Fan: Brain Damage After Miguel’s Kick To The Head?

    June 4, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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The fan who got kicked in the head during the Billboard Music Awards by an overzealous Miguel says she’s having cognitive issues that may stem from the incident, according to her lawyer.

During the May 19th performance, Miguel attempted to jump across the crowd to land on the opposite side of the stage towards the end of his song and didn’t quite clear the audience; he half-landed on one woman and kicked a girl in the head. The girl was reportedly given an ice pack, and Miguel caught up with her after the show to make sure she was okay. Her lawyer says she should have been rushed to the hospital instead.

Miguel later tweeted, “got caught up in the moment, thank goodness Khyati is okay”, although that has now been deleted from his account. The fan, Khyati Shah, says she’ll wait for test results to come back before she decides what to do legally.

“Some of the difficulties she’s experiencing are cognitive in nature and lead to suspicion of a neurological head injury,” lawyer Vip Bhola said.

  • Mike

    “should have been rushed to the hospital instead”

    Oh Christ. Can you imagine the kind of look you would get if you tell the hospital you’re there because you got kicked in the head at a concert? Give me a damn break.

    • Mari

      Wow, ignorance knows no bounds on this site! Geezus forbid you’re ever kicked in the head with the full weight of a man’s body basically flying at you! Wow…

      • david

        He is an idiot for doing that stunt. Did anyone see how hard her head hit the stage with the weight of his body on her? Ever bump your head and the next day your head hurts? Put yourself in the young ladies shoes, what if that was you that got your head smashed into the stage.

  • Trina

    I think shes going to try to get paid – What does her ticket stub say about the risk assumed?
    Sure – maybe he shouldn’t have jumped and maybe/maybe not they rehearsed the move – I even agree maybe a concussion – but brain damage? come on now….

    • Carey

      Pink stopped her concert when she saw a little girl was in the audience crying because people around her were fighting. This guy knew he hit at least one person and didn’t stop singing. I hope she sues him for all his money.

    • http://www.angelcityjewelers.com Shahab Akhavan

      A concussion is consider a brain damage. concussion is when the brain swells.

    • Tallygro

      You do realize that concussions ARE considered brain damage…smh

  • Ivan

    Actually “kicked in the head” would get you to the head of the line. It could be very serious

  • sam

    The shitty part is he never stopped to check on her or even said he was sry….wat jerk hope she makes him pay a lot….at ps the guy is a lame version of prince

  • Rexster

    Could have seen this coming a mile away. It is in the American culture these days, sue and get money so you don’t have to work. This type of activity is replacing welfare.

    • ryan

      id like to see it have been you thats head got smashed into the stage and see if you would sue and get medical expenses covered i got into a motorcycle wreck had massive concusion and still walked home but the next day blurry vision and trouble concentrating so yea she appeared fine but hey to each their own opinion

  • Yahooey

    It was a purely stupid move on the performer’s part. The kick to her head with his full body weight, thrusting forward like that could very LIKELY cause neurological damage. A concussion IS brain damage. An aneurism could cause cognitive issues as well. Not to mention the possibility of a brain STEM detachment or a Christopher Reeve thing happening are not out of the realm of possibility either. So, those who say “She only wants money”.. DAMN RIGHT!. I’m sure she would have preferred leaving the concert with a t-shirt and a few memories. Instead you can count on her having neck/shoulder issues from this for the rest of her life.. Not to mention IMMEDIATE issues. They should have taken her directly to the hospital. That’s on the venue, NOT the artist. That is what insurance is for.

    • Mari

      Well said, Yahooey! And even if, hopefully, nothing is permanently wrong, she should still be compensated: PAIN AND SUFFERING! Straight negligence and stupidity as well… dang… he crazy!

  • douglas

    This is ridiculous. We need more lawyers in the U.S. How many do we have now? You need one if people are peeing in your restroom.

  • your mother

    I’ve seen people get carried off on stretchers from concerts. this is nothing. quit crying.

  • Fuhrer Obozo is evil

    He did mention that he caught up with her after the show to see if she was ok. If she wasn’t,why didn’t she or someone else ask for an ambulance to be sent to check her out? Sounds like another sue happy,(I don’t want to work anymore)leech.

