Facebook’s Plans to Take Over the Web

Is Facebook's Open Graph Going to Be the New Web?

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So, earlier in the week, we talked about how absorbed the web is going to get by Facebook. Based on Facebook’s announcements at F8 today, that is most certainly the goal of the company, and given the tremendous adoption of Facebook by users in general, and by important partners with content, get ready to get more absorbed.

There were three major announcements made during the keynote. These were:

1. The Open Graph

2. Social Plug-ins

3. Graph API

Essentially, Facebook thinks connections are going to become the new links. This will theoretically happen through what they’re calling the Open Graph. Zuckerberg explains this:

Facebook has focused mostly on mapping out the part of the graph around people and their relationships.

At the same time, other sites and services have been mapping out other parts of the graph so you can get relevant information about different types of things. For example, Yelp maps out the best local businesses and Pandora maps out which songs are related to each other.

All of these connections are important parts of the social graph, but until now it hasn’t been possible to easily share the connections you make on sites like Yelp or Pandora with your friends on Facebook. And you haven’t been able to bring your friends from Facebook to share experiences on these sites or personalize them to you.

Facebook's Open Graph

The announcement of the social plug-ins will play a significant role in making the connections involved in this Open Graph. These include a "like" button for the web, which the company as already deemed the most important of the plug-ins. When you stick a like button on your site, that connection will be integrated with Facebook through the Graph API. The activity will go the news feed, but it will also go to other relevant places in your Facebook profile.

Taylor shared examples from partners IMDB, Pandora, and ESPN. If you "like" a band on Pandora, that will go to the appropriate bands-you-like section on Facebook. On IMDB, every movie page will have a like button, so if you "like" a movie, it will be reflected in your movies section in your Facebook profile. It goes both ways though. You’re not just sending stuff back to Facebook. For example, there will be "like" buttons associated with athletes on their profile pages on ESPN.com. If you "like" one of these athletes, you can get updates about them from ESPN, via Facebook. Expect a lot of interesting two-way things to happen with the Graph API, as more and more developers are able to harness its power.

Other plug-ins include boxes for activity feeds and recommendations you can stick on your site. You can check out Facebook’s social plug-ins here.

Basically, the gist of the entire thing is that Facebook is taking over the web, and sites will be afraid not to take part. Facebook is injecting itself into every part of the web possible. As far as I can tell, this Open Graph is essentially a web itself. While it may not become THE web, it may increasingly become the one that matters.

Are we headed toward a point that if you are not somehow connected to Facebook you are not connected to the world at large? By the way, this is not going to do anything to slow Facebook’s growth down. Share your thoughts.

Facebook’s Plans to Take Over the Web
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  • http://www.bluesheepbuttons.com Blue

    Love it! Keep up the fantastic work, Facebook.

    And thanks for the article WebProNews.

  • Jon

    Screw this. It’s a HUGE invasion of privacy. I don’t need nor want websites to know who I am, any of my personal information, nor who my friends are. I’ve deleted my account. Good riddance.

    • Guest

      surely there’s nothing making you click on these buttons

  • She

    PLEASE PLEASE FACEBOOK! KNOCK GOOGLE OFF THAT PEDESTAL! They are too abusive! My giant site’s rankings dropped overnight 2 months ago and it hasn’t recovered. It’s all white hat and genuine content. Apparently I’m not alone here. Google has become too abusive and irrelevant sometimes. This caffeine crap has made them irrelevant. Yahoo gives better results.

  • http://www.domainnameninja.com/ Domain Name Ninja

    I missed this announcement completely until I saw your blog. Thanks for keeping me in the loop chris. Looking forward to the next post.

    I will definitely be integrating this into my site http://www.domainnameninja.com/ !!

  • http://www.irongategroup.co.uk Howard

    This is fantastic news for e-commerce. Long may the revolution continue.

  • http://www.sandypointproshop.com Michele Cozzens

    I’m trying to drive more traffic to my site because right now it feels like everything I do is in vain. Is this the answer? (Since I don’t have any business, I don’t have the money to invest in expensive ways to promote the site).

    I followed your links and put the facebook script on my site: Please visit it at:

    Thank you for the updates and information.

  • http://www.marketingbangkok.com Tom Aikins

    I’m not sure I completely grasp all of the implications of Facebook’s new apps but it does seem as if their ultimate goal is to gain as much control as they can. And with 550 million users they certainly have a leg up on anyone trying to compete with them.

  • http://www.advantage-advertising.com/ Guest

    Just as big as the internet itself! Facebook is emerging as a huge driving force between friends and businesses. If you are a web business owner, it pays to get real familiar with Facebook. This is your opportunity to sink or swim. Just as Google favors the older websites, the early settlers in Facebook might be favored over the late-comers.

  • Guest

    Facebook needs to die a slow painful death. Quit taking over my Internets, and get off my lawn.

  • Guest

    …that King Sh*t G got knocked off it’s pedestal.

    Will FB’s reign apparent make anything any better? Will they be a better or longer lasting King Sh*t than the big G is (was)?

    Personally, using FB irritates the h*ll out of me. It makes some things easier in terms of speed, but it’s creatively stifling and too “dumbed down” in the interface department, imho.

    As for Facebook’s “News Feed”, well… :(

    90+% of “news” is little more than meaningless, small-talk blather. Maybe I just need more interesting friends…?

