Facebook Tips New Members of Congress on How to Properly Run a Page

    November 30, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Facebook has just published their official guide for new members of the 113th Congress on how to set up and maintain a successful presence on the site. Earlier this year, the company urged current members of Congress to step up their game and work on fan engagement.

Much of the advice, while specific to the actions of Congresspeople, could be used by any page owner to promote their product/service and enhance engagement.

For instance, Facebook suggests that they post behind-the-scenes photos and videos. Solid advice as users will definitely feel more apt to interact if they feel like they’re interacting with a real person. Facebook also suggests that the new Congressional members create a welcome video, perform regular Q&As with fans, and add milestones to their Timelines.

Social media is a tricky business for politicians. Of course, a social media helped likely helped President Obama get elected (and reelected), so we know how useful it can be in mobilizing supporters. But they have to do it right. That means real engagement, not simply the illusion of engagement. And naturally, they have to protect themselves from pulling the old Anthony Weiner.

Check out Facebook’s complete guide to the 113th Congress below:

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  • Susan Spry

    Congress needs to listen to the President & stop cutting health care cost. I am a FNP & do no have health insurance! This is really bad that congress & the President cannot get along. Is it because the speaker is pregidus? What is the issue. We as Americans deserve a VOICE!

    Thank You President,

    Susan Spry, MSN, RN

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