Fake Cop Waves Real Gun in a Dunkin Donuts for 10% Off

    November 15, 2013
    Bennett Rieser
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Fox13-Tampa Bay, along with the Orlando Sentinel, report that a Pasco County man has been arrested for waving a fake badge and a real gun at a Dunkin’ Donuts in order to get discounts.

Surveillance footage clearly shows Charles Barry and his minivan pulling up to the drive-thru window. As the Barry transacts with the cashier, he waves a Sheriff’s badge and is allegedly demanding a 10 percent discount based on the claim that he’s a U.S. Air Marshal.

What the footage doesn’t clearly show: he has a concealed revolver, and he displays it to the cashier, saying “See? I’m a cop!”

Captain James Mallo of Pasco County said “He mentioned to an employee that he was a U.S. Marshal at one point. He also mentioned that he was an Air Marshal, which also raised a flag to the employees. Sheriff Chris Nocco felt something needed to be done before Barry’s cop fantasy became a little too real. “He brandished a gun. What’s the following step after that? Where is he going to take his fantasy?” he wondered.

Barry is no law enforcer; he works at a print shop, but plays “police” for fun. Police have indicated Barry got the badge from his father, a former New Jersey police officer, and repeatedly solicited the Dunkin Donuts discount.

The manager of the Dunkin Donuts said Barry came through every day, often with his family to get his discount donut fix. Fellow customers of the establishment, like Steve Hepworth, expressed their disgust: It’s just not right. It’s like claiming you’re in the military when you’re not in the military… To me, that’s just as cheap as you can get.”

Captain Mallo said they arrested Barry this past Tuesday when he returned for his regular donut fix. “He was very sorry he did what he did. I believe he was even crying on scene,” Mallo added.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]

  • Hmm

    Law enforcement attracts three types of people: A) control freaks and B) people who want to be bad-asses but who really aren’t because they need to stand behind a badge and c) crazy people.

    Seen it my whole life. There was a time when the cops were the good guys. I used to really admire cops. Not any more. In 2013, the cops aren’t protecting and serving – they are becoming militarized and are used as enforcers. Doubt what I say? Go hang out with them sometime and see how they are behind closed doors.