“Fabric Softener Jesus” Goes Viral After Laundry Mishap

    April 22, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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“Fabric Softener Jesus” found his way onto a man’s shirt after a laundry mishap, and now the image has gone viral.

Martin Andrews says he was doing his laundry when he accidentally spilled fabric softener on a shirt. What happened next was a miracle. Sort of.

“I showed my mates at work the picture and one of them said, ‘I’ve heard you can find comfort in Jesus but you’ve found Jesus in Comfort!'” Andrews said.

The shirt was immediately transformed from a regular old piece of fabric to a cloth of divine intervention: Jesus Himself appeared in the fibers, and Andrews took a picture that has swept the web. It’s a bit blotchy, but Andrews and thousands of viewers have said they can definitely make out the shape of Jesus with his arms outstretched in a welcoming gesture.

No word yet on what Andrews plans to do with the shirt.

  • nubwaxer

    i dread that i live in a country where half the people believe fairy tales and half believe facts.

  • markus

    Jesus was a juggler! Who knew?

  • http://paccana.com Bulk Grommet Suppliers

    Only Jesus’s love can soften fabric.

  • Ian

    LMAO. This is a totally fake and made up story by a British comedian. NO-ONE has bothered to check any of the facts and just copied and reprinted what they have seen in OTHER publications. And some have added LIES in to the story as well. The marks were deliberately made with bleach not softener.

  • Thomas

    Looks a lot more like Noël Edmonds to me

  • Deb Harrison

    The whole thing was created from a stencil in bleach by a comedian called Dave Gorman for his show Modern life is Good(ish). Its a wind up.