Facebook for Android Update Brings Faster Photo Uploading

    August 23, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Let’s face it – Facebook isn’t known for their ability to craft superbly functioning mobile apps. Both iOS and Android users have similar complaints when it comes to accessing Facebook via the official apps (although you hear it more from iOS users) – mainly that it’s slow, clunky, and crashes way too damn often.

But with a new update to the Facebook for Android app, users might have an easier time uploading photos to the social network.

The update brings a new upload flow, which allows users to select multiple photos for upload before tagging and captioning them.

Also shipping with this update is the ability to create events that are more complete – as in they contain location information and guest information. iOS users aren’t lucky enough to have this capability yet.

Also, Android users can also add photos and emoji to messages. Yesterday, Facebook announced an update to messages on the web that includes a new side-by-side view as well as the ability to add multiple photos and emoticons.

It’s a good update for Android, but it still doesn’t tackle many of the deeper, buggier problems with the app. We know that Facebook is actively working on a blazing fast iOS app, that’s set to launch in the upcoming months. We can only assume that an retooling of the Android app wouldn’t be far behind.

You can install the update today over at the Google Play Store.

[via The Verge]
  • Karin

    Interesting! This would be great for my work as a hair stylist and sometimes graphic designer! I’ve got AT&T here in Dallas (the 4G LTE) and loading photos is all I do all day!

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