Facebook: How Self-Esteem Correlates With Comments

    February 6, 2012
    Shawn Hess
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A recently released study by Forest and Wood reveals that your self-esteem can effect what type of comments you make on Facebook.

Participants from both high and low self-esteem categories were selected. Then each participant was paired with a coder. The coder made made regular status update posts and the participants commented on their posts. After ten updates the posts were rated either positive or negative by the coder.

The results showed that participants with low self-esteem had more negative comments than those with high self-esteem. Also, the coders liked those participants with the negative comments less.

This research turns out to be a bad thing for those with low self-esteem. It could be that instead of making friends and taking the edge off of social awkwardness, Facebook could be causing others to judge more harshly.

  • http://www.self-esteem-guru.com Sky Abelar

    It’s no surprise that those with low self esteem would make more negative comments on Facebook, or anywhere else. Low self esteem is caused by negative beliefs, formed in childhood. Those beliefs are the filter through which you perceive yourself and your world. Low self esteem is a lack of self knowledge. It happens when you define yourself according to how you compare with others.

    During the domestication process, children form beliefs, and are taught to be competitive. This isn’t natural. You never see toddlers worrying about how they compare or look. They don’t judge themselves. They just have fun, laugh, explore, and play.

    Each person is unique and incomparable. They each have their own special reason why they are here. It’s when they are taught to suppress their desires and urges, and to compete instead — this is where low self esteem steps in. Self discovery and development doesn’t happen. The world becomes a hostile place. To some it’s only mildly hostile, to others very hostile. It all depends on the type of beliefs that were formed in childhood– usually by the time one enters junior high school.

    People with low self esteem view themselves as victims of circumstances beyond their control. They have been disempowered — by domestication, and various abuses.

    Anyone interested in learning how to reverse this process, and build self esteem can do it here — Self Esteem Guru.

    Sky A.

  • http://gizmogyan.com Santosh Mishra

    Low self-esteem may lead to worsen one’s problem while logging on tofacebook-it-may-worse-your-problem/” rel=”nofollow”> Facebook. At Facebook you may ‘Like’ but there is nothing you can ‘Unlike’. At the same time, it’s now proved that users with low self-esteem were less liked on Facebook because of their negative thoughts.