Facebook Campaign Launched Against James Hooker

    March 2, 2012
    Mike Fossum
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A Modesto, California school teacher has quit his job, left his wife and three daughters and moved into an apartment with an 18-year-old student, according to the Modesto Bee. James Hooker, 41, left Modesto County Schools on February 22nd, and moved in with Enochs High School senior Jordan Powers the same day. The couple has experienced newfound celebrity due to their living arrangement, and have so far have appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” They are also scheduled to make appearances on NBC’s “Today Show.” “Dr. Phil,” “Inside Edition” and “Nancy Grace” also want them.

Tammie Powers, Jordan’s Mom, started a Facebook page called “James Hooker to Jail,” in hopes of sending James Hooker to jail. The page is currently offline, but this caption appeared on the site:

This is a picture of JAMES HOOKER from Enochs High School….a perverted man in his forties, who has taken advantage of a little girl. Now, James if you’re reading this while you have my daughter—-you better believe everyone will know you’re a sick child molester….

Powers believes Hooker pursued her daughter before she was of legal age last September, and has logged thousands of text messages on her daughter’s phone, most sent during the fall. Many days document dozens of texts, including some sent while Jordan Powers would have been sitting in Hooker’s class. Tammie’s statement on the matter – “James Hooker is reveling in his short-term spotlight and notoriety. I have always contended that my ultimate goal is to gather facts and as a result of the publicity, someone will come forward with pertinent information. At the end of the day, my daughter’s still with James Hooker.”

Jordan Hooker has stated that she’s aware that a lot of people have been hurt by the relationship, but adds, “(He’s) my best friend. I mean he’s more than just a lover…. We keep asking ourselves, ‘Do we make everyone else happy or do we follow our hearts?'” Ah, romance. Oh, Facebook. One Enochs High student has stated, “she was 14 when they first got together. That’s pretty disgusting, a guy like an old man would try and go with a really young girl.” Modesto Police are investigating the matter.

Interestingly, both parties in the new romance possibly have names akin to porn stars. Jordan Powers and James Hooker?

  • Elaine

    My heart breaks for his daughters. He had just totally rocked their world and I wonder if the father/daughter relationship will ever be restored. Hopefully their friends at school will be kind, thoughtful, and respectful.

  • CB

    I hope he gets charged with a crime if he was going after this girl before she turned 18 – it seems impossible that he wasn’t given what we already know. There is something wrong with a man that age who would betray his own family and wife to do this. It would be a different story if he thought his marriage couldn’t work, got a divorce, grieved the loss and moved on to try and date women who are not teenagers. He’s just really ICKY.

  • Fjord Prefect

    I as a husband and father am deeply offended by his actions. This person (I refuse to call him a man) left his wife for some strange. What a weak-willed and selfish way to behave.

  • Pursuit of Happiness

    The purpose of feminism since the 1980s has been for older women to stop men from mating with women younger than themselves. This is the reason why wives used the legislatures to go after their husbands as bosses for sleeping with secretaries (they called it sexual harassment). This is why anti-male US states have raised the age of consent to 18 and are trying to raise it to 21 with new laws such as the proposed ones that say a man must not be caught giving a 19 year old any gifts that could be construed as “paying for sex”.

    Because America is dominated by feminism, this normal relationship is supposed to be news when it isn’t news.

    Did you see the film “Mr. Holland’s Opus”? Mr. Holland seriously thought about doing the same thing as Hooker and Jordan. He decided not to, but are we now to understand that, if he did, he should have been sent to jail and his life ruined?

    All men should make sure this guy does not go to jail for doing what they would have done themselves if they had the ability. Jordan is a 10. 99% of heterosexual males would want to mate with her. The pursuit of happiness is written into the US Declaration of Independence. Happiness to men of all ages, would be a mate like Jordan.

    The fact that she fell for an older guy when her own mother was the type of screeching feminist who hates older men for choosing younger women, means that it’s biologically normal for women to like older guys. And you can be sure that her mother would have moved in with him if he had pursued her, the mother, and left his family for her, the mother.

    In non-feminist (pro-male desire) countries, this incident wouldn’t be newsworthy.

    Remember that the age of consent is 16 in most of the world and most of the US.

    Finally, let’s remember that a term called White Knighter is being used a lot on the Internet now to describe a male who takes a position against his own interest in order to ingratiate himself with feminists (churchgoing older ladies are often the same thing as feminists except for a different take on the issue of abortion).

