Facebook to Display Your Open Groups on Your Timeline

By: Josh Wolford - April 17, 2013

Facebook is adding a new Timeline section to highlight the groups to which you belong. The new Groups section will appear on the About tab on the new Timeline.

Facebook launched their new Timeline design, a one-column format with more focus on interests, in early March. The main Timeline page got a facelift, streamlining stories and moving other information and activities to the left-hand side. More relevant to this story, the About section also got retooled. Each interest now has its own section, and you can also add custom apps like Instagram or Foursquare activity if you so choose.

Facebook is still in the process of rolling out the new Timeline.

Anyway, Facebook tells Inside Facebook that the new Groups section on your Timeline will only show the “open” groups that you belong to. Both closed and secret groups should be hidden from the new panel, something that should please those concerned with privacy in light of Facebook’s problems with Groups visibility.

Groups will join individual boxes for your friends, photos, music, movies, Tv shows, books, games, likes, and app activity on the About section on your Timeline. Facebook just unveiled the new Games section a couple of weeks ago.

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  • http://www.clicktop10.com Sufian

    looking forward! It would be a nice thing to have on FB.

  • http://wwwbonsjaalal bons

    Itis nice if ihave relation

    • http://www.toptenstip.com zahid

      these are great things offering by facebook and now also offering time line and other features .

  • wth

    is there any way to prevent people from seeing the groups we’re part of? the open groups??
    There’s nothing wrong with the groups I’m in, I’d just like it if only my ‘friends’ could see that…

    • Jacqueline Measure

      I agree, I would like all my info to be private, to be shared with friends only. How can I remove open group info on timeline then?

  • Jacqui Gilchrist

    I wish to make known my objection to Facebook publishing my personal interest information other than that which I choose to make public…the groups may be public but my interests are as private as I choose to make them. Perhaps changing to Google Circles isn’t too much trouble after all.

  • Bob

    Add peoples friends lists please.

  • MJ

    How do you get e-mails from group activity but, not show it on my timeline?