Facebook Talks Questions, Lists, Mobile

Facebook Thinking About Some New Strategies

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As usual, Facebook is making its way into a lot of headlines for a lot of reasons. While many of them have to do with legal issues, some are also based on the social network itself and other areas of innovation.

As reported, the company has partnered with Y Combinator to lend some support to social-minded startups. Facebook will provide product, technical and design resources.

As far as Facebook’s own features, the questions feature the company announced recently had gone M.I.A. for some, but has now returned, as MG Siegler reports. It is, however, only available for a portion of Facebook users as this point. Facebook reportedly said that it turned the feature off for some users as they ran some tests.

Siegler, who attended a Facebook Developer event, says that Facebook is also reconsidering its strategy for lists, as Zuckerberg apparently acknowledged that most people don’t use them. "He thinks it still has to be something like friend lists, but done a different way. He noted that they have to come up with a way for people to control each thing they want to share, but do it in a way so that the tools are really easy to use."

Create New Lists - Friends on Facebook

One more thing revealed at that event during a Q&A, is that Facebook has a team that is working on making the mobile experience better, including password entry.

Facebook Talks Questions, Lists, Mobile
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