    • K Dubs

      Persuit of Happiness,
      It’s really sad that you actually believe all of what you are saying. I agree that she is 18 and a legal adult, she can live with him and do whatever she pleases. I also don’t have anything against women who date older men or vice versa. I am 25 and have dated a 35 year old man and nobody minded. Maybe I’m not old enough but I don’t know any women who are try to stop men from dating younger women. The problem with this story and why it is in the news is because he was her teacher. I know damn well that when I was in high school I was attracted to my male teachers becuase of the power they held and the admiration I had for them. Now I think about it and understand completely why it is immoral, unethical, and illegal for a teacher to have an affair with a student. While the teacher has sexual urges that attract them to the student they are a TEACHER. They are supposed to be teaching students the difference between right and wrong and also be a mentor. They should not giving in to temptations such as that. While he is not her teacher anymore you know damn well that this was happening when he was her teacher and that is what the mom is trying to show. Now this girl has quit school, lost her mother, and lost her friends. Also, students that are pursued by a teacher can feel that if they don’t give them what they want sexually they will get a “bad grade” or the teacher they once looked up to will not like them anymore.

      Also, you clearly don’t know or even care to understand what the purpose of feminism was. It had nothing to do with older women trying to stop men from dating younger women. It was about women being treated as equals. Being able to vote, earn the same wages as men, be in the same running for a job as a man, and other rights that men had that women didn’t. Maybe you what sexual harassment is, but it is when a sexual pursuit is uncalled for. So if a secretary and the boss have conscentious sexual relationship it is not illegal. It is when the sexual remarks or pursuit become derrogatory to the extent that it offends, is unwanted, or makes the person feel uncomfortable.

      So, I’m not saying that this is wrong and he should go to jail since she is 18 and loves him, BUT you made some pretty bold and disturbing statements that really creep me out. I sure hope that you are not a teacher because the way you idolize this man sounds like you would prey on young teenagers.

  • Sneakypepper

    When your 18 you can goto war. You can buy things that require you to be an adult. You are legally responsible for yourself in all 50 states. So along with this come the CHOICE to take an active roll in a relationship with a 40 year old man. You all seem to miss the fact that SHE CHOSE this. Its her right as an individual to do what she thinks will make her happy. If its a mistake, she will learn from it, as we all did, making our own mistakes growing up. As a side note, in 90% of the nations on this globe, the age of consent is 14. Why you ask? Because as soon as you hit puberty your body is genetically programmed to breed. In our society we have deemed that we are going to make LAWS against the pre programmed, un-changable genetics of our animal self. Good luck with that. Did you notice how we made all these laws about when and who its ok to breed with, yet situations like this continue to happen? Well it because you cant fight nature, or genetics, no matter how much you want to. Oh horror, my 14 year old daughter is having intercourse…. Um yeah, and when i was 14, and when you were 14 all you could think about was the opposite gender. Get the hell over it.

    • THISisRidiculous

      Okay the fact that a teacher allowed himself to get to close to a student is morally disgusting. Obviously you are not even attributing the fact that he is a TEACHER and broke the ultimate trust between a student and teacher.

    • Kat

      Shut up! Ya half the world is full of men that make the laws that fit their own needs and agenda! 14, get real! Genetically programed to breed? What are we dogs? Your as strange as Mr. Hooker is or just as self serving anyways to even try to justify this mans actions!

  • ihatethissickpervert!

    The sick selfish pervert and slez bag going after a married man, kinda deserve each other! I say let her have him (after some jail time), she will get hers and he will get his in the end. I will be praying for his family!

  • ihatethissickpervert!

    Pursuit of happiness and Sneeky Pepper: I have to ask, what about his wife and children???????????? Shouldn’t he have gotten divorced first? Your attitudes is partially what is wrong with what used to be a great nation, you are selfish just like the selfish people in this story!

  • ihatethissickpervert!

    correction: are

    • Sarah

      No, what is selfish is to think that this case is above the law- which is isn’t. Until they have proof they had relations prior to her turning 18, they have no case. Sure, he may be a scumbag, to have been able to do that to his family, but it is his right to be a scumbag. No personal bias, no matter how uniform it may be with most other people in the nation, can deny that he 100% is supported by what our nation was built upon. As long as she was 18 and made that choice, no matter how disgusting it is, it remains her choice.

  • Wayne

    It sounds like the mother was so protective of her daughter that it backfired as the daughter needed to have her own life and not be sheltered. Too many parents think their daughter or son cannot be exposed to adult content. When things are not forbidden fruits, the desire is not there to pursue as much. I blame the mother as much as the daughter. The teacher probably had a bad marriage or he wouldnt have pursued the girl.

    • patricia

      well said

  • Pursuit of Happiness

    All men who feel at least a tinge of envy for the guy who got this super hot young adult woman should notice that the American culture is built on the idea that you and all other red-blooded American men are “sick perverts”.

