Facebook Movie Rentals Concept Expanded Thanks To Paramount

Jackass hits Facebook

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More movies are available for rent directly through Facebook, using Facebook Credits. Why is this significant news? Because this time, the titles come from Paramount, indicating that more studios are eyeing this as a potential option for film distribution.

Warner Bros. was early to test the waters here. Months back, the company made The Dark Knight available for rent via the film’s official Facebook Page. It seemed to work well enough that they wanted to dip a few more toes into the water, as they then made a handful of other films available.

Jackass on Facebook

Now, while it may just be Jackass movies at this point, Paramount is clearly looking at this medium for making money from its films. Not a bad idea, considering that not only are a lot of people frustrated with recent Netflix price hikes, but Facebook has a commonly reported (though often disputed) 700 million users.

They’re charging 30 credits, or the equivalent of $2.99 for the first three Jackass films. They’re charging 40 credits (or $3.99) for the last two (Jackass 3 and Jackass 3.5). The prices seem a little on the high side to me, but there is a convenience factor.

Movies can be watched for up to 48 hours after the transaction.

Another interesting factor of Facebook as a movie rental vehicle is that studios can market the rentals directly to users through the news feed. They have the opportunity to push them to people who like the studio’s brand itself, but also through individual film titles. A whole lot of people on Facebook have “liked” a whole lot of films. Then there’s Facebook ads which can be very highly targeted.

Facebook Movie Rentals Concept Expanded Thanks To Paramount
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  • Larry A. Singleton

    I just tried to find The Tin Star on You Tube. And The Three Godfathers. And Boys Town. And…

    This is how the greedy scum at these movie studios treat moviegoers who have made them, (and actors), stinking rich. This is how they show their appreciation. By setting up an extortion racket for old movies like The Tin Star that was made the year I was born. Contrary to what they tell you they are raking in the bucks for movies they show in theaters. I get anxiety attacks just thinking about a friend asking me to take her to the movies. The prices are obscene and the DVD’s are a monumental rip-off.

    Together with their Cable pals they are RAPING us.

    I was really looking forward to this Internet thing. I was looking forward to when I could look up my favorite old movies or SNL shows and watch them on my computer.

    To sidetrack a little bit I now look forward to even using my lap-top with DREAD. E-S-P-E-C-I-A-L-Y Yahoo Mail. With that box on the left hand side the addition of those ads on the right make reading the mail almost impossible. And the fact that they keep “popping up” every few seconds Drives Me F-ing Insane. That’s not counting the ads that plague every single aspect of your Internet experience now. The only smart thing I’ve ever seen done is by You Tube, which I’m not a huge fan of in the first place. After a few seconds you can close the commercial and go on to the video. And that IS smart. Because there have been commercials which I’ve gone ahead and watched. However….I won’t look at, or watch, an ad that has been INFLICTED on me like a F-ing VIRUS!

    And of course that’s just one small example that has turned the Internet into an arena of Predator and Prey. Scumsucking pigs who have taken almost all the enjoyment out this important and essential venue.

    If I was some big corporate mogul, as a public service, and to show my appreciation to movie fans, I’d have a special website showing all these movies and television shows gratas with subtitles for old folks like me who are hard of hearing. Like an idiot I assumed that’s what they were going to do.

    But no. These scum are no better than predators who think they’re missing out if they don’t get even the change out of your pockets. Which I’ve, literally, had to do.

    I go to the theater at the Riverside Plaza in Riverside CA. The first thing that catches my attention is the monsterous size of the lobby. I mean, it must cost a FORTUNE for utilities. I have rarely seen a theater whose lobby WASN’T huge. So, obviously, money is not an object to, at least, the theater owners, when they could easily reduce the ceiling heights of these places and save themselves a TON of money. (We won’t go into the price of popcorn.)

    Unfortunately, as with that greedy corporate whore, Marissa Mayer, at Yahoo and its mail, nothing is sacred to these greedy corporate scum. Just like the days when there were things You Just Didn’t Do, like f-ing with the mail. These greedy scum can’t grasp the consept of not biting the hands that feed them. And again, like Yahoo, they have no problem being hated and despised and, as Chevy Chase used to say (sorta); As long as you’re the sucker….and they’re not.

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