Facebook And Depression: A Closer Look [Infographic]

    January 7, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Facebook can tell us a lot about people thanks to status updates, comments, photos, videos, and everything else people share. It’s been used more than once to look at the genaral mood of society.

Now, there’s an interesting look at what Facebook can tell us about depressions, specifically. This is rather timely, considering a social media marketer just posted a suicidal-sounding status update this week before going missing (and luckily turning up safe).

Help For Depression put out the following infographic:

facebook depression

Help for Depression

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  • Burp


    • Zombie

      Yeah I hate logging on to facebok..I get so depressed.

  • Joseph


    You know what gets me depressed? When I come to Web PRO news and the author and the EDITOR both spell “FACEBOOK” wrong in the title and the URL 😉

    LOL – Chuckles !!!

    Funny Stuff :)