    The older women do it to “shame” men into conforming to what they would prefer. Weak willed “manginas” (white knights) try to help the older women do the shaming of other men…apparently so they’ll be given a cookie for being such a good boy scout.

    Men need to reject such pathetic attempts to shame them.

    By the way, Rick Santorum, a beta male, was incapable of dating younger women so he married a woman who had spent her twenties with a much, much, older alpha male. Now he’s a moralizer, which is because he wishes that other man didn’t get there first.

    • Lol

      Um no! Im a lesbian and I just think its wrong not in any way or shape to conform a man or give him a cookie. I myself have nothing to gain!

  • Pursuit of Happiness

    Yes, he should have gotten divorced first. But he probably loved his wife and was just not sexually attracted to her. It’s hard to leave a woman you love just because you’re not sexually attracted to her.

    It would tear me apart to do that. But, let’s remember that most men aren’t capable of getting a hot woman whom they are attracted to, so they stay in sexless marriages mainly because they have no other option. They say that 70% of marriages are currently sexless. A man who stays faithful because he has no options is not making any sacrifice nor showing any heroism nor extra morality.

    You could say that Jordan won’t necessarily be so hot looking 5 years from now and Hooker’s wife may actually be better looking than Jordan by then.

  • Pursuit of Happiness

    This is a must-read blog post on this issue (that I didn’t write):


    Note the Germans are now arguing with each other over the exact same situation…except the student in this case was 14. Many Germans are saying, despite 14 being legal there, the teacher shouldn’t have exploited his position of authority.

    Before one says “Oh the Europeans are all liberals sending their cultures down the tubes” keep in mind that it’s the Americans who have been progressive by making laws on these matters that the world had never known in thousands of years of civilization. American social conservatives tend to be progressives, defined as those who feel they need to invent new laws to make the world a better place.

  • John Dough

    Where I come from, this sort of thing is common practice…. Viva México!!!!

  • CB

    Anyone want Mr. Hookers phone numer? 😉

  • Cat Rapp;

    As an 18 year adult this young woman has the right to choose who she wants to be in a relationship with. However, if this has been going on for some time the mother has a right to investigate if this teacher had any inappropriate relations with her daughter. If there is no proof that no wrong doings were committed, the mom needs to come to terms with her adult daughters choices. Hopefully this young woman will see this is a no win for anyone party this effects. I feel for the teachers daughters and wife.

  • Samatha

    The more you fight against them being together, the more they will want to be. I say leave it alone, let your daughter learn her lessons in life, she’s young. Blasting it on the media and trying to get him arrested is only going to push her away. Let it be, and eventually they’ll go their separate ways.

  • j

    209 529 2526 Hooker’s Apt phone number in Modesto

  • Nothing Wrong Here

    Thank God for laws and the Constitution otherwise all these screaming morons would have this poor guy jailed for nothing!

    Let’s remember that Jordan is 18, she’s a consenting ADULT! Do you really think the police or anyone else will be able to PROVE anything sexual happened before she was 18? Good luck! You can speculate all you want, but you can’t PROVE anything, and besides folks, it’s none of your business, just like it’s none of anyone else’s business what you as an adult do in your bedroom!

    From what I’ve read, Mr. Powers has done nothing illegal! Just be glad the same laws that protect him will protect YOU from going to jail just because some halfwit “thinks” or “suspects” you did something illegal!

  • Alec

    Let’s face it. Unless a sex video surfaces that conclusively proves sex occurred prior to Powers’ 18th birthday, all the police investigations and maternal forum-poundings will be an exercise in futility. Further, because Hooker left his job voluntarily, his teaching record is unblemished – allowing him to seek work elsewhere. And his former employer will be smart enough to avoid any kind of innuendo about him lest they find themselves in court facing a slander and/or libel charge.

    But, having said all that, consider this.

    Ms. Powers is in the driver’s seat now and Hooker knows it. He’d better treat her “right” because, if he doesn’t, he’s got BIG problems. All it would take is for Powers to run sobbing to a police station, saying Hooker seduced her when she was still a minor, and WHAM – off to the hoosegow he goes. Powers, on the other hand, could make a lot of money on the talk-show circuit and more by agreeing to a “book deal” where she discusses her “ordeal.”

    The only “for certain” victim in this matter is his ex-wife and kids. And frankly, I hope she takes Hooker to the cleaners in a California divorce court.

  • http://FB meg

    He broke one of the 10 comanments. Did He do anything __ with His own Daughter, then go on to slowly controling thsi GIRL ( & do things with Her that He couldn’t legally do with His own Daughter without getting arrested?.) Lot to look into and I Hope Tammie gets to see Him in JAIL.

