Facebook Daily Deals Marketplaces Incorporates Google Maps To Find Local Deals

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The Daily Deals Agency announced today that they've launched a pretty handy tool on Facebook that allows you to search for local deals via interactive Google maps. It's a handy integration of Facebook's network of businesses with Google's expansive and detailed Maps app. From the press release:

Existing entirely within the Facebook ecosystem, the Company’s unique marketplace pages provide access to daily deals from over 500 sources and present them both by category and by location on its first-of-a-kind interactive Google deal maps as well.

“Our Facebook Marketplace Network is designed to simplify the customer’s shopping experience. Instead of having to sort through dozens of emails notifying them daily of individual deals, they can see all of the offers for their city presented in an easy-to-browse format. Because this happens within Facebook, registration to view deals is not necessary, and when a Facebook member ‘likes’ a deal they can Tweet it to their friends as well,” stated Stephen Schramke, founder and CEO of The Daily Deals Agency. “Our daily deal marketplaces provide unprecedented convenience for Facebook members who shop daily deals and the companies that want to engage with them.”

Once you locate your city's Daily Deals Marketplace page on Facebook, you'll see an interactive map beneath a window displaying several tabs that list the categories of deals for the day. At first, the map will display what appear to be beacons with numbers inside of them.

As you zoom in to the colored beacons, eventually you will see the familiar red pins on the map. Each of the pins is a hyperlink that you can click to find out what the deal is in that location of the map.

It's a pretty innovative way to localize your search for deals to your neighborhood or places you plan to be visiting in the near future. As of right now, the service is limited to 40 cities that are, as you can imagine, some of the more metropolitan offerings within the U.S. To find out if your city is included in the marketplace, simply type "(city name) daily deals" in the search bar of your Facebook page and, if your city is a part of Daily Deals Marketplaces, you'll see a page with the green star with the Uncle Scrooge moneybag as the page's profile pic. Click on the page and away you go the land of steep savings.