man I would pound your face then let that girl piss on you for being a dick

          • popeye

            this isn’t Chris Brown is it?

        • Troy

          Carol … make it about the guy and not the women. That’s real smart. Does your girlfriend think the same?

        • Bill

          What garbage! If a woman is too stupid to not tick off a man she deserves to get smacked. Maybe it would knock some common sense into her head. You say a man should not hit a woman for any reason. What if she hit his child? or was attacking his wife? or pulled a knife or gun on him?

    • http://webpro Tammy

      She asked for it! Female or not. Know your place! She ran from the other side to start hitting this guy & he had all the rigt to defend himself regardless of the sex of the other person. She is a stranger to him. Females need to learn that if you can hit that you can get hit back! She looked like she thought all the guys were gonna take up for her…Why? I’m pretty sure she would have gotten her head rocked by any of those guys if she had hit them or a real beat down by their girlfriend or wife. No charges should be brought against him. If so she should be charged too since she instigated the incident between the two by coming from where she should have stayed & hit him. Dumb blonde! Bet she won’t try that again!

  • Ro Dizzle

    The guys that claim the jets fan was wrong are the date rape losers who pay for sex and are desperate enough to let a woman clobber them in the head just for one to touch them. Having been a victim of domestic violence, (that’s right, it goes both ways people) I can tell you how much she had that coming. If it was an ungentlemanly like action, the guy would have pummeled the sh!t out of her. He tagged her once and continued walking away. When you attack someone, having a vagina does not make you the victim. The only people that see it that way are the ones trying to get into said vagina. #realtalk

    • intelligence

      Condone assault by greater retribution and turn the subject into getting laid. Son, you are sorry minded.

  • Rustafari

    She had it coming. He was walking away. Dumb batch.

  • Roberta

    This kind of behavior only happens on the East Coast or the West Coast ! I have never heard of this happening in the Midwest !

  • SD

    Everyone going on about he did this and she did that. Bottom line, all this guy had to do was walk away. They end up looking like losers and you walk away the bigger person….but on the other hand, no one is saying what started this to begin with. You only see the fight as it played out. Who said what to who? Was there any physical altercation leading up to this?

    I’m willing to bet they were both hammered or close to it. The Jets fan certainly did. Take the booze out of the stadiums and these altercations go down 50% or more. Pro sports teams want to always create an experience for the the family. I like beer as much as anyone, but if you have to drink to have a good time, keep your drunk a** home!

    • SD

      If you look at the beginning of the video the Jets fans is being pulled away from someone who was being attended to on the ground.

      • SD

        The other angle of the video shows the woman didn’t even hit him in the face. He blocked it and she wasn’t even looking at him when she was clocked in the head.

        • Mike The Hun

          She took a swing at him and he defended himself. She got what she had coming.

    • rabbit

      I agree, unless you were there, no one really knows what happened and shame on the MEN who stood there and watched all of this go down and basically did NOTHING to break this up before the woman got hit. Someone should have grabbed her as she was running up in the guys face!

    • dlrmsam

      It looks like he was walking away or being pulled away…the woman came back after him.

  • Todd N

    So two girls are hitting and pushing this guy around, he hits one and he’s the asshole. It’s called self-defense in my book

  • todd

    i saw her slap him first…she got what she deserved

  • rabbit

    I don’t condone a man ever putting his hands (or fists) on a woman, but when a woman runs to a man like a man……..chick got what she deserved and like another poster said, if he REALLLY hit her, she woudl have hit the ground! Besides, a real woman wouldn’t be fighting (in public) in the first place!

  • dlrmsam

    Fight like a man, expect to be socked like one.

  • ThisFella

    Am I the only who played the Mortal Kombat theme song while watching this?………FIGHT!!

  • Felix El Gato

    High five gone wrong.

  • B Boyd

    Lets be honest here, how many times do we see women try an exude this bullcrap physical immunity? Women love to do this because they have been raised as little princesses and want everything both ways like a kid. If these idiot females don’t want to get hit, then don’t hit another human being. When women hit men they do it to feel powerful and strong and they do it because they think we cannot hit back and protect ourselves, women that act like that may as well go slap a kid in a wheelchair or a senior citizen…its the same thing as thinking a man will just sit there and take it…..and American women wonder why men are staying single or dating internationally!

