Facebook, Google India Censorship Trial Postponed (…Again)

    May 4, 2012
    Drew Bowling
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Remember when the Delhi High Court rolled that ball of court orders demanding at tech companies like Facebook and Google for refusing to regulate incendiary and allegedly offensive content? That ball, yet again, continues to roll even slower and slower. And now, that legal ball is barely even turning over anymore: CNET is reporting today that, once again, the court has delayed proceedings against the companies have been delayed until August 7.

This is the latest in the long, buttered up slide to a court that’s stretched throughout 2012 due to numerous delays. It all started when India asked representatives from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo to screen user content due to it being offensive. Facebook and Google both responded, saying that they would only remove content so far as each company’s terms of service dictated but that was where they drew the line.

That was when India’s government decided to begin legal proceedings against the companies and a court date was set for February 6. The hearing was eventually postponed until March 13 but, in the meantime, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and other companies began to comply with the demands of India’s government, with Google eventually sending notice to the India’s courts that it had removed all of the inflammatory content.

March 13 eventually strolled by and then it kept strolling on by as India’s courts didn’t seem quite prepared for the hearing so it was postponed yet again until May 23. Supposing that the courts have realized that they should take some extra time to really make sure they don’t have anything else on their schedule and that everyone needed will be able to attend, the hearing was pushed back until August 7.

So, we’ll see if this hearing ever actually happens or if some or all parties eventually just lose interest in this legal drama – who knows, maybe they’ll figure out a non-courty way to settle this issue.

  • http://www.boholwebdesign.com dave

    India should be worrying about the OFFENSIVE HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS AND EXTREME POVERTY before they decide to pour millions into litigation for something they cant control. I find India’s poverty level far more offensive then anything on Facebook or Google.. Take care of your own people FIRST before worrying about such trivial matters. Looks like they don’t have their priorities in the right place. Take a look at the movie slum dog millionaire and then tell me India is NOT OFFENSIVE!!!!

    • Daves Hole

      Hi Dave, There is no Human Rights Violation & Poverty in India as you Whites believe. You people always got entertained to see the darker side of India.

      But you forgot something…. You whites looted India for centuries & still the nation is wealthy. Come and learn about India & then make your stinking posts. :(

    • Dave’s Hole

      Talking about Slum-dog. You people think the whole India is like that, but you poor holes don’t know that a M O T H E R F U C K E R like Danny Boyle has purposefully shot that film to get an academy award, where its prime titles are always served for WHITE CHRISTIANS.

      Come to India, to learn about the heaven on earth & don’t bark with your limited knowledge.

      • http://www.webpronews.com/author/drew-bowling Drew Bowling

        Hey. I don’t mind you commenting, but… keep the insults down, will ya?

    • Dave’s Hole

      Google is getting screened in India, because they are the biggest frauds doing operations in India & packing the wealth to USA. We need the tax for the money you earn from India.

      Google Adsense never paid any checks for small-developers & always took care to disable their accounts nearby their payment dates. That fu ck ing company doesn’t even have a support center to deal the issues. So we need, GOOGLE TO BE THROWN OUT OF INDIA SAME AS CHINA DID.

  • http://int2techn.com/ darwinyoug

    thanks for this post. Looks like they don’t have their priorities in the right place.

  • http://jjamwal.in jj

    @ dave
    Personally I don’t support this banning/removal of content but at the same time We don’t need ignorant people like you to tell us what to do.