Facebook Ads Manager Gets Some Tracking Updates

    April 2, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Facebook announced some new updates to Ads Manager, which it says will make it easier for advertisers to see how they’re performing when it comes to specific goals and to calculate ROI.

“We know that marketers on Facebook have various goals,” Facebook says in a blog post. “Some might care about app installs, some might want new fans for their Page, and some might want to increase people’s interactions with their posts. We are now helping marketers better identify what user actions drive their specific advertising goals. When advertisers create their ads in the ad create tool, they can choose from any of the following advertising goals. Now Ads Manager will display the actions they care about most more prominently in their campaign summary page.”

“For example, if an advertiser says their advertising goal is ‘Get More Page Likes,’ the campaign summary page in Ads Manager will now show ‘Page Likes’ more prominently, and it will calculate ‘Cost per Page Like’ for your ads,” Facebook adds. “We’re giving advertisers the tools to more accurately track cost per action so they can better evaluate how their ads are performing against their goals and make appropriate optimization decisions.”

On the ROI front, Facebook will now more prominently (and automatically) show advertisers, who are running conversion tracking, the resulting conversions from ads they’re running to drive people to their sites. Additionally, “Cost per Conversion” will be shown for each ad. If the advertiser assigns a value to each conversion from the tracking pixel, Facebook will show the total conversion value fo all conversions for the ad.

Facebook ads manager

The features are rolling out globally for all advertisers in the coming weeks.

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    Can’t wait to to see the conversion , atleast it give us the data of conversion beside google analytics where we know that google analytics might not that accurate .
    With this conversion tracking, i believe it need us to place the coding in oursite for the tracking purpose.

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