    • Boss

      Aye idiot, head trauma can form days, weeks, months and even years later from an accident where your head was slammed into something. My aunt died 10 months after an accident she had from an aneurysm. She was checked out then but it wasn’t shown…What he did was idiotic and he SHOULD pay for that.

  • your mother

    Lawyers will help you sue for anything. You want to know why? Even if you lose, they still get paid.

  • spooky

    wow, that was horrible….he should have stopped right then and asked if the girls were ok…..what a jerk! Both girls deserve compensation for pain and suffering…..sad

    • Clearly

      They did get her help then. She had a bruised elbow and an ice pack was given. She didn’t seem to have additional injury. I could potentially see a concussion coming from something like this. Not sure I’d classify that as brain damage. Before judging him, I’d say it’s better to see how this all pans out. Lawyer could just be in it for the cash.

      • John

        Do you people think before you post? A concussion IS brain damage. It’s caused by having your brain SLAM into the skull. It’s brain trauma.

        • JD

          According to the National Library of Medicine:

          A concussion is a minor traumatic brain injury that may occur when the head hits an object, or a moving object strikes the head.
          It can affect how the brain works for a while. A concussion can lead to a bad headache, changes in alertness, or loss of consciousness.

          which means it’s not brain trauma (which is an emotional wound or shock that creates substantial, lasting damage to the psychological development of a person, often leading to neurosis.)

          So John do you think before you post or are you like most Americans looking for $$$ and can only get it through the courts

  • brooklyngotti

    listen …..i saw it happen and seen the girl b4 and what she looked like . really she looked like she may have alreay been a tad slow mentally and if she had any “brain”issues it appears she may have aleady had some from the looks of her . I am not a doctor but in the medical field and this is my opinion only, she see’s $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    I can see her neck hurting like hell and she is adult enough to be there and adult enough to go by bus to the ER…Why she didnt ??? again $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Billy

    She is fine, she was posing with him backstage on LIVE TV. What ambulance chasing lawyer got HER involved with this BS? Thats what is wrong with America…sue sue sue!

    • John

      Man you’re an idiot. You obviously don’t know crap about head injuries. There’s a REASON why you’re forced to go to the hospital with head trauma. It doesn’t always show right away what the damage was in a person’s behavior. It’s like strokes and changes in speaking.

      They should have had paramedics/doctor look her over. Had they even ASKED her, it’s possible they could have avoided being liable for anything.

      Do the world a favor and throw your computer out the window.

  • tomjohnston

    This time…….I’m on the side of the lawyers…….what a stupid move…..and to some stupid commenters……..stuff like this usually takes a while to show itself !!!!!

  • Jamey

    Yea that is a law suit!! He wasn’t even concerned and the one girl looked like she almost if not passed out! They just passed her to the back.

    • http://yahoo Louise Moore

      Good the guy is being held accountable for his stupid jumping from one stage to another. Hurting people in the audience. Then he continues to perform singing without any concern if people were hurt or not. This guy is not a performer, you can’t even understand a word he’s saying. He’s a looser.

  • Justme

    This guy actually has fans? I didn’t understand a single lyric he sang…

    Dude, she got her head rammed into the stage too. That could easily be a concussion.

  • SLC

    The crime here was his “performance”. What a joke. Sure she is going after a payout and he a bailout. Living in America…. yea, baby….

  • rayvid

    I’ve seen better on WWE….

    What an idiot.

  • anonymous

    He didnt kick her in the head. His thigh hit her face and her head, if it hit anything, hit the stage. Still his fault and hope shes ok.

    • Elizabeth T.

      Did you even watch the video? She was definitely kicked.

    • Linda

      There were TWO different women… one got his thigh and crotch, the other got the kick.

  • dan

    I d say she had brain issues before the incident given the fact
    she sat through that garbage!

  • Mark Buell

    Just plain stupid move on his part. He should be held liable and pay whatever damages are coming. His career could be destroyed by this and its all on him.

  • Kenny

    You can’t stop the performance to see if someone was hurt, because then everyone would have been laughing that it was lip synched.

  • Monkey

    She probably already had brain damage if she was there watching this idiot.

  • Henri

    Of course she’s got dain bramage. How else is she going to get to sue the idiot.