    Anyway, if it wasn’t for friends who use FB I’m not really sure I’d personally have any reason to be on it, or in it, or really bothered with it… EXCEPT, since it’s there & it’s big, I’ll have to learn to exploit it marketing & advertising-wise.

    Until the new King comes along to replace it.

    The King is dead! Long live the new King (at least until the next one comes along).

    • Guest

      Ummm… Google is one of the most successful companies… ever. Facebook makes one announcement and you think google has crumbled?? You belong on Facebook.

  • http://www.spainthecity.co.uk Guest

    great read , very interesting news from facebook , these updates are great to thought …”i like”

  • TC

    Facebook is headed down the rout of becoming a depository of parsable information about individuals. We know that their goal is to use that information solely for generating advertising revenu. If Facebook contains everything about how you relate to the web and it sends out a blurb every time you “like” something, it will create a steady stream of garbage information. Multiply 10 likes a day by 200 friends, and you get 2000 extra pieces of information that no one cares about.

    If they are not careful they will make their product useless to people, priceless to advertiser databases that can parse the information and target people with products they may be interested in. It’s not only a factor of advertising products to people that might buy them, but we all know advertising uses psychological techniques to sell. That’s why our nation is so in debt. This will be a superb tool to help get people to buy crap they don’t need.

  • http://www.HipSoul.com HipSoul Clothing

    I have to say, it’s very questionable whether a plan of this size will work out for them.
    Oversaturation always leads to backlash, the internet gets bored quickly… and it’s fickle man.

    This kind of talk and movement by a company this big, starts to sound like propaganda… too much invasion of privacy, a feeling like they’re watching your every move… eventually that will culminate into a distrust and backlash… especially if they insist on being public about their “takeover” of the internet.

    Facebook gained a natural popularity… it’s was a natural migration, not some “master plan” on their part… they weren’t even a public website, until they recognized the opportunity… that’s dumb luck… which is certainly not a “takeover the web” type of genius, as could be said about Google.

    Anyway, it’s definitely interesting… I can only hope that when I “like” a song on Pandora, my friends get to actually hear that EXACT song, rather than the entire queue of songs that sound like it… since that’s how Pandora works now, I’m very curious to see if this is going to change.

  • http://www.marketwire.co.uk Robin Wolstenholme

    It seems to me like Facebook wants to be the centre of all our daily lives, as widely commented in the media it’s akin to Google’s strategy but built upon a different base. I feel quote strongly that our beloved Google is acting a bit desperately – rather like the UK’s Gordon Brown. Perhaps Google can be Google and Facebook be Facebook, since they have their distinct roles in my mind and the threat of the Fooglebook is enough to keep me awake at night.

    Oh – and here’s my own contribution to the random link collection ;) http://www.vegetarianfood.tv/ yummy!

  • http://gogetitnow.biz Steve Leveille from GoGetitnow.biz

    facebook is fantastic just like gogetitnow.biz more and more people are adopting the fatest and daily improving media network. Plus Dj Blueray is spinning is unique way as a DJ.

  • http://www.zone4kids.com Guest

    Terrific! Yet another way to consume a huge chunk of time with random nonsense.

  • http://www.stuffdone.com Stuff Done

    I am a full time web page developer always fighting the battle to get traffic. Facebook has traffic and I have Facebook. Question is, how many people interested in playing FarmVille or Mafia Wars really want to buy a professional web page and how do you sort them out?

    I seem to spend way too much time just trying to ignore requests that are totally unrelated to my business interests. Is the trade off worth it in terms of a trickle of traffic?

  • Guest

    it may be just me, but this open graph thing reminds me of what i read in The Shadow Factory of how the NSA tried to circumvent law in trying to “tag” people by something called chaining. in essence it tried to get records of who Mr/Mrs Public was talking to and chain together contact lists..however that proved suspect so in steps the telecommunication companies[verizon for 1] and since they were already bedfellows lo, and behold we have things like “FamilyCircles”, “Friends and Family” etc…hmm sounds like “chaining” to me…which brings me to open graph, alot more communicating is done on “social networks” than ever before…privacy on cells and [definetly] landlines is suspect especially since the passing of certain laws dealing with telecom. people have maybe 10 fold the number of “contacts”/”friends” on TheNet[i’ve seen people with 100’s]…fertile ground for ShadowFactory-type activity…not implying that FB and its OpenGraph are NSA related/connected but how convienent would it be?…how’s that for a conspiracy theory?

  • Danie

    We have started advertising on various forums for people to boikot any company or advertisers involved in facebook; FB allows pedophiles, children porn, anti semitist and anti christian forums, and will not have them removed. But they are quick to remove you if you say anything about them.
    YOUR company will be on the blacklist too.
    We have over 20 000 members all over the world alll campaining for this boikot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tollhouse-CA/High-Voltage-Defense/273827802568?ref=ts High Voltage Fan

    Thanks again for keeping us updated on the latest social networking info. Your articles are the best at providing great up-to-date info for online networking.

  • http://facebookprotest.com Facebook Protest


    Facebook Protest. On June 6th we are asking those who disagree with the changes Facebook has made to its privacy policies to commit to not logging in or interacting with Facebook in any way.

    Sorry if this is spammy but big business needs to be kept inline with what users want.

  • Guest

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