Facebook Launches Shared Photo Albums for Your Weddings, Holidays, Vacations, and More

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With over 300 million photos uploaded every single day, Facebook calls itself the "most popular photo uploading service on the web." Facebook isn't the only service that can boast impressive photo data, however (services like Google+ and Flickr are still powerful players in the photo-hosting game). So today, they're making a move to cater to their users who wish to do more with photos on Facebook.

Starting today, Facebook is finally rolling out shared photo albums. As first noted by Mashable, Facebook's new shared albums allow up to 50 different users who can each upload up to 200 photos to each shared album. Once someone creates a shared album, all they have to do is invite their friends to contribute.

Privacy settings are similar to other content on Facebook - you can choose for the shared albums to be visible to the public, friends of the album's contributors, or simply the contributors.

Facebook had this to say in a statement:

Hundreds of millions of photos are uploaded to Facebook each day and today, we’re making it even easier for friends to share photos with the rollout of Shared Photo Albums. Whether you’re at a wedding, birthday party, or fresh off of a trip, all your friends will be able to add photos, tag photos and edit just one album.

"I think one thing that's really fun about creating products at Facebook is that you're never quite sure how people will use the product in the end," product engineer Bob Baldwin told Mashable. "We're really excited for launch because we think people will use [shared albums] in ways that we're not even thinking of."

The implications here are pretty significant. Think big events where all of your friends can contribute to one giant photo album. Think weddings, vacations, holidays, and more.

In the future, Facebook may even choose to increase photos-per-person limit. Some users will see the shared album feature starting today, and from there Facebook will roll it out to more English-speaking users. When that rollout is complete, it'll go international.

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