  • NIkNak

    Unbelievable, I hope that she stands out as a person of integrity here. He didn’t mean for that to happen and she appeared fine and happy after he brought her backstage to hang out and it was all good. I am sure some jerk got in her ear about how she should have sued him etc and now she has a lawyer, whatever. I mean if she is really hurt like that the most he should be responsible for is paying her medical bills to get better. Only in America, its like she is being made to milk this 15 minutes of fame.

    • Chris

      That’s BS of a comment, he was an a$$ for not stopping, and checking up on her at that moment. Her head was slammed into the stage. In addition to that, cognitive injuries often do not show immediately, and can sometimes take up to days before you notice anything wrong.

      Plus, he sounded terrible, damn music these days sounds so crappy, doesn’t even sound like singing, sounds like a mule.

    • Sel

      It is ok to appear fine just after and experience so much more later.. Like a vehicle accident with whiplash many don’t feel the impact for up to 7 days after. Miranda Richardson was injured in a ski accident when she landed on her head, had headaches and was released and then she died within 2 days later.. So sad to hear this for everyone involved, I hope that she makes a full recovery and that this is only a precaution

    • Kman

      Are you kidding, that douchebag rocked her and she should sue the heck out of the facility that staged the event. Is she supposed to pay for her own medical bills when something that out of control happens? I really think not. In fact, she should go after the performer as well who had better have a heck of an insurance policy as well. If she was my daughter I’d be furious.

    • Koala

      She got found by an ambulance chaser without an ambulance!

  • Tee

    for all you people saying that a concussion is BRAIN DAMAGE, correction a concussion is a BRAIN INJURY, not necessarily damage, yes a concussion can CAUSE brain damage but thats not always the case depending on the extent of the injury. Also he did not stop the show to check on her, but he did after and they apparently hung out and took pics together. If she really was hurt or concerned for her health she would have asked for additional care like a ambulance or if not her the people she was with would have noticed if something was wrong. i wouldnt want his money the only thing i would ask for if he would pay my doctors bill for me to get checked out and pay for additional fees if treatment is needed. people are sooo greedy and selfish they’ll do anything to get money these days. its not like he intentionally jumped on her head.

    • Carmen

      So true!

    • Melissa

      “If she really was hurt or concerned for her health she would have asked for additional care like a ambulance or if not her the people she was with would have noticed if something was wrong.”

      No.. Everyone should know that is NOT the case. Yes this girl is fine, but no matter what if someone is hit in the head in a manner like this they should ALWAYS be taken to the hospital. Even if they don’t complain and say they are fine or complain of a small headache, but insist they are still fine. I mean who wouldn’t get a headache after getting hit in the head? But subarachnoid bleeds often have no symptoms till it is too late to save the person life. If the person immediately goes to the hospital they can do a CT scan, find out about the bleeding, and relieve the pressure in time to save their life, normally. If the person puts off the hospital till they start experiencing symptoms the chances are it will be too late.

      • Linda

        Exactly! That is just the way Natasha Richardson (Liam Neeson’s wife) died a few years ago. She took a tiny little fall while skiing, was fine, got a headache, went to rest and died from a brain bleed.

    • Arely

      well said!!!

  • Me

    Who’s Miguel?

  • Kevin

    Imagine the irony if this happened while he was doing a cover of the Dean Martin classic “Ain’t That A Kick In The Head”

  • FredZilch

    I knew it was just a matter of time.

  • danigirl

    Wow! I hope she really has an concussion because people do anything to get a quick buck. But who am I to say only she knows the truth.

  • Ashley

    The dudes an idiot. He didn’t even stop to see if she was okay, clearly that was a hard blow. I hope she sues his ass and GETS PAID.

  • Diana Spencer

    This is a PERFECT example as to why fans should not be allowed near a stage.

    • Elizabeth T.

      This has NOTHING to do with fans being near the stage, and everything to do with a completely idiotic and unnecessary move by the singer. What a MORON.


        REALLY? and who are you to say what they (artist) can and can not perform? In events like this they practice ahead of time so I am pretty sure the move was a part of his routine. It is unfortunate but it was an accident a horrible accident. I just hope the young lady finds out everything will be ok.