  • http://yahoo.com Michelle

    This world is getting worst people will do A
    nything. No shame in this life. I really hope we can do better. Than you wonder why these kids are killing them self This Mess, for all eyes to see, Pittyfull!!!!!

  • R H

    All Jets and Pats fans deserved to be punched!

  • shawynabelle

    Why is it ok for this woman to hit him but he defends himself everyone is mad at him. They both need to got to jail, she chased him down as he walked away. I don’t think you every need to hit anyone but i was raised you put yourself in a mans place you better be ready to get hit like a man. Also he didn’t hit her that hard otherwise she would have been on the ground.

  • Jim

    What I find more amazing about this video is the fact that I see men watching this and doing nothing. Here in Texas, men (no matter what team they support) would have been on this sick puppy like flies on fresh crap!

    • AJ

      Exactly Jim. I just posted a similar comment but it proves my point even more. Maybe things are just different up North but if that’s the case then I don’t want to be there anyway. I’ll keep good food and good manners down here in Texas over it all.

  • R.W. Carter

    when women want to behave like some men or in fact as seen here stepping up to one, then with the equal protections and rights under the law the women of this country have achieved, be prepared to accept the consequences of such actions equally.

  • AJ

    Some of these comments blow me away. Maybe things are different down here, but I’m from Texas and you would never, ever punch a woman for any reason. All of these people saying she deserved it or he was just defending himself are garbage. If you want to step up and act like a hard ass come on down here anytime and I’ll let you take a shot on all 6’3 320 pounds of me.

    • shawynabelle

      I am a woman and see nothing wrong with him defending himself but most of the women i know in texas would have beat her before he could have her. A woman should never hit a man and expect him to just take it.

      • AJ

        I agree that she shouldn’t be hitting anyone in the first place and that women shouldn’t hit men just as men shouldn’t hit women but at the end of the day he’s twice her size and should be a man and just walk away or get the cops involved if she continues to persist. But you’re right, in Texas if that man has a woman she wouldn’t have even let her get close to him in the first place.

    • mark

      Fat ass.

    • JT

      AJ you’re a douche bag. I’m from Texas too and the bigger they are the easier it is to find center mass

  • Russ Potter

    I’m getting pretty tire of sports fan fighting over a game they’re not even a player on either team. I’m also tire of hearing people saying OMG a male punch a female. The girl went after the guy and he stood his ground. In these days you don’t know if this female could be some trained fighter and could possibly destroy this guy. If she willing to throw a punch she better be willing to take one.

  • Michael

    I believe as the human race is progressing everyone wants equal rights
    So if you are being attacked by anyone you should be able to defend yourself.

    But before anyone gets confused if that were me I would have walked away – I want you to notice this guy was trying to walk away and the girls were all over him slapping him- which he was a decent guy at this point- but then he goes and grabs her hair and punches her (this is were he becomes a stupid ass

    I would have walked away myself but honestly if she followed e and kept hitting me I think I might have ended up punching the guy she was with


    (I would have warned him before hand though if possible)

    • mark

      Which part of self defense do you not understand? You laid out the situation in your post, then defend her? Idiot.

  • Marty

    It’s simple. Act like a lady and you get treated like a lady…. act like a man and you get treated like a man

  • MarkS

    He’s backing up and she’s going at him.
    I wonder who the aggressor was.
    Dumb BRO@D.

  • Shag

    First of all, we are becoming a more and more violent culture. Secondly, I do want women to have equal right, but men should be punching women.

  • GatorGirl

    Sorry, but as a female/woman/girl, If you are going to GO AFTER A MAN AFTER BEING PUSHED BACK SERVERAL TIMES AND KEEP COMING, I would expect to be hit right back. Courtesy was him getting pushed away, you’re dumb self went after him, sorry, he had every right, man or woman, to hit you. It is OKAY to hit a woman when she is the one coming after you trying and hitting you. Women need to drop this, “oh he can’t hit me because I’m a woman” nonsense. If you are provoking him and hitting him, he has every right to “protect” himself by hitting back. Who cares if he’s bigger than her. I’ve seen women take guys down and I’ve seen the little pick and beat on the big. Just face it, if you are going to fight like a idiot then you need to understand you will be hit by one.

