Facebook, Zuckerberg Sued Over “Third Palestinian Intifada” Page

Infamous litigator behind the lawsuit

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This week, we told you about the public outcry against a Facebook page titled “Third Palestinian Intifada.” Many, including the Anti-Defamation League, demanded that Facebook remove the page, as it promoted a violent uprising against Jews in Jerusalem on May 15th of this year.  Facebook was hesitant to remove the page at first according to the ADL, but eventually took it down.

Apparently they didn’t take it down fast enough.

Today, Zuckerberg and Facebook have been named in a lawsuit filed by Larry Klayman.  Dubbed a “one man litigation explosion” by Slate, Klayman has made a living by filing odd and sometimes frivolous suits against the likes of Hugo Chavez, Hillary Clinton and his own mother.  The lawsuit accuses Zuckerberg of intentionally delaying the removal of the controversial page  “on information and belief to boost their revenues and the net worth of Facebook, which they have been marketing through the ‘legally challenged’ firm of Goldman Sachs.”

Klayman argues that in the time Facebook delayed removal of the page, its contents were spread rampantly across the internet.  Basically, the damage had been done, it’s “out there,” says Klayman.

Klayman, who is half Jewish, uses The Social Network to paint a picture of Zuckerberg as morally defunct and says that he has acted against his own Jewish people for the sake of financial gain:

“As depicted in the award winning film ‘Social Network,’ Defendant Zuckerberg in particular lacks strong ethical and moral character, having cheated his partners out of their shares and/or ownership in Facebook early on, for which he was forced to pay large settlements once sued. Now, for financial reasons, he has marketed, used, and allowed to be used, Facebook against the interests of his own people, the Jewish people, and Plaintiff.”

Apparently he though the film was a documentary.

Klayman asks that the defendants be unable to have any anti-Semitic pages operating on Facebook ever again, oh, and a cool $1,000,000,000 in damages.

I’m no legal scholar, but I’m not convinced Mr. Klayman has a case.  Let’s just say I won’t be the least bit shocked when this turns out to be Klayman’s idea of an April Fool’s joke.  Full text of the brief below.


Facebook, Zuckerberg Sued Over “Third Palestinian Intifada” Page
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  • Byron Zaner

    The comments by Josh Wolford show he does not have any attachment to the freedom of all people. Instead of downplaying the importance of Larry Klaymen this should have been an article about what potential damage the Facebook page could be to not only Israel but us right here.

    They said, in the 1920’s in Germany that the voice of reason was the the voice of Germany but because the people in charge and the media did not pay attention and call out the people who were trying to change the culture early enough, we all know what happened.

    It is the job of a journalist who is reporting on a subject, to do a little research and fit the article into the bigger picture for their benefit and that of the rest of us. Instead, this article approaches the circumstance as though it were about a phone.

  • http://www.handymanforaday.ie James Lynch

    Is Larry Klayman to be taken seriously? He appears grossly similar in vengeful propensity to the fanatics who beheaded the UN workers in Afghanistan recently. It is only right that the State of Israel be exposed portrayed and condemned for it’s many crimes against the Palastinians, collectively and individually

  • chris

    Ok, Zuckerberg isn’t maybe the most ethical man on Earth, I agree with that, but his website hosts 550 millions people, so, except turning it into a “Big Brother”, and in that case freaking out all the users, how is it possible to control every words said and wrote on facebook? I think it a shame from Klayman which is half jewish to said that Zuckerberg left the page in purpose to make money on the jewish people?
    It’s a 2011 remake of the old story of the golden calf. Klayman as I just read spent his life to fill lawsuit just to make money and he just wait for the right moment to do it again and try to win the jackpot. Those kind of man shouldn’t be allowed to fill lawsuit at all. He is using the system for his own interested.
    I think this should be used to review the law and forbid people to fill lawsuit just for the purpose to make a living with the compensation.

    Who is amoral here?

  • KamakshiSri

    Yes, Josh. The thing is not so light as you have expressed. You are press and we are highly dependent on you. FB is a big platform with highest audience. We cannot express the speed a news can travel through it and because of that thing FB should be very careful about every post made through it.

    FB’s antitrust moves should be checked or else it can spread anti trust through out the Globe. I understand we cannot expect Zuckerberg to inspect every page but it is FB’s duty, being a social network’ not to let anyone publish anything that can lead to any antitrust moment.

  • http://www.brandsage.co.za Bob Lewis

    Interesting gossip indeed. I would only query whether it’s a suitable discussion point for Linked In – which I was under the impression is predominantly a business grouping. Maybe the legal fraternity will disagree

  • Naomi

    OK… so Klayman might be a goofball looking for publicity and maybe money… but that doesn’t take away from the fact that that 3rd intifada page was extremely scary and threatened mass murder. Whatever your take on the extremely complex political situation in Israel/Palestine, if you think that’s OK, you are also extremely scary.

    • Ab

      No it wasn’t.

  • http://www.ientry.com/ Josh Wolford

    Just to be clear, this article in no way condones violence against anyone. I combed through it again, and it never says anything about the page being appropriate or not. It simply points out that there is a lawsuit against Facebook and it was brought by a man who has a reputation for frivolous lawsuits.

  • Paul Villa

    Some elements in the world would censor everything not favorable. Zionists are the worst offenders. Ironically, most Zionists are not even remotely related to the historical Jews, but converts by decree.

    The one thing I like about real Jewish people is that they never, never, never preach conversion, nor force it on anyone. I respect that a lot. But the same could be said of other religions with the exception of the varied brands of Christianity and Islam.

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