      • @REALISTIC

        It might have been part of his routine which if true according to TMZ, was vetoed by the producers, who obviously thought it was too dangerous, but apparently he ignored them. Just because you are an artist, does not mean your self will should run riot and endanger others, for “your art.”

  • DRW

    Helluva legdrop… Guess he’ll be tag teaming with The Mizz on Summerslam 13

    • http://newbizshop.com derek

      That was a better leg drop then Hulk Hogan.

  • Koala

    All fans who go to concerts and sporting events best learn that they do so without guarantee of their safety…….if the performer had hurt her on purpose that would be one thing but I truly doubt he did! It’s happened before………that would be like someone getting hit in the head at a MLB game – you think the team is going to pay for your hospital bills? Get Real! You have to take some responsibility when you go places! I’m not saying I agree but they really can’t guarantee your safety at this events.

    • Crystal

      This was negliance. If you go to a ball game and a ball hits you or a concert and you get hit by another person because the performer threw money or something that’s one thing. He jumped over the crowd. That was reckless and he didn’t mean it but he slammed her into the stage. What protection do you take for that? They cant guarantee safety they have to make a reasonable effort to ensure safety. You can’t pack a stadium past capacity, the MLB take measure to protect fans and well as the NBA. She is well within her rights to sue you can’t take stupid risk and endanger other people.

    • Linda

      Koala, that only applies if your going to a sporting event… hockey puck shoots over the glass, home run hit sails into the stands, basketball players collide into the floor seats. Those are “expected” types of injuries at sporting events.

      BUT… she went to a concert and the singer (NOT AN ATHLETE!!) decided to try leaping across 10ft of space. This is NOT a typical occurrence at a musical event. Even though it’s an accident (Miguel didn’t mean to fall, and kick her in the head), the fact remains, he did the jump, he failed to land properly, and (allegedly) injured this woman. He needs to take responsibility and pay for her medical bills and pain & suffering.

      • Diana

        AMEN!! I agree with Linda 110%!

    • DukkDillinger

      That’s why most venues, promoters, artists, and management have liability insurance…because SHIT HAPPENS!!! If this girl is really hurt then she needs to get taken care of because of Miguel’s negligence. Apparently he was told NOT to attempt that jump BEFORE the performance and he did it anyway. That’s what happens when people ignore sound advice and do stupid things, people get hurt. I will say this, I can’t stand people that create frivolous lawsuits just to get paid. I don’t think that’s the case here, I think she really got hurt and tried to act like it was okay since she’s a fan. Then she started having real problems later on. It’s an unfortunate situation.

  • http://yahoo AGBCHIEF

    I tell you what, I normally would cast doubt on something like this. But in the girl’s defense here, I’ve seen the video of it several times after it happened. The dude was not wearing tennis shoes or loafers, but it appeared as if he either had on boots, or some other kind of very hard soled shoes. He “clocked” her in the head mid-air, squarely, and with what appeared as much force. In this case, being the recipient of MANY head blows throughout my entire life of 52yrs., I’m DEFINITELY in her corner on this one. It did look like she was hit very hard and that it hurt quite a bit. I say this from experience.

    • AGBCHIEFisanidiot

      AGBCHIEF said: “In this case, being the recipient of MANY head blows throughout my entire life of 52yrs.”

      Sounds like you were beaten, molested, and taken advantage of for many years. No wonder your rambling post is incoherent and stupid.

      • AGBCHIEFisanidiot is an idiot.

        You’re stupid if you can’t understand that post.



  • Rick

    I read on TMZ where he was ordered by the producers not to attempt this stunt, yet he did, and now look at the outcome. He now feels very sorry for the girl, yet it could have been avoided. Such negligent and reckless behaviour does not deserve any kind of pass. It is a shame someone else may have to pay for the rest of their life for such nonsense.

  • Phyllis

    When I saw this video on the news (not that it is newsworthy) but that is another story, I thought, LAWSUIT, because that is what this country has come to, trying to always get, take, etc. However in this case, I don’t blame her. What moron jumps over people and doesn’t expect to pay if there is an issue. All these performers now days are just that. They are not signers who can just be content with singing and showing their abilities, they all have to scream and jump around to distract you from the fact that they CAN’T sing.