Facebook Takes You Down Memory Lane with New 'On This Day' Feed

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Facebook is looking to take you on a trip down memory lane by generating a news feed that looks like the one that existed exactly one year in the past.

The new feature is called "On This Day," and Facebook is testing it with a small subset of users. For those involved in the test, the year-old news feed is accessible in their news feed categories on both desktop and mobile.

"On This Day: What your friends were up to a year ago this day," adorns a header, which also features some random image culled from photos taken on or around that time in Facebook history.

Facebook then shows you posts from friends from exactly one year ago on this day. We're talking status updates, photo uploads, link shares, events, etc. They even pepper some of your own posts in there for you.

On the right-hand side, Facebook also shows you life events that happened to your friends around the time. It's like a way-back machine for Facebook - but it only goes back one year. If Facebook decides to roll this out to more users, I'd be willing to bet that they expand the available range for time travel.

You can check it out at facebook.com/feed/todayinhistory - if you're part of Facebook's limited test. If you're like me (and not a part of it), this link will just take you to your normal news feed. Facebook confirmed to Inside Facebook that they're testing "On This Day" in "select users' feeds."

Josh Wolford
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