  • Liz Hogin

    I am just sickened by this. I have a 16 yr old and I would be heart broken if this happened to me. That perverted pedophile is raping that girl, whether he admits it or not. And his wife and children must be tormented. Someone needs to talk to his family, it would be an added tragedy if his teen dtr committed suicide over this. That is what I would be contemplating. Snd my prayers to the wife and kids, Jordan’s mom too. I hope that sick bastard gets prison time for this & a restraining order. Reminds me of Kate Letourneau, what has become of American teachers. WILL NOT be sending my child to public education.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mandasundaygarcia Manda

    I just watched about this on Dr. Phil
    I think this is horrible. I feel for the mother
    Im almost positive she must feel like she is
    Drowning and can’t breathe :(

    I hope this pretty little girl will read over
    some of these forums and sites that are against
    this relationship and see that he is just using her
    and that its for selfish reasons.

    I really dont know if I can post what Im about
    to write but gonna give it a shot anyways.

    He is over 40….
    Out of shape…
    Definitely is a child molester in the whole worlds eyes.
    He abandoned his children.
    He abandoned his wife.
    He embarrassed his children.
    He cheated on his wife.
    He’s selfish.
    He needs to go to jail.

    I hope she meets someone her age and can move on and have a happy NORMAL life.

    • Kat


  • diana e

    I hope she wakes up soon.I also was 17 and my then boyfriend 41.i stayed with him till i was 39 yrs.and i go back now and realized i was never really happy just wanted to leave home.by age 22 had 2 boys and believed everything he said.he started to call me stupid and retarded after the honey moon was over.i didnt finish school cause he was so jealous.everytime i tried to leave him my mom and family would say”you made ur bed”live with it. and think about the kids.he used to call me fat and said no man will want me.so i was always on a diet.and trying to look good for him.i started to hate my life and use to get so depressed.i hope she wakes up cause he looks 61 not 41.i look 20yrs younger then him.

    • Amy Kyllonen

      I am so sorry about your past relationship. That is hard to recover from. I am wondering if there is a way that you can get Jordan to listen to your wisdom. She may listen to someone who was in the same position and has regrets about. Again, my heart goes out to you, but perhaps Jordan could be spared the heartache.??

  • Kelly Smith

    Are you actually kidding me. So they are living together, but what is he going to do for her long term. He is not working, has another family to take care of from a previous marriage. What is he going to do for her, keep her kept away in a dingy old apartment, maybe drug her so that she cant get away and see reality. He probably drives a clunker the kind that screams out child molester. What do they talk about together. He is not her best friend at all, if he was he would not have moved in with her. He is a lier and that poor girl is not old enough to understand yet. Maybe he will send her out of the house to work for him wow what a catch. Her poor mother who probably wanted her to graduate, find a gorgeous young man her own age, have a beautiful wedding for her, and than a family of her own. Know what. The girl should be at home with her parents having dinner together and enjoying memories with her family. Why haven’t they put the guy in jail yet, just march him in because he will be there for sure. If I were to be investigating this it would have already been done. The guy would have been behind bars right know. This girl needs to be back home with her family. This is not a third world country why have they not arrested him yet. The man is horrible looking to not attractive what so ever.

  • Kelly Smith

    Mr. Hooker sure does look like such a kind priest in the above photo. No he has done nothing at all. LIER! He is not stupid he’s got the girl buying into his story. The only thing that girl has is FOE!

  • Julie

    I am in absolute agreement with Tammie Powers about this matter. There is NO REALITY in which it is morally or ethically acceptable for a 41 year old high school teacher to pursue one of his female students. The fact that Jordan lost her father at a young age probably has something to do with her looking to this man for comfort, but as the adult, Mr. Hooker SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER than to become emotionally and physically involved with a vulnerable teenage girl. Shame on him, and I sincerely hope that he will be arrested and charged for what most likely began as illegal behavior with a minor.

  • Claudia

    Jordan can do whatever she wants, especially since she is a young adult. But trying to get the teacher into Jail, will not make a difference in the couples “love” they have for eachother. What she did already happened.

    But for the teacher to know what he did, leaving his wife and kids, he should have been responsible for what he did. Being an adult he should have known what to do. If he wasnt happy in his marriage, he could have done it another way. If he was “dating” his student, they could have waited longer to see how eachothers lives were going.

  • ajh

    The thing is guys are always going to be tempted to take advantage of a situation that is feeding our ego. The thing also is that we are suppose to recognize the situation and realize how wrong it is and run the other way. You don’t allow something like this to ever get started unless your a low-life piece of trash with an ego the size of Wisconsin like Hooker. Just look at the smirk on his face when he is questioned. That is the look of a totally selfish individual and is consistent with all criminals. He enjoys taking what he hasn’t earned the same as any thief.