    • B Boyd

      Well said, well said.

  • Plain Nonsense

    You don’t hit a woman..period. Now I’ve been punched(2-3 in jaw) before while drunk by a woman over breaking a household item, still good friends. Merry drunken time regardless, it’s like some forget they have a pair.

  • John Darr

    There are some terrible people writing these comments. You should be ashamed of yourselves. He should have not punched her at ALL. Who knows what he said/did before this happened. He is nothing but a baby back bitch for punching a woman.

  • Mike The Hun

    She hit him first. Act like a guy, get treated like a guy.

  • Deserved it

    Hey, if you want to hit a man under the pretense “he can’t fight back” you deserve to get smacked.

  • nightwolve9


  • C Riley

    80% of you support this man ,who was obviously attacked by some sore losers. Yet every news station takes the lady’s side? Did they not see what really happened? Another fine example of whats wrong with America. The guy open-handed her or she would be on the pavement.Luckly this wasn’t Philly or they would kill you if you wore another jersy

  • francisco insurriaga

    How unladylike!

  • http://@JsunBroyles Jason

    I can’t believe there was not a man in the crowd that didnt lay his a$$ out for that!! Unbelievable! I would have climbed him like a spider monkey!

    • anen

      are u blind? I can see men standing around in the background just watching. Maybe they were on the side of the Jets guy maybe that’s why they didn’t do anything.

  • me

    I would kick the shit out of that sissy ass boy for hitting a girl. What a Loser. Lets find him and see how he likes it with a big Punch in the face.

  • Terr

    If a woman crosses the line of being a “lady” and acts like a violent man would, then she loses the “right” to be treated like a lady…..

  • Tray

    No, a man shouldn’t hit a woman, but c’mon, they were attacking him, he was in defense mode, and if they jumped his wife or daughter,what would you do? If more than one person attacks you, its a whole different ballgame, and a 260+ man could have knocked her out, if he decided to put something behind his punch….he was defending himself, but then we were not there…..

  • olga

    LOL the second blonde twat, bitch deserved that. Acting like a teenage boy big mouth, picking fights, gets u sucker-punched haha.

  • 5Horizons

    What the video and article dont show is that the #80 Jets fan’s friend was getting jumped by 3 other male Pats fans and the girl, who’s lip was bleeding from a PREVIOUS fight, was wiping blood from her face and throwing it at #80’s mother and spitting blood on her, his mom was only at the game because she is a breast cancer survivor. The video just shows the tail end of a much larger scene.

  • MAC

    Not the exception, but typical Jets fan (at least what I saw in Miami). Used to see them at the Dolphins games getting drunk and starting fights all over the stadium. And, there is NO excuse for hitting a woman.

  • Bill N. Imahedcase

    The big mistake this guy made was not having her arrested for assault and battery. If chicks like that spend a night in the Graybar Hotel, they’d definitely think twice about throwing hands around.

  • mark

    If you are going to step up to a man like a man and hit a man like a man, expect to get hit like a man by a man.

  • Caligula

    This guy must punch like a real pussy, cause he couldn’t even knock down a woman! Lmao!

  • Mary

    To all those of you who are commenting that the woman deserved to be punched soft or not are completely out of your “morals” regardless if the woman started it or not how hard is it for the guy to brush it off and walk away, the day your daughters or wives get punched or hit in the face) you’ll be crying out unfair! I do believe people shouldn’t drink alcohol if they can’t handle it, but in a respect women/girls/females shouldn’t get hit in the face for any reason, you will never compare a mans strength to woman’s strength.

    • B Boyd

      Yeah, yeah, yeah….women are always the victim and never act like human toilets. If women want to be treated equally they had better start reacting equally. If you don’t want to get flushed dont act like a piece of sh#t. By your rationale, strength dictates everything, so if I am out and a smaller man or a women pulls a gun on me or comes at me with a weapon, I cant defend myself because I am STRONGER! Brilliant rationale exhibited here.

  • heather

    What do u tell a bitch with two black eyes….????

  • Neil Flewwelling

    I call bullshit,,, she clearly got physical with h7m first,,, legally morally and in everyway a man can totally hita woman who hit him first. ANd she did…personally I think sports attract MORONS anyway.