Facebook Users are Dirty, Foul-Mouthed Heathens

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Facebook Users are Dirty, Foul-Mouthed Heathens
[ Social Media]

Social Media monitoring service Reppler has just put out some statistics on their blog about the prevalence of profanity on our Facebook walls. And the results probably won’t shock you – people like to say f*ck to their friends on Facebook.

Reppler states on their site that they are “designed to keep your social media reputation clean and safe.” They do this by monitoring your content, privacy and security. Basically, if you sign up for the Reppler service, they will monitor your Facebook interactions on your profile to determine things like tone of the content (positive or negative) and the appropriateness of the content.

The service also deals with privacy by alerting users to suspicious links posted on their walls and advises the users which content should be made private to avoid security concerns.

Because lets face it, many companies are now using Facebook as a scouting location for future employees. And if post number one on your wall is from your friend Dave telling you that he $^*% the $%^$^$ out of $%$#@%ing !$#!, then it’s not going to make an incredibly strong impression.

So Reppler has analyzed the walls of its over 30,000 registered users and found some stats about swearing on the Facebook.

  • 47% have profanity on their walls (although they don’t say what constitutes “profanity,” I can guess my definition might be a bit more liberal)
  • 80% of those that have profanity on their walls have a profane comment contributed by a friend
  • 56% of the posts/comments with profanity come from friends
  • Here’s an interesting split – the users in question are twice as likely to curse in the post on their own wall, like a status update, as opposed to a comments.  Friends are exactly the opposite.
  • And when it comes to specific words, f*ck and its various derivations are the number one type of profanity.  Sh*t comes in at number two (too easy).  And b*tch comes in at a distant third.  Moral: when people be cussin’ people be makin the most of it.

The fact that a significant percentage of the profanity on a user’s Facebook Wall comes from friends demonstrates one of the issues with Facebook – users don’t have complete control over the language used on their Facebook Wall, yet the language used by friends can have an impact on how others perceive them.

Do you like to keep a pristine wall?  Are you worried that profanity on your Facebook page could negatively impact your professional life?  Or do you not give a f@#$%^ $h*!?

Hat tip to All Facebook

Facebook Users are Dirty, Foul-Mouthed Heathens
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  • http://www.sigididesign.com Vezu

    I always ask myself if the same people that use vile language would do the same in a Auditorium in front of 350+ people. There is no need to use vulgar language. I also think that some people are just too bored and NEED attention. Half (or 3 quarter) naked ladies…. what has Mark Elliot Zuckerberg done???

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/search-engine-optimization-firm.htm Nick Stamoulis

    As the line between personal and professional online lives blurs, I can see this becoming more and more of an issue for people. Like it or not, your Facebook is an inside look into your life. I know several people that have a personal Facebook and a “working” Facebook where they connect with coworkers and employers to keep their reputation as clean as possible.

    • http://www.ientry.com/ Josh Wolford

      Yeah, my mouth tends to be closer to sailor than saint, so hiding certain things from certain people has worked out well.

    • Jack

      I thought you can only have one stupid account on facebook, wouldn’t you be taking a risk of getting shut down by the monster if they find out you have several different accounts?

  • http://www.worsttech.com Mansoor

    To put it short! Facebook is personal! People would do what they want to! Nothing offensive! People don’t care!

    • Karen

      If you are saying that people don’t care about cussing on Face Book.. You need to GROW UP! PLEASE Wake up and smell the coffee my friend! We are NOT on this planet BY OURSELVES! We need to have the RESPECT for others that WE want for OURSELVES!!! Bottom line!

  • Mwai

    Everything should be put to it’s rightful use and we wont hav problems.

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