Fake Megaupload Sites Set Up By Scammers


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Scarcely had the dust settled from yesterday’s takedown of Megaupload by the federal government before scammers decided to start getting in on the action. Among the flood of reactions on Twitter and elsewhere to the Megaupload’s closure have been several posts claiming that Megaupload is back up and running at a new address. At present there are no legitimate mirrors for Megaupload, which means that these supposed mirrors are scams.

Here are a few tweets claiming to offer links to a revived Megaupload. It probably goes without saying, but check out the actual sites at your own risk:

BREAKING: Internet's largest file-sharing sites, #Megaupload is back up & gradually rebuilding site megavideo.bz . #OpMegaupload 12 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Can't shut down the signal #Megaupload via @archy_bold 5 hours ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

MEGAUPLOAD IS BACK, NEW #MEGAUPLOAD SITE // http://t.co/uh0iMIm4 12 hours ago via Buffer · powered by @socialditto

TUBAZO!!!!RT @anondaily: ✹BREAKING✹ ✹BREAKING✹ - MEGAUPLOAD IS BACK, NEW #MEGAUPLOAD SITE - http://t.co/LxUNzZX5 #opmegaupload... 12 hours ago via HootSuite · powered by @socialditto