More Opportunities To Gain Traffic From Facebook Likes

Like Pages from Within Apps, Add Box Count, Link to Pages

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Facebook continues to make changes that have implications for benefiting businesses and driving traffic. They have now launched three new updates to its Like button social plugin. First is the ability to like canvas URLs for Facebook apps that represent things like causes, movies, or other real world objects. Second is the ability to link a Like button to a Facebook Page. Third is the "box count" layout that displays the total number of likes above the button.

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"Since we launched social plugins in April, we’ve been listening to user feedback and working with developers to optimize the Like button to make it as seamless as possible for people to like content around the web and share it with their friends," says Facebook Platform engineer Jerry Cain.


The ability to like canvas URLs in apps means that app users can like pages from within an app. This will then place a like in the user’s newsfeed, linking to the app. This could help app growth tremendously.
Page owners now have the option to either use the Like button or the Like box to encourage user engagement, with like buttons linked to Facebook Pages. 

Facebook's Open Graph

As far as the box count format for the like button, Cain says, "This layout provides another option to suit different website designs. To determine which Like button is most effective at driving referral traffic for your site, use our ref attribute for tracking."

Some Other Things to Keep in Mind

1. Consumers want to interact with brands on Facebook (and Twitter for that matter). WebProNews reported earlier this week on a study from ExactTarget, which found this to be the case. 
"Consumers don’t isolate their communications to email, Facebook or Twitter and expect brands to communicate consistently across the channels," says ExactTarget‘s Jeff Rohrs.

The study found that 93% of online consumers subscribe to email marketing messages, 38% are fans of brands on Facebook and 5% follow brands on Twitter.

2. Facebook has been testing a feature that would make it much more valuable for search. The feature has Facebook showing all liked articles in its search results. The results, as AllFacebook describes, show content based on the number of likes and the number of friends who liked that object. 

"The search results have now become dramatically more relevant with the inclusion of recent news articles, something that previously wasn’t accessible via Facebook’s open graph search results," says AllFacebook’s Nick O’Neill. "Currently, the search results only appear within the drop down from Facebook’s search box, however I’d assume that this will eventually shift to Facebook’s search area, which has yet to undergo a significant overhaul."

3. Facebook is also testing subscriptions, which would let users "subscribe" to others. This means they would get notifications when a new status update is made. You can clearly see the advantages of this from the brand standpoint, no doubt. 
Facebook likes have quickly become an integral part of online content marketing and driving traffic/engagement. It is good that Facebook continues to add options around its social plugins, and the company will likely increase those options has time goes on.

Which feature that Facebook has launched or is testing do you think has the most potential to help you get more traffic? Share your thoughts.

More Opportunities To Gain Traffic From Facebook Likes
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  • http://waysofmakingextramoney.blogspot.com/ Guest

    The study found that 93% of online consumers subscribe to email marketing messages, 38% are fans of brands on Facebook and 5% follow brands on Twitter.
    That means; Brand your self right on social media

  • http://automarker.net karin

    Thanks for another great article. When I surf Facebook, there are a lot of posts that I would like to share with those on my fan page. Why is it that I can only share on my personal page? Or am I missing something?
    Since you seem to know Facebook much better than I do, maybe you have an answer for me.

  • Rhodora Bande

    I do online writing and majority of my traffic comes from Facebook. I share my articles on my wall and I’m always lucky because I always get those “clicks” and “likes” from my friends and from my friend’s friends. Life is good. Thanks really, Facebook!!! I will forever be grateful.

  • http://jeconnais.fr/Marc+CHAPRON Marc

    Thanks for the news. In my opinion all these gadgets are much more useful for Facebook than for those who try to get traffic from Facebook, but it’s always worth a try, probably…

  • newrich

    don’t have an idea of HOW MUCH TRAFFIC facebook drives, im happy here, millions of millions just iwth the right strategy i gotta love this social media thing, keep trying people, gold is here

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  • http://www.mypowerstation.biz David Lipschitz

    I view Facebook Likes as very import and am running a campaign to increase the Facebook Likes on my MyPowerStation page.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lowell-MA/BodyWorks-Physical-Therapy/119634304744539 Brian Downes

    My healthcare service business uses the FB “like” feature to build local brand awareness. Our experience has been brief but positive. I agree that regular communication to “subscribers” is key. We deliver a weekly health topic discussion with plans to increase our frequency to daily as well as take topic requests from subscribers.

    I do like that FB appears to be responding to feedback from both marketers and consumers with respect to their future revisions. I am hopeful that FB will further refine their targeting capabilities so that local service businesses can better reach, connect and convert their “likes” into sales.

  • http://yourmachinima.com spyvspyaeon

    didn’t know yet about this new feature of likes appears on search engines. Hope that works and boost facebook users beyond their social web. Glad to receive this news.

  • Guest

    I’m a Madison WI photographer who’s had a profile page on Facebook for several years. I’ve recently created a fan page for my business, Talbot Photography, but find it less useful than the profile page, like Karin above. I have almost 5000 followers, so I’d like to start having new friends like my business page. What’s the advantage of the fan page over the profile page besides being able to have more followers? Thanks – Terry

  • http://www.medlawplus.com medlaw

    I’ve been way behind the times with facebook marketing and this information gives me a quick way to get my foot in the door.

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  • http://www.fansandinvites.com Guest

    We have seen a trend for new businesses realizing that they need presence on Facebook. They also see that the larger the fan base, the more legitimate the presence is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Katlupes-Booth/147972175222807 Kathleen Lupole

    I have 4 Facebook business pages, and 3 of them now have a storefront to my items for sale on Bonanzle. It was so easy to set up. If someone buys something the sale takes place on Bonanzle. It is a wonderful addition to the business pages. Presently that software will not accommodate my stand alone websites, but hopefully in the future. Facebook has helped me bring followers to my blogs by the use of the Networked blog software. I love it and love the interaction I have with people there. Another thing I have found to be great is the fact that stores I shop in locally have a Facebook page, and if you ask a question about the store or compliment it, they answer you back! Recently the VP of my grocery store answered my comment. Where else would that happen?

  • http://www.discountnflonline.com football jersey

    The study found that 93% of online consumers subscribe to email marketing messages

  • http://4ursolar.com Jo

    Thanks Chris, This subject is going to change the way we link to each other. I use FB like buttons and plan on adding these to all my sites.. Great stuff, Well written Chris, JO

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    We as a small business find the like button very atractive because this way we can have our content shared at no cost, great post.

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  • http://www.marinersplanet.com/ ripsywilliam

    Thanks for this very useful information. facebook is showing all liked articles in its search results I like this feature very much.

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    In my opinion, content is always king.

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  • http://twitter.com/denys_putra Deny Saputra

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    It’s quite effective to drive new or return visitors. However, I found these post was useful. Thanks!

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